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Search results

  1. J

    Who makes the best Carbon-Fiber shaft for sand scoops????

    I have a scoop that the shaft goes down thru the scoop and is bolted on by C clamps. Three total C clamps two down in the scoop and one for the foot step. Looking for the best built shaft and best warranty. Price is in third place on that list. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. J

    Support ears for Equinox

    Who is selling the support ears for the coils?
  3. J

    After Market Shafts for the Equ

    Has anyone purchase one and how do you like it? I have seen them as high as $159.00 lot of money. Just need to check before I spenp that much. Thanks
  4. J

    Does anyone here know if you can MD in Aruba?

    Planning a trip their early next year. Also do you know if there is any problem taking the Equinoz detector?
  5. J

    Any word on the 15 inch coil?

    This year or next?
  6. J

    DD vs Mono

    How much more depth do you get from a mono coil? I know you loose discrimination . Thanks
  7. J

    Z Link Question

    I may be wrong if the red light is on solid not flashing does that mean it is charging or it is fully charged?
  8. J

    Power of the Equinox vs CTX 3030

    Does anyone know if the send and receive power of the CTX 3030 id greater than the Equinox? I am asking this question on both forums. Thanks
  9. J

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the blades for the Marco Pin Pointer

    Looking for both cover and scraper blade. Thanks for any help. Jim
  10. J

    Vista Gold 25

    I know some folks are sell there detector's to buy the Vista Gold Gain. If if you have a Pit Bull or Epic coil for the 25 cheap let me know. Thanks Jim
  11. J

    On the Z link WR-1 unit is the battery light

    flashing all the time, even after it was fully charge. Is that right or is there a problem? Hope someone can tell me. Thanks Jim
  12. J

    Problem with Z link?

    I just charged my Z link system for the first time. And started the pairing process. And then I saw the light flashing on the WR-1. The battery light. So I charged it again the light did come on when I plug it in to charge. And was on for about and hour and went out. Once again when pairing the...
  13. J

    Shadow X5 Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know Troy's phone number? Or the person in Az. that does or did Troy's repairs? I need a speaker replaced. Thanks Jim
  14. J

    Shadow X5 Need Help!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know Troy's phone number? Or does anyone know the number to the person in Az. that does Troy's repairs? Just need the speaker replaced. It doesn't work any more. Thanks Jim
  15. J

    How did the Equinox do the second day at the UK hunt?

    I heard or read somewhere the CTX was the only detector used the first day. Then on the second the Equinox was rolled out. How did it do in the field the second day? Did it find any thing the CTX's missed? Or did I misunderstand how all that happen? Also will there be a 5 year warranty like the...
  16. J

    Looking for Exchange 2 DVD

    That is the DVD that comes with the CTX 3030 haven't seen it in a couple years. Anyone know if Minelab would send me one? Need to down load on my computer.Thanks Jim
  17. J

    Has anyone had a problem with the CTX 3030

    That couldn't be repair? I have one of the first that came out 4 years ago. Never had a problem. It's never been in water except rain. But rather than sell this unit and purchase a new 3030. And it seems the new units are having more problems than the old units. It also sounds like Minelab is...
  18. J

    XP Deus HF 9 inch coil ???????

    I purchase it to use in the dry sand at the beach. In hopes to fine gold chains and deeper small gold items. Any thoughts on that? Anyone tried that? Going in July and just though I would ask. Thanks Jim
  19. J

    Diamond ring that is stamped 925 ????????

    Has anyone ever found a diamond ring that was 925?? Was the diamond real?? Thanks
  20. J

    Deus in salt water (ocean)???

    Is there any one that is using the Deus in salt water? If so what settings are working for you?? Thanks Jim