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Search results

  1. Nancy-IL

    And Here's My Take At The Old Place

    Last year I didn't even feel like picking up the MXT Pro. This year is a different story. I gave it a try last week and found a few wheat cents with 1919 being the oldest and a cool 1955 dog tag. I believe that's the first picture. I also was testing to see if I still got what it takes to...
  2. Nancy-IL

    HELP! Does anyone know what this is?

    I'm hoping someone will know what this is. It's brass, a bit over a foot long and it's flat on the back. Thanks, Nancy [attachment 364858 Brass1.jpg][attachment 364859 Brass2.jpg]
  3. Nancy-IL

    Very Short Hunt

    Here's my finds for the outing. I hit three cache holes. One had the only clad that I found today and one had 3-Wheat cents and the other had 4-Wheat cents with the 5th wheat about an inch away. What a great time. Larry thinks the LED flashlight will work after it's dried and with fresh...
  4. Nancy-IL

    Too Nice Not To Go Detecting

    We were planning to come to the PATH Spring Hunt but had found out that it was in the afternoon only. :sadwalk: That wasn't going to work with Larry's work schedule. :sadwalk: He's been swamped lately. So with it being so nice out today, we decided to go for a drive and do some detecting...
  5. Nancy-IL


    We saw on the calendar that there was a Fun Hunt tomorrow. :surprised: Would an officer please Email the information about the hunt? We've not heard anything. :shrug: Thanks
  6. Nancy-IL

    Close to Home

    This is a pretty good read:
  7. Nancy-IL

    First Out For 2018

    It was a beautiful day for detecting and we thought we'd give it a try. I sure didn't find much but I sure had fun trying. We saw where there were a lot of plugs in the ground from others detecting. Looked as though they made a complete circle in the ground and the grass looked pretty dead...
  8. Nancy-IL


    Larry and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
  9. Nancy-IL

    PATH Silver Hunt 2017

    The weather couldn't have been better for our Path Silver Hunt. A big thanks goes to Daryl & Steve for planting the tokens and coins. Kenny, glad to see you there and participating with just coming out of surgery. :stretcher: Also thanks go to Star for lunch. Sorry we missed it but the...
  10. Nancy-IL

    Short Hunt

    Here's what I found on a short hunt while we were out camping. The skeleton key has Suburban Toy printed on the end. 4 Wheat cents with 1938 being the oldest. HH and thanks for looking! [attachment 348334 20170730_142223.jpg]
  11. Nancy-IL


    It's so dry and I've even seen cracks in our the yard. :surrender: I saw someone mowing their yard yesterday and they were in a big dust ball. [attachment 347868 PigPen.JPG] I was thinking that maybe, just maybe we could all get together and do a rain dance. [attachment 347869...
  12. Nancy-IL

    Weekend Finds

    We were able to get out and do some detecting over the holiday weekend. Here are my finds: All of this came from a privately owned yard. The very nice man let us detect and I only did the front on the right side of his sidewalk to the city sidewalk. Had a really good signal and I pulled the...
  13. Nancy-IL

    One Little Two Little..............

    We were out and about in Kewanee and we were on our way back to the camper and I noticed a gentlemen mowing a "for sale" yard. I had Larry turn around and he went to ask about detecting it. It was the gentlemen's home and he was very nice. We had that yard to detect and then the back yard of...
  14. Nancy-IL

    NEW DIGGER :bouncy:

    I found it! I might have to get one for Larry. He says he dislikes the Garret and his White's pinpointer needs to go in the shop. [attachment 346919 MD.JPG]
  15. Nancy-IL

    It's Been a While

    It's been a while since Larry and I have been detecting. Since we got some much needed rain, we went out detecting for a bit. Couldn't stay long because health issues but I did find a couple of keepers. 1963 quarter, a 1946 wheat cent and a really cool old faucet knob. And here's a picture...
  16. Nancy-IL

    How About Some Pictures???

    Hi Guys & Gals, How about posting some of your latest finds? Or maybe that one special find? We would love seeing them. :detecting::twodetecting::thumbup: It's been so busy here at the homestead for us to do any detecting. :sadwalk: Thanks and Happy Hunting, Nancy
  17. Nancy-IL

    Any Ideas???

    I haven't a clue as to what these are. They're lead, 1/2" round and 1/2" long. They made a great signal on my machine. Any ideas? [attachment 345097 Whatarethese.JPG]
  18. Nancy-IL

    Any Ideas???

    I haven't a clue as to what these are. They're lead, 1/2" round and 1/2" long. Any ideas? [attachment 345096 Whatarethese.JPG]
  19. Nancy-IL

    Short Hunt

    We were out detecting close by and I found a few keepers. I'm pretty sure the old yard had been hunted before. The 1907 Indian, 44 Wheat and then a 68 Cinco Centavos along with a few pieces of clad were my cash finds. That little aluminum play dime was down 7-8 inches. :shocked: Thanks for...
  20. Nancy-IL

    A Little Outing Today

    Didn't get too far today but I did find a couple of keepers. I'm pretty sure this place had been hunted before. The 1907 Indian, 44 Wheat and then a 68 Cinco Centavos along with a few pieces of clad were my cash finds. The little short round lead objects sure sounded good. Does anyone know...