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    My 1st hunt today with my new Simplex and I dig this from schoolyard. 14k

    Do you remember the VDI number? Curious how deep was the ring...Thank you
  2. R

    1st h8nt with the sp-24 coil

    GatorFan.....Glad you had success from the beginning.....My interest is in coins....but I did find the SP24 to be more stable also.....I need to find away to tame the 11 inch coil better.....I plan to utilize the field option since to does work deeper from what I hear...Russ88
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    VDI numbers utilizing the SP24 coil

    Thank you dbowling for the input. and VDI#s...Good thread as well....Simplex is a very interesting and user friendly detector.. Thank you again...Russ88
  4. R

    VDI numbers utilizing the SP24 coil

    I meant to say Coins and Gold rings etc...As Gold Coins at least in Wisconsin are extremely rare...Thank you again
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    VDI numbers utilizing the SP24 coil

    Hello SImplex users....I just purchased a simplex about 3-4 weeks ago....I much more prefer using the SP24 coil and I am seeking a listing of important VDI numbers (as I know that coil varies a bit vs the standard 11 inch coil) for coins and jewelry.....My time is very limited and I estimate...
  6. R

    Depth....What to expect?

    Sven.....Very interesting update on the halo effect....I did not know that a silver coin may not have a halo effect....Pennies obviously are more corroded....I do find that locating a coin whether in the hole or in the plug troubles me sometimes as I get a signal in both areas.... sometimes...
  7. R

    Depth....What to expect?

    I bought my Simplex about 3 weeks ago and been out about 5-6 times with the detector. I did hit measured and dug a penny at about 7 inches with the SP24 coil. I think we have to remember if the coin has been in the ground for a number of years it will give a "halo" or halo effect in the dirt...
  8. R

    CZ5/CZ3D 5 vs 8 digit serial numbers, etc

    Good Morning CZ users.....If someone is interested in a CZ 5 for instance..... Does it make any difference if the CZ serial codes are in the 5 digit category or in the 8 digit category ( i.e. 1021/ 1121 starting 4 of 8 digit numbers)? The 5 digit serial numbers seem to have the white lower rod...
  9. R


    Last night I went for a casual metal detect hunt in my neighborhood (walking distance from my house) and I went over a bus stop location that I covered fairly well with my Etrac previously. Not sure why the etrac wound miss a silver dime at 4-5 inches but it did. I guess it shows not one...
  10. R

    AT MAX comprehensive review

    The purpose of my review is to give some feedback of my use of the AT MAX for the past week or so. I will give a value of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best score. I also own a minelab Etrac Z-Lynk wireless headphones.....10....Very pleased with them...Cannot overemphasize how well they work and...
  11. R

    The Latest developments regarding the ATMax

    Well it has been quite awhile since I have heard anything regarding the availability of the new ATmax once projected for a June release. I did hear that August was a strong possibility. Just curious to any out there that has some knowledge of what is currently happening and/or what things that...
  12. R

    Deepest Coins/Jewelry finds with the ATPRO

    I am considering a purchase of the Garrett ATPRO....One concern I have is how deep can coins/jewelry be reached utilizing either the 8 1/2 x 11 or the 5 x 8. My question is what is your deepest verified finds in the two different coil scenarios both on land and also in the water fresh and salt...
  13. R

    Is there any advantage with a concentric vs DD in a beach environment

    Hello Fellow Tesoro users I bought a Vaquero with the 9 x 8 concentric just prior to the 11 x 8 DD coil becoming available. Is there any advantage to having a concentric? I have a fairly low minerialized ground here in WI. I plan to use it later this year in salty sand so I am wondering how it...
  14. R

    Why Is Metal Detecting Addicting

    As I have come more acquainted on what is happening in my life from detecting, and what I read from different posts from other detectorists, I come to realize that Metal Detecting has various levels of addiction. For some it is a matter of getting out when they get can. For others it is how...
  15. R

    THE OUTER LIMITS....Etrac/CTX 3030 experience

    Hello Fellow Etrac users......Yesterday my friend and I were detecting together at a house built in 1941 with my Etrac with the standard 11 inch coil and his CTX3030 with the 17 x 13 large coil. At one point in the hunt process, I came upon a detected spot in the middle of the yard, a 25-30...
  16. R

    Etrac large coil options and experiences

    Hello Fellow ETrac users....I currently have the stock coil and the 8 x 6 detect SEF coil and I am requesting any of your own personal experiences/opinions on the large coil department. I am seriously looking at the 15 x 12 Detect SEF coil, 13 Ultimate (detect) and the 12 x 8 coiltek coil. My...
  17. R

    1st Silver jewelry with TPro

    Congratulations.....Very nice looking piece.....Glad things are going well with you Russ44
  18. R

    Breaking News about the Treasuremaster Pro

    Today at 2pm I called White Electronics and they informed me that they will begin shipping next week Wednesday. Additional details may be found on their website as early as this coming weekend.
  19. R

    Any news about the TreasurePro ???

    On the Treasuremaster Pro......I called White electronics today around 2pm central time and they told me that they will begin shipping next week Wednesday. Additionally they may have some information including specs. on their website this weekend.