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  1. M


    Got a minelab pinpointer - used sparingly -it does not power on/off . The push button seems to be broken , or very week . Can this be fixed ? It has a warranty # on it , If I send it to Minelab , will they fix it ?
  2. M

    carbon fibre scoop handle

    Anyone ever have one break on them ??
  3. M

    Equinox 11" coil tab stiffener WTB

    Anyone got one of these for sale . A lot for sale on ebay , but they want insane amount for shipping . I will pay with Paypal , with reg.mail usps reasonable shipping price . This is a small plastic part that should not cost much to ship . n3h4c9 , Cambridge , Ontario , Canada . - thx
  4. M

    equinox question

    Im thinking of buying a new nox , is there a new updated program that will be loaded on it , that is different from early equinox detectors ? What accessories would be beneficial to this detector ? Is there any changes in the 2021 equinox , compared to earlier versions ? - thx guys .
  5. M

    GPX 6000

    Local dealer told me this machine is built stronger , and will detect gold better than Equinox . Anyone know the release date and cost ??
  6. M

    GPX 6000

    I was going to buy a new Equinox , but local dealer advised me to wait a little while until new GPX 6000 came out , as it is a stronger heavy duty version , with better gold detecting capabilities . Anyone know what the price might be ??
  7. M

    Excallibur 3

    I was told that there would be an Excallibur 3 coming out . Anyone else hear anything ??
  8. M

    battery tubes for excalibur

    WTB - paypal payment
  9. M

    Carbon Fiber shafts for excallibur from Ukraine

    Anyone know of the quality of these carbon fiber shafts ? (they are cheaper in price ,and include everything but the detector }
  10. M

    coiltek 10 x 5

    Started using the coiltek 10 x 5 on etrac , in places that I thought were hunted out . SURPRISE SURPRISE - more coins , and near an old railway Chinese coins . I guess up here in Ontario , Canada the Chinese also helped build railways . Anyway ,has anyone else had good luck with this coil...
  11. M

    etrac gold ID

    Anyone know what the reading is for 1 oz. pure gold bar , as indicated on the etrac ID. scale ? - mike
  12. M

    etrac readings for 1oz. gold bar

    Anyone know what the reading is for 1 oz. pure gold bar , as indicated on the etrac ID. scale ? I see these gold bars at auctions , and the auctioneer will let me scan them with my etrac , to help determine if theyre authentic . - mike
  13. M

    coiltek 10 x 5

    Just installed a 10 x 5 coiltek on my etrac . Anyone out there know of any tips , pros , or cons about using this coil ? - mike
  14. M


    poor volume anyone know why ??
  15. M


    I have grayghost amphibians connected to my excallibur , with the ctx fitting hard wired to my excallibur.(These amphibians do not have a volume dial ,) Only problem is poor volume . Anyone know what the problem could be ?
  16. M

    great lakes hunting

    ALWAYS hearing about ocean metal detecting . What about great lakes U.S and Canada ? These lakes are almost ocean like , but on a smaller scale . Were talking about lakes Erie , Huron, Michigan Ontario , Superior, and Ontario . Ive Found hundreds of gold and silver items in these lakes...
  17. M

    excalibur 1 or excalibur 2 - battery pods

    Is the rubber gasket on battery connection needed ?? also need battery pods for excals . - mike
  18. M

    noisy blue excal

    Im getting intermitent noise coming from detector . Without moving detector ,Im getting noise likes its detecting something . I changed coil but this problem is still there. Could it be the battery cable ?? Or what else ?? - thanks
  19. M

    noisy new grayghost headphones

    Anyone have a noise problem with theyre grayghost phones . Im talking about the plastic fitting on the phone for the cable . When I turn my head I can hear a rubbing noise on the headphones . If I hold the cable tight by the headphone fitting ., there is no noise . The noise is from any head...
  20. M

    screen reading

    anyone know if you can improve the reading on the screen ? I have good eyesight , but find it almost impossible to see in the daylight . - mike