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  1. T

    Tooth Cap

    Today's beach find. Unfortunately, while all the detectors are here, the gold test kit hasn't been moved yet,neither has my scale; so I don't have test results or weight for this peice.
  2. T

    Spending time learning AQ LTD discrimination

    I've been hunting nearly all in all metal mode with the AQ. Thinking back to a trip I took specifically to see how the AQ handled a beach filled with hot rocks; I figured it was time to really learn the discrimination capabilities. One thing I previously figured out is that it is difficult to...
  3. T

    Beautiful beach day

    Upper 60s; little breeze; lots of porpoises just off shore and pelicans soaring. Not many targets but did get a couple of smalls; unfortunately junk. Was a great afternoon on the sand.
  4. T


    Over the last few years the percentage of targets I dig at the beach that are dimes has increased. I see a lot more people using an Equinox on the beach. I'm finding fewer quarters, still finding nickles and pennies but dimes have gone up to be almost the same count as pennies. Don't know if...
  5. T

    Thrift stores continue to give up gold

    The little ring was marked and priced just under what 1 gram of 14k gold would go for ... I guessed it was closer to two grams and bought it. The other two were not marked but both had been resized and I took a chance based on heft, color and that someone thought it was worth it to resize them...
  6. T

    Thrift store gold

    One of the thrift stores we frequent had a box with a couple dozen rings in it. $4 per ring, what ever they are, doesn't matter. There were several sterling rings that just did not have enough mass to spend $4 for. Then this little gem was spotted:
  7. T

    A little bit of Florida gold

    Was a hot week last week with an unfriendly wave chop ... as we were leaving the water was nearly flat but we had things to do back home and couldn't add a day. I did manage a couple junk rings and this "maybe". This ring looks like it was made from three identical rings fused together. There...
  8. T

    Thrift store find

    15 grams of sterling silver for $1.
  9. T

    Bit of gold with the AQ LTD

    Had most of a week in Myrtle Beach. Was detecting cuts in the water near the beach, running in all metal. I'll call it a week of glasses and knives. Did get three little sterling silver earrings and a little 14k gold pendant. Also got two junk chains. Did not go hunting on the Thursday when Elsa...
  10. T

    Paid for parking

    Was in the Myrtle Beach area for a couple days. Yesterday (Friday) got a surprise find in thigh deep water and it was shallow. We had a busy few days planned that mostly did not involve the beach, so I only packed one detector, the old blue tube Excal. Cheers!
  11. T

    First hunt with the 8 inch coil on the AQ

    Walked down to the local watering hole; brackish water bay tributary, pretty well cleared out over the years but a bit trashy with bits of iron. Ran delay 7, sensitivity 7, threshold 4, volume 8, ATS 6.5, reject 6; mostly all metal but some tones and mute to check targets. Initial reaction is...
  12. T

    Some wet sand sweeping at a sanded in beach

    We are on vacation at the beach and had all six grandkids here from Friday to Sunday afternoon. Sure is quiet when they go. Targets have been few and far between. That said, with the Impulse AQ I'm digging some very deep targets. Got a thin ring yesterday that is leaching copper but shows a lot...
  13. T

    Doing some money laundering

    Sorted a few years worth of finds today that was mostly unsorted in boxes and zip-lock bags. This evening I set up the tumbler to clean coins and wife walks in and says "Are you laundering money?" I said "I'd be using the washing machine if I were doing that." We both laughed. I was surprised...
  14. T

    Weekend trip to Norfolk with plans on learning the Impulse AQ more

    Did not take the waders, but did take the 18 inch boots so I could get the coil wet. The beaches in the area have presented some interesting finds and challenges on previous trips here. One beach in particular has hot rocks that look like broken up granite that have given the Excal fits. I...
  15. T

    fixed an annoying problem with the shaft lock; Shout out to Steve's detectors rods

    Over the years I've had detectors used in the water have problems with the shaft locks that are very prevalent on detectors. They work well on land detectors, but when they get into the water with the silt and salt they bind up; even when rinsed after each hunt with clear fresh water. Had this...
  16. T

    Beach week with the Impulse AQ

    Did the last few hours of daylight on the day of arrival with the Excal to check the beach, got one of the .50 cal shells a .50 cal point, a quarter, dime and penny; the rest of the week was all AQ. Did pretty well identifying iron. Spent nearly the entire time in all metal mode. On the open wet...
  17. T

    Initial reconnaissance finds beach has been "replenished"

    For our (wife and I) post Christmas beach trip I had a chance to get about 45 minutes in on the beach before getting dinner. Sand looked like things had been replenished since we were in the area in July. Confirmation was a shallow .50 cal shell and a little bit away a matching bullet point. Did...
  18. T

    OBX Bling

    Spent 4 days at the Outer Banks. Beautiful water, mostly great weather. Very soft sand. Was not finding anything good in the water so hunted mostly dry sand. The sand had some heavy black sand streaking. Got a big piece of junk bling as well as some change and fishing weights.
  19. T

    looking forward to a hot week at the beach

    Got to our room about 4 yesterday afternoon. Got about two hours detecting near low tide. Sand is soft and targets are few. Waves were at 4 second intervals and cutting hard so I didn't get wet. Two fishing sinkers, quarter, dime, penny, room key and a handful of bottle caps. Supposed to be...
  20. T

    Another detector dies and another has an issue, but got a little gold

    Wife and I got away for a long weekend to Norfolk. My old faithful CZ-20 got to the water and would not ground balance and could not find a quarter in the sand at more than about 1 to 2 inches down. I've heard others talk about not being able to get a CZ to ground balance on wet salt sand right...