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Search results

  1. bigtim1973

    ID normalization do you ever turn it off?

    Who turns off ID normalization and why? I have not tried this yet myself.
  2. bigtim1973

    Is anyone still swinging a Safari?

    I see where Minelab has stoped production. I have always wondered about them. I have tried to post in several other places about input on the safari with no luck in response so I am going to try here. Is anyone still swinging one? Or have you switched to the vanquish or equinox? I just got...
  3. bigtim1973

    Why is all of the Minelab stuff way down here now??

    What is up with that?? Took me a bit to find Minelab stuff.
  4. bigtim1973

    Anyone modify a vanquish making it waterproof yet?

    I was curious if anyone has rebuilt a vanquish to make one waterproof yet l. it would be interesting and a very cheap unit to do so with.
  5. bigtim1973

    Any primarily Deus Lite users here?

    Curious to see who is uses the lite configuration with factory settings without remote. I would like to know your impressions compared to what you used to swing. I know most are using the remote or have purchased an ORX because of the ID screen. I have an ORX and had the Complete deus set up as...
  6. bigtim1973

    Got my kruzer in today!! Very happy too!!

    I Did a straight across trade with the forum member known as Shellhouse here on findmall he got my ORX and I got his MMK. I have forgotten how nice the nokta/makro units look and feel. This thing is very nice with a great looking display!! Man I am very impressed with how much easier to swing...
  7. bigtim1973

    Tell me about your Kruzer?

    Got a Kruzer coming. I had the Anfibio and man talk about the most sturdy machine I ever owned. It was too much of a control handle and overly built. But it had a nice large screen I found some cool stuff with it but I sold it off after a little while with it. It was only the Anfibio 15 and not...
  8. bigtim1973

    Is the equinox update worth it??

    I am not sure what version my 600 is but my 600 has the ability to adjust the back light....3 different settings. However I am not sure what else it lacks other than the 4khz freq. I do not see much of a benefit to get 4khz when I already have 5khz at my choosing any time I want. Plus the 4khz...
  9. bigtim1973

    Getting another equinox 600 this evening.

    I had one a year or so ago. I liked it but I do not think I gave it enough time swinging it. I used it for about 2 months and sold it off. Then I got a Vanquish 540 and it was so simple and easy and fun too. Just not enough settings. So after having some fun with that Vanquish I decided on...
  10. bigtim1973

    Awesome little case for the Deus or ORX remote.

    Was going through my junk pile the other day and found this little pouch that came with a nokta pinpointer I bought a few years back. It is the perfect size for carrying your remote in a pocket or back pack out in the field. Perfect fit too!!
  11. bigtim1973

    I guess I just have a soft spot for Tesoro and always will

    I was online tonight at another forum and bought a Bandido 2 Umax. This one will be like the 3rd or maybe even 4th one I have ever had. I get one for nostalgic reasons from time to time and play with it then sell it off to someone else who may enjoy it. But this time may be different and I...
  12. bigtim1973

    Anyone using the Minelab Vanquish?

    I got a hold of one of these this week. I must say it past my test garden with flying colors. I only have the 12" coil. I have not used it much other than playing in the test garden. I think it is well made. I like the buttons on this better than the equinox style buttons. It has a nice feel to...
  13. bigtim1973

    How come we do not have C scope over here in the US??

    I noticed through the years here in USA we do not get some machines that are made in other places like the UK. So is that something to do with the FCC or other regulations? Anyone know??
  14. bigtim1973

    Where is all of my old PM messages now??

    Looked for a general discussion topic but did not find anything so I am posting this here. I went to look for my old messages and now I do not see any of them at all. Are my old PM messages from the old findmall page or whatever gone now?? If not maybe someone can guide me to them??
  15. bigtim1973

    My attempt at a metal detecting video with the ORX and bottle caps

    Hey guys I made a little video of the ORX vs bottle caps. Maybe some of you can get something out of it who are users of the ORX or maybe new to it. At least I hope so. Anyways, here it is.
  16. bigtim1973

    ORX users can you check something for me please??

    Went yesterday to clear out some trash in my test garden and add some more targets. Was using Gold 1 program. For the first time I went and pushed the pin point button in the gold program and it did not work. I never tried to use pin point in that mode before but on my ORX pinpoint only works...
  17. bigtim1973

    How many miss the detecting magazines??

    I miss western and eastern along with lost treasure. I guess I hate we do not have a regular magazine in print anymore. I wish there was one available but I do not know of anything. Maybe some of you do. I miss the reviews and the what is it column the most. Anyone else missing the...
  18. bigtim1973

    HF vs LF on depth of high conductive target question.

    Ok so reading in my Deus manual the new style HF coils do not offer the remote boost mode as found on the 4khz X35 coil option as it says it does not need it and they will not be updating the HF coils to do so either as it states the battery life with boost mode on the HF coil would reduce it to...
  19. bigtim1973

    I have been away and it all has changed!!

    So I got on here again today to take a look at everyones thoughts on the Vanquish. I see it has all changed. So, I really did not know where to post this so I am going to do this here. SO what are your thoughts on the Vanquish? Does it have a faster process than the Equinox did? I had the...
  20. bigtim1973

    Looks like the ORX was based off another unit

    Never heard of this one until I got to poking around online looking at some reviews. Some of you probably already knew this but it was new to me. Also seemed to be the plat form for the HF coils we are all falling in love with.