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  1. Z

    I’ve left DeepTech Metal Detectors

    Hi All 🙂 Some of you know by now that I’ve left DeepTech Metal Detectors on good terms and continue to believe in them and their products as they are truly an awesome company and wonderful people to work for. But I need a change of scenery and direction I truly thank all at DeepTech for the...
  2. Z

    ***** New DeepTech Smart + Pro Series coming soon !! *****

    More details coming tomorrow 🤘
  3. Z

    Good morning all 🙂

    As we can’t detect over here in the UK I took two weeks holiday as it makes sense, back now and still can’t detect yet but restrictions maybe lifted next week. Hope you are all well and you’re enjoying the Vista X and other models. Cheers all and please stay safe ok
  4. Z

    Been out testing the new 8X6.5” Coil for the Vista X....Wow !!

    Deeptech Vista X and the Coil of Coils So the first outing I had with the 8X6.5” coil I was blown away. I don’t normally get hyped for coils but I was eagerly waiting for this one since DeepTech announced it was being produced back last year. The coil has exceptional all round performance for...
  5. Z

    Having a little tidy up and going through some DeepTech finds 🙂

    You got to love this hobby and 95% if not higher of this was foung with the DeepTechs over the last four years, so just think of what I’ve thrown 😂
  6. Z

    Lovely Gold Celtic Found In The Uk 🙂

    These photos was published in polish group today from Norman Adrian Antkowiak with one word only - #VistaX :) As I see - Celtic coin 😍 And yes - GOLDEN Celtic coin - "Trinovante quarter stater. 40-30 bc. Absolutely stunning detail. 4 figure coin." as was written in comments below :) Found in UK...
  7. Z

    My first gold with the Vista X 🙂

    Was out yesterday and thought initially this could of been a small gold colour bottle cap to due to the markings I saw first, but after I wiped the mud away 😃 turns out to what is believed to be a split ring but taking to the museum to confirm date if possible.
  8. Z

    A good week in the field with silver hammereds all in a video :)

    A good week in the field So finding this lovely 1941 Half crown rounds up a great week with the DeepTech Vista X Video here.... Had around 5 silvers including 3 hammered coins at various depths and many other bits and bobs. The Vista X really is a versatile machine and I only use part...
  9. Z

    DeepTech Metal Detectors Permanent Price Drop !!! :thumbup:

    Here you go guys, the changes for 2020 are coming in the spotlight! First of all we're doing a MAJOR dropdown of our VLF prices. This includes: Vista X, Vista Gold Gain, Vista Gold, Vista Smart+ and Vista Warrior; Our other VLF detectors: Vista Smart, Vista Mini, Vista Mini Max and Vista...
  10. Z

    A few finds videos with simple beep and dig machines

    Hello all I made a couple of finds videos I’d thought I would share with you, some of the finds you might of seen before and some not. Also made a little comment on a Facebook page about how Metal Detecting didn’t have to be complicated and many agreed and I truly stand by this, some folks...
  11. Z

    A few finds montage videos from the UK

    Hello all I made a couple of finds videos I’d thought I would share with you, some of the finds you might of seen before and some not. Also made a little comment on a Facebook page about how Metal Detecting didn’t have to be complicated and many agreed and I truly stand by this, some folks...
  12. Z

    DeepTech Vista X Depth Test ( Gold,Silver,copper )

    Video Here....
  13. Z

    Merry Christmas all.... :)

    Merry Christmas all from all of us here at DeepTech..:thumbup: We hope you all have a wonderful time over the festive period and thank you for your on going support and showing us many lovely finds over the year. Take care all and have fun this Christmas and good luck in those fields if you’re...
  14. Z

    DeepTech Vista Customers Finds Video Pt1 :)

    Hello all... Fancy looking at some lovely customers Vista Finds in a 4 minute photo video ?... well done to all who uploaded their finds and more videos like this to come. If you wish to submit your Vista finds then please send them photos to us via our social media or our webpage, thank you...
  15. Z

    FAO Richard at Backwood Detectors !!

    I can’t reply to your PM Richard as it says your messages are full ??
  16. Z

    Lovely item now going through as treasure !! Vista X

    Just read that for this amazing piece gilded silver, found yesterday from Marcin Bukwaś in UK with his #VistaX the treasury process started :) Congratulations, Marcin ! Photos before and after cleaning.
  17. Z

    Limited offer !! ( Free Coil with every Detector) !!!!!

    To celebrate holidays and our new website we made a special promotion :thumbup: For every new detector you BUY you get one FREE coil by your choice! If you're buying through the website you'll see a required option FREE COIL - just click whichever you want :) Promotion end: January 15th
  18. Z

    New updated DeepTech Website and Blog !!

    New week starts with surprises. Here is the first one: We have a brand new website which is begging for your reviews :)) Will take some time to add absolutely everything but nevertheless - it's ready! Also - blog section included - we'll write there everything you'd need to know about our...