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Search results

  1. KindManTall

    Bottle caps

    I really like the ORX / DEUS .. BUT those dang bottle caps tone and VDI being the same as penny, dime and quarter is really hard to deal with in trashy parks... I do not think this is a coil choice or freq selection issue I sthere a setting or something to help with this issue ?
  2. KindManTall

    DEUS coils

    OK I have the 9" LF (DEUS) coil is it worth spending $200 +/- for a used 9" X35 (DEUS / ORX) coil .. Seems like almost the same freq I am not lucky to be givin a $1700 XP DEUS 2 to bombard the YouTube world .. So I have to spend what I can
  3. KindManTall

    Back phones

    On the WS4 how do you turn off the DEUS Lite so they become Back phones for the DEUS Remote (RC) On the RC I can find speaker on / off ... Can not find the headset option
  4. KindManTall

    XP Deus Plastic Lugs for Coils

    There several listing for the size of the coils in CM which one thinking its is 34 x 28 cm coil isn't it the only one not round Are the coil stock ears strong enough
  5. KindManTall

    XP ORX WSA and MI-6

    Can you pair a XP M-6 To the XP ORX WSA or XP ORX Module
  6. KindManTall

    Silver Ring

    Found in a very trashy area .. You could not move the coil without a target beeping.. Turned sensitivity down headphone sound down .. Was just listening for high tomes 27 -28 on the Equinox 600 with the Collek 10 x 5" coil
  7. KindManTall

    Garrett Ace Apex

    I have lots of detectors the least I like as of today is the Garrett Ace Apex ..Do not even think about taking it to a trashy area ..Fails bad on recovery speed It just blanks out It has never lock on one VDI always bouncy .. Not just ;like 5 about 20 VDI's .. You cam notch out 80 and lower...
  8. KindManTall

    Will the minelab wmo8 work on the 504

    Will this work on the V-504 ..So I can use regular head pone ,,, I know you might have to get a 1/8 inch adapter if you have the 1/4 inch head phones
  9. KindManTall


    Wondering about the Iron Audio .. I think it called Is it... 0-15 Like the Racer 2 and Relic 0-45 Like the Racer and CoRe ,,,the Zinc and Copper penny and Dime to close of VDI numbers
  10. KindManTall

    Multi Kruzer Arm Cup

    Every time I use the Multi Kruzer the screw on the arm cuo come loose.. I have not used the battery pack on it prob come loose faster .. I tighten all I can without stripping it
  11. KindManTall

    Nokta / Makro Service :clapping:

    Well .. I had a Issue withe the Nokta FORS CoRe FC-24 coil .. (9.5 x 5 web style) .. E mailed Dilek told her what happened ..Dilek said send pictures .. Sent them .. My replacement coil came to the door today .. Like less than 3 days from Turkey Thanks Dilek .. Awesome
  12. KindManTall

    Kruzer Detectors Forum <--- ??

    So ... Us with the .."Makro" .. detector are left out because of the Kruzer .. Just like John with the AT Max forum
  13. KindManTall

    Detecting Friends ~ Merced county area Calif..

    Central Calif. Lets hit some old homes or hit the 49'ers areas ..
  14. KindManTall

    Thanks Makro / Nok:ta Detectors .. :wiggle:

    It seems that the Cam Lock / Rod Tightener cam apart and I lost the little black piece that sets in the square hole on the rod.. A e- mail was sent they asked for a picture to make sure we were on the same page / item . Picture was sent by e-mail the next day received a text from DHL
  15. KindManTall

    Awesome Job ... :clapping: ...Volkan and Dilek for replacing my coil

    Volkan and Dilek Replaced my my coil ,, Stuck on overload sound.. It is in the mail all the way from Turkey Thank You Leslie
  16. KindManTall

    Coils ?

    I have the FBS Machines (Safari & SE (PRO)) I have the Pro coils and a FBS 800 coil I am debating getting a SEF 8x6 or the NEL Sharp shooter or will the 800 do what they can do.. Thanks
  17. KindManTall

    Merced Calif.. Detectorist :detecting:

    Lets go do some detecting Weather is suppose to change..