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  1. M

    Just XP, no Deus for me.

    I have owned three of the ORX detectors and three different coils, and hindsight told me I was nuts for letting them go. I am now correcting my ways! I've looked back on the uses I had with the ORX and considered how well it worked for me and I am getting another as a birthday gift to myself...
  2. M

    Short Apex humt, small coil, but it's not the right one.

    I worked in a little time yesterday to grab my Apex and hunt a small dirt strip that was exposed, and the best tool for such a thing would be a good small coil.. This Apex has the 5" DD NEL sharp coil, and it works ... but not as well as I would like it to. The 'right' small coil, and the one...
  3. M

    Thanks to Garrett Metal Detectors, I'm also enjoying my others.

    I just finished mounting my Z-Lynk WTx to my F75+ and have a new set of Z-Lynk MS3 Headphones and AT Propointer all paired up. I have another new set of MS3 Headphones and AT Propointer paired and ready for another new set of WTx/WRx devices and those will be for my two Tesoro's to share...
  4. M

    Some folks selling the Equinox 800 and some planning to buy.

    And I am not a salesman but plan to be a shopper. I'm on the mend and the nurse told me today, after I mentioned getting back to detecting, that it might be another 2 to 4 months before I get my strength and mobility back to where I was in October. During the 1 1/2 months in the hospital and...
  5. M

    Calabash, this is for you .....

    Have an enjoyable vacation and mind what the wife says. Keep learning the Deus II, and I join the rest of the folks waiting for your next videos AFTER your vacation. Enjoy this start to have a Happy New Year. Monte
  6. M

    CURIOUS: Relic Hunters and 'Iron'.

    It seems like we all can have our own descriptions for various pieces of equipment or descriptions of what we encounter afield. Here is a simple Question. When Relic Hunting you will most likely encounter some different iron trash. PLEASE LIST THE TOP FIVE "IRON OBJECTS" YOU ARE LIKELY TO...
  7. M

    Hunt Time of Deus Vs Deus II ...

    Using similar-size coils and program settings? It is 5:20 AM and other than one hour of sleep i was watching more videos, reading posts, and doing some indoor comparisons with what I use now. Really looking forward to getting the Deus II w/9" coil. Just curious on the run-time comparison...
  8. M

    Folks, there was/is the DEUS and now the DEUS II.

    There isn't, and never has been, a DEUS 1. Please, just refer to them by their actual names of DEUS and DEUS II. If someone can't figure out the original model, maybe sewing or knitting would be a better hobby. XP designed and gave us a new model, not a new name for an existing model. Monte
  9. M

    In search of a pristine Euro Sabre.

    Looking for a Tesoro Euro Sabre. Must work properly, and be in 'as-new' or pristine condition. I pamper all my equipment and do not want a worn, abused, scared-up device. Can have the standard 8X9 Concentric coil, and I'd like to find another 6" Concentric coil as well. It's main use is...
  10. M

    Don't let a lot of "new model" talk keep you indoors.

    New top-end models from XP and Nokta / Makro are sure capturing a lot of interest and talk on the Forums, but don't let that keep you I i ndoors nor feel your detector perform is less than it was designed for. Get those Garrett models out there hunting and finds those goodies that are awaiting...
  11. M

    Any ACTIVE Metal Detecting Clubs in Texas?

    I just moved to Clyde, Texas from Eastern Oregon. I'm about 15 minutes east of Abilene, Texas. and my oldest son moved here in mid-March and he is also into this great sport. So, let us know where the clubs are, meeting times and locations, etc. Post here or, preferably, drop me an e-mail to...
  12. M

    Ordered my 3rd Apex, Now hoping for the right smaller-size coil for it.

    I ordered my 3rd Garrett Apex yesterday and have a "fill-in" smaller coil while I wait --- hoping --- I am really liking the Apex the more I use it or evaluate it against other makes and models I have, or have-had, around. Om my main-use Apex I keep the 5X8 DD 'Ripper' coil mounted as it is...
  13. M

    Apex & 'Ripper' take on the woodshed.

    When I moved here 5 years ago I had a few Elm trees cut down and four more trimmed. A lot of wood piles.:surrender: 2016 we moved my 12X20 carport to the back corner of my property, then I bought metal siding and Monte Jr. finished up enclosing this structure and adding a man-door. Meanwhile...
  14. M

    2nd day with the nifty Apex. So far, I'm generally impressed.

    My new Apex / Z-Link package arrived just after noon yesterday and I was more than prepared to get started with my evaluation. Before I take any detector afield, I like to have an idea of what to expect from it, so I use a number of Test Scenarios to learn its behavior for different site...
  15. M

    A simple answer for 'tnbwilson' on VDI numbers.

    You posted this under Guvner's into comments so I moved it to the discussion forum. I bought my 2nd Simplex + last Wednesday and have to say they are very imprsseive detectors. When accessory coils are released I'll be outfitted and good-to-go. Now, for VDI number and what we, the forum...
  16. M

    'Thank You' Minelab for the Vanquish 540.

    They call this the Equinox Forum but I just consider it the Multi-IQ Forum. The Equinox 800 is a fine detector that is workable for a lot of people who like to have some extra adjustment functions. It has them. They like the smaller round 6" DD coil, and I like the looks of it as well, but I...
  17. M

    The Forum says Equinox, but let's not ignore the Vanquish

    It se4ms fitting that the 'other' Multi-IQ series ought to be brought up more often here. There are a lot of folks in this great sport who have an interest in more modern technology, but their budget holds them back from buying the higher-dollar Equinox pair of detectors. I held off for a...
  18. M

    Just 14 weeks to go ... smaller Simplex-Plus coils needed!

    In about 14 weeks I'll head off from here in Eastern Oregon for the 12th Welcome-to-Hunt Outing out of Wells, Nevada. I have some stops and visits to make along the way, but the Outing runs June 3rd thru the 7th. I'll travel with my outfit of detectors, especially my favorite for relic hunting...
  19. M

    Monte & Simplex + & 43° sunny Saturday = Fun!

    Might be my last opportunity for the year as colder weather arrives tonight and will likely lead to more colder days and snow as December draws to a close. Site? Local park because my three other nearby places are too muddy from recent rain (and I don't like mud). The park was heavily cleaned...
  20. M

    62°, sunny, and preparing for the Simplex+.

    Taking advantage of beautiful fall weather to grid off about a 40'X40' area of our local park and clean out all I can. Then I'll target this area with the Simplex+ when it arrives, mark the located targets and recheck them with my other devices. This way the shallower coins from surface to...