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Search results

  1. Nauti

    Tesoro Cibola

    Hi guys, Just found that out that Kevin from Staffordshire metal detectors has got his hands on five brand new Cibola's in sealed boxes.I think he ships worldwide so i thought i'd pass on the info.They are the high tone ones not the low grunt ones if that makes sense to anybody.
  2. Nauti

    "New" Sovereign on the way

    Just bought myself an "as new"sovereign GT off ebay........they rarely come up in the condition this one is as it hasn't been used,even the box is in as new condition.It's cost me an equivalent of 500 US dollars but everything is in the box plus a control box cover that can be hip or chest...
  3. Nauti


    Just bought a really good condition,fully working 551 which will arrive next week.Looking forward to having a bit of fun with it.......these latest high tech wonders have no character lol.
  4. Nauti

    Vintage Fisher.

    Hi guys, anybody know anything about the Fisher 551D.Got a chance to buy one in great working condition.....just thought it would be fun to use. Cheers.
  5. Nauti


  6. Nauti

    Bits and bobs from over the pond.

    A few bits from over here in England........pewter dog whistle,probably victorian. Lead jockey pencil top....again victorian. Seal........most likely Georgian and a vey old gaming piece........this is most likely to be medievil in date but could also be Roman.
  7. Nauti

    Seahunter v CTX

    Anybody done a wet sand depth comparison between these two machines.I currently use a Seahunter which gets great depth but i'm looking at the CTX with its discrim advantage.I don't want to lose too much depth.......but it would be nice to lose some of the trash. Thanks guys.
  8. Nauti

    Airbrush art.

    Anybody like to use i did of Marilyn Monroe.
  9. Nauti

    Get your act together Garrett

    When I lived by the coast I used a whites beachhunter and a Garrett seahunter.....both great machines.I am now due to move back to the coast so I have been gearing up for some beach hunting again and have purchased another seahunter. The seahunter is almost a legendary detector....built like a...
  10. Nauti

    Another new "vintage" design.

    Another "vintage" detector still being produced....the Saxon SM45.As simple as it gets but still highly capable,particularly in amongst the iron.The best single frequency machine ive ever used on wet salt sand.....brilliant in trashy harbours with awesome discrim.A bit of a cult machine over...
  11. Nauti


    How about this one.....first made in 1991 and still being made to this day.It's a non motion machine so really old school but still as relevant today as when it first hit the shelves in 91.This machine will still put up a good fight and in some instances such as in high trash areas will compete...
  12. Nauti

    Tiny hammered coin.

    Just thought i'd post a photo of a small hammered coin to show how small some of the foins are that we find over here.This is an Edward 111 farthing from around 1335- 1343.I pladed it on a dime so you can get a sense of scale.
  13. Nauti

    Our finished boat.

    Our new boat "Solaris Ark" is now on the are a few pics if anyone is interested.The bird is Gonzo our Jenday of God's noisiest and messiest creations.......we thank him for her though as she is a special part of our family.:thumbup:
  14. Nauti

    Words that sum up the times.

    "people will be lovers of themselves,lovers of money,boastful,proud,abusive,disobediant to their parents,ungrateful,unholy,without love,unforgiving,slanderous,without self control,brutal,not lovers of the good,treacherous,rash,conceited,lovers of pleasure rarther than lovers of God-having a form...
  15. Nauti


    Taken in low light at iso 800 and handheld.....not too shabby.
  16. Nauti


    Thought some of you might be interested in a couple of images.These are of our narrowboat being built.These boats have a lot of history over here,carrying goods down our extensive canal system, albeit in a slightly different form than this,since the 1700's. The boat is 60 feet long and 6'10...
  17. Nauti

    Any boaters out there.

    Just thought i'd share a couple of photos of our narrowboat being built.....may be of interest to anyone with a nautical interest.
  18. Nauti

    Saxon sm45

    Just joined the beep and dig community again with a saxon metal detector.They are built over here in the uk by an electronics engineer at his home address i believe. The detector is really old school.....metal box,solid 8"coil,awesome build quality and it beeps when it goes over a metal...
  19. Nauti


    The Sherman tank "fury" from the film of the same bovington tank museum,Dorset,England.
  20. Nauti


    European Robin.......Britains iconic bird.