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    Reposting a ground balance question tech advice needed

    I saw your other post too but I'm not sure what question you are asking. If your machine has the capability to do a manual ground balance then perform those manual ground balance procedures each time before you go hunting and your machine will be set for the particular soil in your area. What...
  2. P

    Saw Something New Today.

    He covered alot of beach and dug quite a few targets.
  3. P

    Saw Something New Today.

    I was out detecting one of the local beaches this morning and I saw something I had never seen before. Another gentlemen was out there detecting with two detectors at the same time. He had a detector in each hand and he was swinging right along. Not sure if if he detects like that all the...
  4. P

    A 'sign' of the times

    Big surf has been the norm here in the Florida Panhandle too. Yesterday was the first time I have been able to hunt in the water since moving here in December. I found several fishing weights but that was about all.
  5. P

    Help choosing a shaft for scoop

    I bought a big dowel rod from home depot and widdled the end down to fit inside the scoop. Cheap and pretty light weight. Works great for me. I dont see a need for the D handle.
  6. P

    Between snow storms

    Looks like a great day to me. Is that a lead bullet inside a piece of wood?
  7. P

    Got out for first time in over 10 years

    Welcome back to the addiction DFX and Ohio Dan. I wouldn't hesitate to buy an Equinox. I just sold an etrac and bought a 600 last week. I dont feel like I downgraded. The complaints about the Nox build quality are things that can be remedied or replaced rather cheaply. I think alot of...
  8. P

    First hunt with the new Nox

    My new toy arrived on the big brown truck so off to the beach I went. I'm new to beach hunting but it was clear that the Nox was the right detector for me. Found clad up to 10 inches in the wet sand and a small piece of costume jewelry to go with it. After CW relic hunting for the last 25...
  9. P

    Need help identifying this old bullet that I think might be from the Civil War

    Might be a Sharps Carbine. Not sure though.
  10. P

    Handful of lead

    Very nice day and welcome back to the forum.
  11. P

    Mississippi “A” Coat button

    That's a beauty.
  12. P


    Awesome finds their Calabash.
  13. P

    The Equinox sucks

    Well done Sir. I'd say you have the Equinox figured out pretty well.
  14. P

    Confederate Camp: New Area Found - Day 9

    Good job there guys and thanks for posting up that video.
  15. P

    FBI failed to find fabled Civil War gold worth $400m

    Well pull tab that's a good question. I never thought of what I would do if I actually found it.
  16. P

    What's your favorite all around Garrett

    I liked the mellow tones of the ATPro. It went pretty deep in my soil and the TID was pretty dependable. I sure did find a lot of relics with her too. Hmm... writing this is making me miss the old girl. I just might have to go buy another one. Darn you C.J.M.
  17. P

    Latest Digs From Civil War To WWII

    Wow! Those are great finds. Good luck searching the rest of the place.
  18. P

    How Deep Do We Have To Really Go

    I grew up working on a dairy farm. In the spring we would pull a wagon around the fields and load up all of the new rocks that had surfaced. I wonder if freezing and thawing cycles help push coins and relics back towards the surface also. They still find old Roman coins a couple inches deep...
  19. P

    Tarsacci MDT 8000: Detecting a Confederate Camp Site

    Looks like your getting that Tarsacci dialed in. Nice Gardner.