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Search results

  1. J

    XP Deus 1 Headphones.

    I've been using an XP ORX and really like it. However, I recently had an opportunity to buy an XP Deus 1 remote and went for it. When I bought the remote I was sure everything that I had with the ORX would work with the Deus. I may have been, and probably was wrong with my assumption. I've read...
  2. J

    Lower Rod For Tesoro

    I bought an extra coil for my Vaquero and wanted to mount it on it's own lower rod. When I started looking for a tesoro rod I discovered they're getting harder to find. So I thought any manufacture's lower rod would do and bought one for a Garrett (was the cheapest I could find). Much to my...
  3. J

    Which Coil For Vaquero

    I recently purchased a Tesoro Vaquero that has the 11x8 coil. I'd like to know which coil I should look for to hunt areas that have a lot of the old aluminum pull-tabs and steel bottle caps. The area was used extensively for picnic/dance gatherings from early 1900's to around the end of WWII.
  4. J

    How About this Comparison

    Here are two tests I'd like to see when the Legend becomes available to the public. 1. Legend vs Equinox 2. Legend vs Deus II And I'd like to see Calabash Digger do the tests. I believe he provides the best (no BS) information in his you tube videos and has no biases for one machine versus the...
  5. J

    Simultaneous Frequency Detector

    I know there was some discussion awhile back that Nokta was working on a multi-frequency machine to be released in the spring of last year, and then shifted priorities to finishing the Simplex+ first. Is there anything in the wind concerning the multi-freq machine and when /if me might expect it?
  6. J

    Anfibio Multi VDI Chart

    Has anyone done a VDI chart of common coins and objects for the Anfibio?
  7. J

    Whites Detector Stand

    Will this stand fit on the V3i? It's designed for the DFX and a few others.
  8. J

    Help With Coil Selection For V3i

    Recently bought a V3i that came with some larger coils, but no smaller ones. I'm looking for a coil that will do well in moderate trash and still have decent coverage. I've been looking at the Whites 6x10, Detech 4.5x7 or the SEF 8x6. I currently have the 9" Spider, D2, Super 12 and 13 Ultimate...
  9. J

    AKA Metal Detector,Anyone Using One

    Just bought a Sorex a few weeks back and trying to get familiar with it. It's a learning experience to understand the manual and then put it into practice. Who else has an AKA, what model do you have, and what do you think about it?
  10. J

    Fisher CZ Vs Tesoro Tejon

    Has anyone compared a CZ(5, 6, etc) with a Tesoro Tejon (or even Vaquero) and what were your conclusions, thoughts? I have a CZ and I'm considering buying one of the Tesoro units for a couple reasons: New unit, Lifetime warranty, Less weight, quick recovery speed and deep seeking. My questions...
  11. J

    Would you Make the Trade?

    As the subject implies, I would like to know whether you would trade a very hot CZ-3D for the newest version F75. Not an upgrade. But a brand new, off the shelf, this year's version, F75. Let me know why you would or wouldn't. Thanks for your input.
  12. J

    Need Information About F75

    I'm new to the Fisher brand and need help understanding the different F75 models. I recently bought a CZ3D and am currently looking at the F75. My problem is I see different references used to describe the F75 (SE, LTD, LTD II, updated, not updated and just plain F75) and I can't get a clear...
  13. J

    Lower Rod For Older Explorer Models

    I have an Explorer II that probably came new with the tan lower rod. When I got it, it had the newer carbon fiber looking black rod that's now standard on the etrac and newer SE explorers. I was recently told that the black rod is designed (shaped) differently than the original and over time...
  14. J

    Considering a V Series Detector

    I've had whites detectors in the past and I'm considering getting another. I'm looking at either a VX3 or a V3i (probably the vx3). My most recent detectors have been minelabs and I would like to add one of the V's to my list of detectors. I'm thinking about letting an X-Terra 705 with coils...
  15. J

    Minelab X-Terra 705 Used Prices

    First let me say that I own a X-705. I'm not bashing the 705 or inferring that it isn't an adequate detector. My question has to do with what I consider a recent development regarding price. I've watched the value of used 705's drop significantly and I don't know why. I've read posts from others...
  16. J

    Were There Any Christmas Specials on the FORS CoRe?

    I saw there was a sale going on for the Makro 77, but didn't see anything for the FORS CoRe. I see Kellyco has them (CoRe) for $ that the normal price? Looking to buy soon, but will wait if there is something in the pipeline.
  17. J

    Anyone Compare the 705 X-Terra With the Nokta FORS CoRe

    I been thinking about buying a Fors Core and was wondering if anyone has done a side-by-side comparison of the CoRe with an X-705. I saw the utube comparisons of the CoRe, Dues, CTX and a couple other machines, but haven't seen anything that included the 705. If anyone has both and has made that...
  18. J

    What Coils Work With The Eagle II

    Recently picked up an old blue box Eagle II and would like to buy some additional coils. Back when this detector was state-of-art the coil selection was limited. I'm hoping that some of the newer coils being made will work with this old workhorse. So, my question is, which newer coils are the...
  19. J

    Need Some Help With An Eagle II

    Recently bought an Eagle II blue box with the 950 coil. My issue is two fold. First the light didn't work and I went about trying to fix that. I disassembled the control head and saw where the 2 wire lead from the LED attached to the circuit board. I removed the plug from the board and was able...
  20. J

    CTX Wouldn't Power On

    Took the CTX out today to do some detecting. When I got to my destination and ready to start my hunt, I pushed the power button to turn on the detector and nothing happened. Tried removing and reinstalling the battery, replacing the rechargeable battery with the alkaline battery pack, changed...