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    I have a question . Does the Legend have Iron Bias ? Also does the Legend work on black sand ? I have seen a video on YT that gives me doubts . Just need to know.
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    Looks like I will be getting a new dive detector...DEUS II

    I have decided on this one to be a Guinea Pig and buy it straight away and replace my Deus 1 . Multi frequency is what i have asked Gary Blackwell about a couple of times on his Youtube vid's . Was hoping for just the coil for the Deus 1 though. I have ordered the Legend too , thats an addition...
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    Looks like I will be getting a new dive detector...DEUS II

    I think the Nox will definitely be on the defensive . But i dont think it will be deeper as better on some and not so good on other targets . Mine is on order but not in to much of a hurry . I want to see it in the hands of Joe Bloggs and co before i get mine. Also Nokta is about to release a...
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    Problems with Deus II

    I cant get rid of the things on the Nox. 1 of the sides of them always sounds off.
  5. N

    Problems with Deus II

    Don't forget the new Deus will need an optional extra coil lead to fit to the coil and box for in or under water. Is that the Nox that loves crown caps ? IT BLOODY DOES TOO ! And the F2 doesn't work trying to stop it. Or i haven't found the right setting .
  6. N

    Problems with Deus II

    I think there is a bit of confusion with the new Deus 11 . It will not be a new version of software on the Deus 1 . This is a new machine with multi frequency . It will almost certainly be V 1 . I haven't read all the posts . It will be the same wireless tech though updated . It can go to 20...
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    New multi frequency machine

    Great . I am waiting with interest.
  8. N

    New multi frequency machine

    I hope not. I want an 11 in coil . If the coil is to small its terrible for coverage and depth compared to larger coils. Also the Apex has a small thin coil and i think that machine is slow. Could be the reason for the thin coil ? so it can get between the Iron . Might also be proof that these...
  9. N

    Whites TDI

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a Whites TDI SL , I need to find out what anyone who has one thinks of it ? If they use it on sandy beaches and what depth they get ? I did have the old TDI in the past but never got around to using it back then but times are changing and i need to get into sand...
  10. N

    A.T. Pro

    Hi all, After a long think and seeing other people using Ace machines on the beaches I went to my local dealer and had a look at the Ace 250 , Ace 250 sports ,and the Ace 350 after getting stuck on which to buy and noticing the A.T. Pro I thought well I could do with the water proof feature so...
  11. N

    Explorer screen

    May sound like a silly question but because the ET pixels are easy to count , does anyone know how many pixels up and down and side to side the Explorer has ? I want to make a graph showing where all coins and rings I have had come in at , I know there is an element of inaccuracy but it will...
  12. N

    My finds for today 14/07/14

    Today I was going to take the Terra 705 out to the beach but as I had the ET out I decided to take ET instead . I went by Bus and got to the beach at about 1pm , I got off 1 stop short because not far from the Pier there has been a large screen and enclosure showing the world cup and I noticed...
  13. N

    Beach hunt with the Deus and 11in coil

    Last week I got my new Deus 11in coil and was looking forward to getting out with it and today I went to the beach . I put the Deus into wet beach mode and started to search the tidal area , under the Pier there is a lot of pieces of iron and even though they were there I was finding coins very...
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    My finds for this month so far

    This month the weather has finally warmed up enough for the crowds to flock the beaches but for the first few days I found average levels , only been 5 times so far and as you can see the finds change from being old finds to new losses . The pictures are from the 1st , 4th , 5th , 6th and 7th...
  15. N

    Beach finds from 22 June 2013

    I went to the beach again this morning and it looks a real mess at the moment , theres not much in the way of new losses but i did find a lot of older losses . The beach is almost unworkable at the moment but if the weather ever gets better then it will improve. Today i found
  16. N

    Beach finds from 20 June 2013

    I have just started my Summer holidays and went to the beach at around 8am this morning thinking it would be as good as last Wednesdays haul , it was not but anyway cant have it all my own way , not yet anyway :D It was very quiet actually ,especially as it was very busy yesterday and the crowds...
  17. N

    My opinion on the 705 and my finds from 12 June 2013

    Many of you have the Terra whether it be the 30/50/70 or the newer 305/505/705 . I have the 705 , have had the 50 and the 70 but did not appreciate the capability till i bought the one before this (had a few)! At the end of 2010 i decided it was time to get the a 705 and really learn it on the...
  18. N

    Beach finds 11/06/11

    I took my X.Terra out today though not feeling well due to the trots or should i say tom tits :) , but i got to Brighton beach at about 7.30am , much later than i normally do . The weather was dry but had been raining during the night and not much was happening on the beach. There are lots of...