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Search results

  1. J

    Does Garrett plan on releasing new Whites products

    Couldn't stand it.... Bought a second 3Vi. Nearly new with wireless, original batteries still in it. Paid nearly old new price but now I'll sleep better 😃
  2. J

    Does Garrett plan on releasing new Whites products

    Hopefully waterproof? Maybe a slight tweek in frequencies.
  3. J

    Well earned first deer

    That's persistence! Good story and excellent that he got one.
  4. J

    Does Garrett plan on releasing new Whites products

    I'm thinking about a new machine or trying to find a good late manufactured used V3i. I know about the time I buy, a new machine will come out from Garrett like the V.....
  5. J

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    Nice rifles! Been thinking about a lever for a long time. Maybe someday!
  6. J

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    Another single shot, B78 Browning in 6mm Remington. 4 days ago.
  7. J

    Sound and screen

    Maybe Garrett will reintroduce the technology? I'm thinking about a new detector. Just trying to find one I'd like if mine dies and can't be fixed. Maybe try to find a backup for now.
  8. J

    Sound and screen

    Do any of the new multi frequency detectors show which frequency is hitting the target? Do any show anything besides numbers?
  9. J

    Sound and screen

    The old Whites V3i has stereo sound, right ear higher value targets, left ear iron and ? The screen has 3 color bars, one for each frequency. For example, bottom bar is green, usually silver. Does anyone make anything like that now??
  10. J

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    Don't underestimate the power of a 45 cal Sharps. It will go through 2 buffalo standing side by side (500 grn Gov round nose bullet). I never have recovered a bullet from an animal. It will go through 4" of oak at a mile (late 1800s US Gov Sandy Hook testing)
  11. J

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    The arc peaks about 45 ft above the line of sight on a 1000 yds shot with a black powder rifle. If the sun is behind you, you can actually see the bullet and watch it go into the target and splat (steel gong target). This is with a telescope, 2.5 second flight time, roughly 1250 fps.
  12. J

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    Scope is MVA
  13. J

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    Another Bpcr, my hunting rifle. 45-90 with a Winchester type period scope. Bullet shown next to a .223.
  14. J

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    My friend shoots a 50-140. Extreme recoil!! I hate shooting next to him... Also extreme muzzle blast.
  15. J

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    This is good for 1000 yds but it takes 2.5 seconds to get there. 40-65, 405grn lead bullet, 65 grains black powder.
  16. J


    On a real copper, 78 isn't uncommon on mine
  17. J

    Sweep speed and sizing feature?

    I was told to put the coil on the ground, place a coin on each side of it then sweep over them at your normal rate. You should hear 2 distinct hits. If not, adjust the speed of your sweep or the detector.
  18. J

    Probably regret it

    I probably will, but I listed my MXT AP on the for sale forum. I bought a V3i just had to many machines. I sold 2 others and the MXT was sitting unused and I just decided it needed to go to a good home too. I've enjoyed posting here and your company, I hope I didn't make a serious mistake...
  19. J

    Just got a V3i

    Mine's sloppy too which I also dislike.
  20. J

    A lucky find

    Very nice!!