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Search results

  1. Micheal_R

    Re Headphone and contoller batteries.

    Has anyone changed the batteries in the WS5 and/or controller? Mine are both finally showing their age and require changing. I have ordered up the batteries... But before I set to and start to change them out, I want to know if there are any specific dos or more importantly, don'ts that I...
  2. Micheal_R

    as time goes by... the gold edition

    It was 50 years ago, today that the young couple walked, with unsteady feet and uncertain hearts , down the aisle towards their future together. Life was not to be an easy start for them; both sets of parents opposed the union. He had no job, nor any immediate prospects. She did odd gardening...
  3. Micheal_R

    Question re naming of coil

    I just got my new nine inch round HF coil.. I entered the serial number and it all works nicely... BUT.. when I try to give the coil a name in the remote , all I get is 'Edit serial number' Then I saw that I should have entered the name first...then the serial number.. Any suggestions on how...
  4. Micheal_R

    Anyone around these days??

    I sure miss the old days when we all could gather here and have a grand old time Calm seas Micheal
  5. Micheal_R

    A good day by almost any standard

    Decided to try a new site.. I have been detecting on one side of the river and could see the old town on the other side.. I had tried to get there in times past but never could find the exact route to get there.. This sign did not help either.. :lol: [attachment 328563 20160322_104559.jpg] But...
  6. Micheal_R

    Certainly not a coin that one would be expected to find up here..

    Managed to get out again today.. albeit only for an hour or so.. But in the end, it was worth it.. The Deus is magnificent in heavy trash I was working one of my drowned town sites and searching in the fields of nails.. This little beauty showed up...a 1781 Ein Kreutzer from Vienna Austria...
  7. Micheal_R

    Here is an usual problem..

    A friend just bought a Deus.. and has been getting frustrated with it. I have walked her through a few settings, etc... ones that have worked for me.... But in the end, I think her problem lies elsewhere. She texted me this morning with this statement..'I do have a question for you this mornng...
  8. Micheal_R

    Old sterling pin found in a drowned town in B.C.

    Any ideas as to the meaning of the initials would be appreciated [attachment 321863 Img_1296.jpg] Back of the pin [attachment 321864 Img_1297.jpg] Many thanks Micheal
  9. Micheal_R

    This is a well travelled baggage tag..

    I decided to try an old ghost town in the wilds of my home province of British Columbia.. There was still some snow ( I was above the 6000 foot mark after all).. but in places, the sun had removed the white covering. And one of the finds was this Santa Fe Route baggage claim tag.. [attachment...
  10. Micheal_R

    Found in an old ghost town in B.C.

    But I have no idea of what it might be. It is a pin that is about 3 inches long.. Made of brass [attachment 313011 LBCSandon.jpg] Many thanks Micheal
  11. Micheal_R

    Another good day at Burton..

    I cannot say that I have ever heard of a colour changing sapphire.. at least I did not before i found this beauty. [attachment 308095 IMG_0808.JPG] [attachment 308096 IMG_0810.JPG] "About Color Change Sapphire - History and Introduction Color change sapphire is an exceptionally rare fancy...
  12. Micheal_R

    Not as good as my last post... But I still like it!!!!

    Back to my haunts yesterday.. Not as good as my last hunt.... but the knee is still playing havoc with me.. so I can only hunt for an hour or so.. But a few pennies (and the age indicate that there must be silver around), A WW1 service pin and a nice boys and girls competition 1914 pin make for...
  13. Micheal_R

    Got my fix today in a BIG way.. But it was frustrating

    I had a knee operation 11 days ago.. frustration abounds at being confined to the house. My wife is doing all the farm chores.. But today, she wrapped the leg up nice and snug and I went out to my favourite beach for a bit less than an hour..I felt that I should at least sort of care for the...
  14. Micheal_R

    Slowly coming along with the Deus..

    And one day I will really have a handle on it.. But I am learning the sounds, and fiddling with settings to get the best performance. Out to my old drowned town yesterday..managed one broken gold ring, a silver handle from a mirror(?), a rather cool pin (I will tumble that today).. a ceramic...
  15. Micheal_R

    Has any one used the Goldmaxx Power..

    I know that XP makes it.. I am in the market for a new machine... and, to be fair, I am not a meter type of person. Just wondering how the two compare Many thanks Micheal
  16. Micheal_R

    Test for Platinum

    I went down to our drowned town today.. and all in all, had a pretty good day. The lake is coming up .... so I have to get the detecting in while I can. I found a couple of new foundations and started to slowly work around the nails and debris. I did manage 8 pennies, one large cent, a silver...
  17. Micheal_R

    So... here is what I did two days back..

    It took pretty much all day to haul him out (only 400 yards)... and then skin him..... but there is a heap of dinners there. On the hook, there is 684 pounds [attachment 213940 moose9.jpg] [attachment 213941 moose19.jpg] Fair winds Micheal
  18. Micheal_R

    Memories of Maui.. part three..

    Days four and Five were pretty much preoccupied with getting ready for the wedding and then going to the wedding. Now I realize that other peoples' wedding can be pretty much of a bore... but I will say this.... It was the absolute best site I have ever seen for a wedding. We went to a place...
  19. Micheal_R

    Memories of Maui.. Part two

    On day three, my son had a great time planned for the both of us. I had to be ready to go by 6:00 A.M. [like that is a problem for me.. I am up at 4:30 - 5:00 every morning anyway]. He came in to the condo and we loaded up the diving gear.. A quick brekkie and David, Denise and I were on the...
  20. Micheal_R

    Memories of Maui.. Part one

    We left Vancouver on the 6:45 pm flight... and arrived in Kapului, Maui at 9:45 local time. {In actual fact that would extrapolate to 12:45 B.C. time}.The first thing that we noticed was that wonderful salt air smell. The memories it brought back........ I was immediately in heaven. But we then...