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Search results

  1. Q

    Recommended Bluetooth headphones please

    Miccus sr-71 if you can find them in the 4.2 version not the 5.0 as they wont work.
  2. Q

    Alternate headphones

    Yup, Unless you can find a cheap puck for sale on line. Or someone has the puck with the grey ghost headphones together for sale. I seen one it went for $212 with the poopy dues headband.
  3. Q


  4. Q


    Prayers sent from the hill's in Ky
  5. Q

    It's been 13 years

    Get the 600 and save some money, I use to use the whites xlt my fav machine till they started coming out with newer technology. I know multi freq is the future that's why i bought a 600, I have kept my Deus 1 because of the weight and how good it is in iron sites. I have found so much silver...
  6. Q

    XP Deus II Beach Hunting Myrtle Beach S.C.

    Is that a lanyard for your remote i see. Glad to see some live beach action. Thank's for your videos
  7. Q

    XP DEUS II bone conduction headphones.

    There's some on ebay for sale allready. Don't know if posting link's from ebay is allowed, if not you can remove it.
  8. Q

    hunting gold jewelry with the orx

    apparently the guy up top didn't understand his calling it horrible in trash.
  9. Q

    hunting gold jewelry with the orx

    I dug this 14k white gold in a trashy baseball field using a deus 1, It read mid 60's using my 8khz program
  10. Q

    Equinox number 4 breaks down..I show how to fix it...

    Someone need's a blanky, That video was to funny :LOL:
  11. Q

    Which one ?

    F19, F75
  12. Q

    What's wrong with this video?

    She didn't drop her top :p All kidding aside, That shovel ain't that big i use a lesche 36" t-handle guess you can hate on me to. You''re kidding me i detect them school field's, football field's that's where i find most of my jewelry find's at. But i do not detect the one's with the fence's...
  13. Q

    Equinox getting dumped

    Had 3 Equinoxe's and a Deus over the pass 3 year's, I sold the Equinoxe's and kept the Deus but recently purchased a 600 as it find's me alott of jeweley in the school yard's. But the Deus did find me a heavy 14k nice white gold wedding band a few week's ago.
  14. Q

    XP Deus II WS6 menu

    Well does the MI6
  15. Q

    Advice Please

    I have the Deus 1 been using it for a few years now i'm so spoiled by the wireless and how light it is. Now i just need to sell it and purchase the new one especially since it's multi frequency. To me Multi frequency is the future of new detector's being made.
  16. Q

    XP Deus II WS6 menu

    calabash was curious if the MI6 and 4 pinpointer's work through the detector headphones like the Deus 1
  17. Q


    Dam you killin it out there, Look's like it performed well. Keep the videos coming (y)
  18. Q


    Very impressed, Waiting for the relic videos.
  19. Q

    XP Deus II First Scuba Dive... Large Cent Found..

    Good to see the remote holding up under the water, No leakage.
  20. Q

    Let the testing begin!

    Loving that 5 tone on mono configuration