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Search results

  1. autopilot42

    Becareful deer ticks to the max

    The loan star tick has the white dot on its back they are the ones that carry the bacterium that causes the problem with the bodies inability to digest red meat. My dentists wife has that. Sucks. Spray permitheron on your shoes and boot and your pants . Spray bug spray on your lower body...
  2. autopilot42

    Whats the Scoop on this Scoop?

    I guess everyone has some balls tonight
  3. autopilot42

    Fossilized Spider

    I fossilized her ass along with the broud
  4. autopilot42

    Fossilized Spider

    I have had a bunch coming into my garage hauling a bid egg sack about the size of a small marble. The spiders are about the size of a 50 cent piece or a little larger just gross. I took the egg sack and opened it up and it looked like an egg yolk with 30 little round pods. Very undeveloped...
  5. autopilot42

    Gold bug Pro discrimination switch broke

    My prayers for your wife . God bless Take care.
  6. autopilot42

    THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMM. Has anyone noticed .......

    I pick my baby shihtzu poop up when I walk her it is the responsible thing to do. Now I have a red fox that will shit in my wild kitty's bowl once in a while not very nice there is not much I can do.
  7. autopilot42

    Nice surprise capture.

    The nice thing is my kitty sleeps in a straw bed I built her under my front deck protected from weather. I don't have to set mouse traps anymore. She stands up to the local red fox they all have their picking order. Got it on game camera.
  8. autopilot42

    Nice surprise capture.

    What a beautiful capture simply amazing here is a pic of my wild kitty he has been around for two years. Can't get very close but we have a distant relationship. I feed him daily. I think he is a Himalayan.
  9. autopilot42

    Gold coin!

    The tax code is so bizarre the irs is messed up. If you found a very valuable coin or artifact when I sell should I have to pay capital gains tax how is the cost basis determined. They want there money so how is it determined. Nothing is for free. Are we as detectorist to make up the cost...
  10. autopilot42

    Gold coin!

    That is what I am saying how do you do cost basis for what you have or found . Just saying
  11. autopilot42

    Yellow Stuff

    You call that a little gold , I would call that a haul Congrats beautiful
  12. autopilot42

    Gold coin!

    If you go to a pawn shop or coin dealer I have found that they are not a really good deal. If you have bulk and go to a refineries they need your ssn # so how can you do cost basis if you did not buy it. The gov wants there capital gains. Just my thoughts could be very wrong
  13. autopilot42

    Gold coin!

    Easy to buy metal getting rid of it is another thing just food for thought 🙃
  14. autopilot42

    Sad Coin

    That is gorgeous
  15. autopilot42

    My new Location broke another record - part 2

    Holey smokes that is awesome.
  16. autopilot42

    The Legend in high mineral soils

    Where I am at it goes from 2 bar to 4 bar in a few feet. It might have to do with the moving of dirt when building goes on . The bull dosers bring up the minerals that are there when moving dirt to build new places. When in the woods that has not been disturbed it is mellow and two bar ...
  17. autopilot42

    Ground Balancing

    Nice that his is watter proof to ten feet mine is not
  18. autopilot42

    Ground Balancing

    I hunted with a friend that has the at pro wonderful machine His tid was a little more jumpy than mine but good . He swings a little different than I do but both are machines were right in there. I like it for hunting relics good machine. Depth was excellent.