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Search results

  1. J

    Sound and screen

    The old Whites V3i has stereo sound, right ear higher value targets, left ear iron and ? The screen has 3 color bars, one for each frequency. For example, bottom bar is green, usually silver. Does anyone make anything like that now??
  2. J

    Probably regret it

    I probably will, but I listed my MXT AP on the for sale forum. I bought a V3i just had to many machines. I sold 2 others and the MXT was sitting unused and I just decided it needed to go to a good home too. I've enjoyed posting here and your company, I hope I didn't make a serious mistake...
  3. J

    Trying to figure this out

    Doing some test runs in a very trashy park. I got a 16/42, both ways. Turned out to be a dime. Seemed like odd numbers to me. Running basic factory program with the sound level turned way down.
  4. J


    Found the big guy a few weeks back and his twin/little brother yesterday.
  5. J

    Mostly junk

    But, other than being cold trying to hunt in the snow, I have found a keeper or 2. I don't find many coins where I hunt and the only one of note is a 41D wheat. My digging pard and I have found a few neat head stamps. Several from late 1880's to early 1920's.
  6. J

    detector mount?

    Anyone have a way to mount the MXT to a 3 pt hitch??
  7. J

    I might have to buy one or two.

    I've been digging a bit over 1 1/2 years. I'm starting to think the only way to get an old coin or even a silver one is to buy it....... 1 1/2 years and my "old coins" are 5, count'em 5, wheat pennies. Only one before 1950, a 1940. Either this area has been detected to death or like...
  8. J


    It's been several months since I've been able to get out and fish. It was nice while it lasted. At least I got in a couple hours at an old swimming hole along a river. It's been dry for years when a flood wiped out the intake pipe. The current owner just mows the weeds that grow there now...
  9. J

    Slim pickens

    Got out for a while yesterday No pic's as I'm sure you've all seen junk before. I found $1.35 in junk money, nothing older than '74. One boy scout knife, pretty toasted, a dog tag from 200 miles away and a steel fence post. Along with the usual Al junk and bottle caps. What I did learn, and...
  10. J

    Dead ??

    Pretty dead around here. My partner and I got out to a park a couple times. It's about the only area that's not white or mud. Just found a few new coins and a couple empty cases.
  11. J

    I guess it's not to be !

    I found a pewter top to ??? something. It's on an abandoned farm site where the house burned in a wheat fire (50-60 yrs ago?? uncertain exactly). I found the lid ?? the first trip out there. I've been back 3 times and beat the area to death in all directions. I was there yesterday before the...
  12. J

    Not quite sure

    Not quite sure what to think about this park or the machine. It's an old park for this area, in use from the 1860's (officially a park in the 1930's). I was thinking much trash and used the 5.3 the first day. Found 3 pennies and wasted a lot of time with such a small coil and not much trash...
  13. J


    Do the thin plastic camera/phone screen covers work well on detectors?
  14. J

    5.3, wrong choice?

    I got permission to hunt a state park. I don't know how old it is, but old enough to have some goodies. It's around 3-4 acres. I was expecting a lot of trash and put the 5.3 coil on. I've never really used this coil and only put it on once to check it. I think it was the wrong choice for...
  15. J

    Question on pointing

    Actually more on pin pointers as I'm usually right on with the big machine. I'm mostly a junk digger. I have 2 pin pointers, an old Whites bullseye and a carrot. This means when I go down into a deep hole, I'm getting side readings with the carrot and the Whites won't find anything. The...
  16. J

    6-8" depth

    No not detector depth..... Snow.... and still falling !:surrender: Bladed the drive with the JD wheel tractor but if it continues... get out the crawler. If we didn't need the moisture so bad I'd really be grumpy !! My detecting is on hold for the holidays anyway. The snow should be gone...
  17. J

    Once again

    Just got a call from a man that lost his wedding ring a few days back. He's not sure exactly where but has it narrowed down to a few areas. Mostly when it was cold and he shoveled snow. 3:00 pm I'm going over to give it a try. This could lead to more places to hunt!!
  18. J

    hard digging

    I was planning on going out today, but..... Yesterday I needed to dig some post holes and used the excavator. The ground was frozen down about 2" and digging wasn't easy. Figured my shovel wasn't going to cut it today and the excavator is to big to hang on my belt..... Oh well, supposed to...
  19. J

    Head phone question

    Head phone or maybe just a sound question. I hunt old farms mostly. There's some seriously large iron in most of them. The question: I usually run head phones and when I'm peacefully sweeping and cross one of these big chunks of iron, it nearly makes my eardrums meet in the middle. Any...
  20. J

    quick hunt

    And I was happy it was quick !! My partner and I went up on the mountain in search of a water line for a farmer. He told us about where it was and we quickly located and traced it. It was frozen ground with light snow. I took a bottle of blue chalk for string lines and marked it. It only...