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Search results

  1. M

    Just XP, no Deus for me.

    An added comment or two about programs. ** I never use Coin Fast .. I never use more than '2' Reactivity .. I based my two custom programs from Coin Deep .. I am a big fan of the ORX. MONTE
  2. M

    Just XP, no Deus for me.

    For me and my needs the ORX is 'just right' with the adjustment features and functions. I prefer a 3-Tone audio and do not want/need adjustable Tone Breaks. I never like or use a "full-tones" or other high-count audio and I do NOT use high-Disc. or Notch Disc. with any detector. I like the...
  3. M

    Settings help

    Virg, I used to use the Patriot, same detector. Settings can always be a personal thing based on what you are after, possible depth. Etc. The F70/Patriot have two modes or programs. Those are De for traditional Default, and SL for slow sweep much like Boost Process. I usually hunted in DE at...
  4. M

    Just XP, no Deus for me.

    I have owned three of the ORX detectors and three different coils, and hindsight told me I was nuts for letting them go. I am now correcting my ways! I've looked back on the uses I had with the ORX and considered how well it worked for me and I am getting another as a birthday gift to myself...
  5. M

    Initial impressions.

    The T2 & F75 are the absolute best ergonomic design. Personally, I never liked the 11" BiAxial and use only small coils and mid-size coils. I hope FTP continues to use that package.
  6. M

    New Garrett Release : Jase Robertson Signature Edition Metal Detectors

    Doesn't surprise me. I have had excellent performance sine the first one came out of the box,, and I put it against an Equinox 800 and Deus 1. One of the best mid-priced detectors out there. Monte
  7. M

    New Garrett Release : Jase Robertson Signature Edition Metal Detectors

    I had a camo F75, but I like the looks and performance of my un-camo F75+. Monte
  8. M

    New Garrett Release : Jase Robertson Signature Edition Metal Detectors

    It's kind of strange. First, the 'camo' thing isn't anything new. Look at TNSS and a lot of other YouTube posters for years now and they are dressed in camo. I am not too excited about the Signature videos he did, and the duck call is a bit lame. What threw me off was they mounted the 8.5X11...
  9. M

    Staying with the T2+

    I owned 3 Vanquish 540 Pro Packs and an Equinox 800 with both the 11" and 6" coils.. They are OK detectors for for some applications, and if anyone likes them and uses them and enjoy them, that's fine with me. But mine are all gone and I don't plan on getting another Bing another. I'll be 73...
  10. M

    Z- lynk problems

    NO, I haven't had any problems with any of my Z-Lynk systems. I'll remind readers that I never abuse my detectors or other gear. Pampered would be a good description. I have 3 Apex devices, different coils mounted, and each has its own set of MS3 HeDphones and their own AT Propointer all...
  11. M

    Spectrum XLT --- Engineers Report

    Hey, Doyle! What is it specifically you are trying to figure out? Do you have an XLT now? Along with my other makes and models I really enjoy using my XLT, and have been using XLT's since June of 94. Monte
  12. M

    Whites MXT Tracker E-series Eclipse 950 Metal Detector

    Interesting. Both the Deus II and CTX3030 have their strong and weak points, and it especially matters the types of detecting you do, what you are after, and then environment you like to hunt in. As for hand-held Pinpointers, I had the TRX from its introduction. I liked it, at first, but at...
  13. M

    Gold coin!

    Trying to figure out visual VDI read-outs can get very confusing, especially if you use more than just one detector. And if a person uses only one detector (I haven't since late '71 / early '72 but we didn't have Target ID back then) with Target ID then they only need to learn that one detector...
  14. M


    I've been researching old sites since 1969 and, in doing so, I always look for cemetery sites in all of the older, non-urban locations I like to hunt. Once I have them located on maps, I make sure to pay the locations a visit when I am wandering about on a detecting jaunt. I like to walk about...
  15. M

    Whites MXT Tracker E-series Eclipse 950 Metal Detector

    The MXT is a good unit and I liked mine from introduction, however I prefer the MXT Pro's added functions. No, you won't damage the coil or the detector with a high Sensitivity/Gain setting. I always ran mine at or near maximum unless I was dealing with EMI. The 950 Concentric coil was good...
  16. M

    Well, the f-44 hunts just fine and dandy..............

    The F44 has a lot of 'plus points' over most of the competition for the $$$. Ground Balance, Variable Iron Audio Volume, Variable Back'Light, and definitely a better selection of both Concrntric and Double-D search coils. And compared with the V-440 a lot more operating time from 4-AA...
  17. M

    USPS shipping changes

    If the eyeball a box to maybe be bigger or 'measurable', then they grab the tape and measure L and W and H to get their calculations. One of the frustrations when I was a Dealer, and since then when I buy/sell/trade my own stuff, is the higher cost for shipping anything over a Yo-Yo box-size...
  18. M

    doesn't have to be said but I'll say it anyway

    Glad to hear all went well. I have never had a repair/service issue with FTP. Enjoy your unit when you get back out hunting. Monte
  19. M


    Congratulations on the rewarding hunt.👍 I really enjoy the Fisher 3.5X6.5 Concentric on my F75+ and hope to get in on a renovation (small) project with it today. Haven't hit on any silver jewelry for a month or two so your post is an inspiration. Monte
  20. M

    Short Apex humt, small coil, but it's not the right one.

    John, try to flex your influence because we know there are a lot of users who would love to have a small concentric for their Apex. !!!!!!