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Search results

  1. Steve(Can)

    Anybody know history on Home Schooling!

    from a recent ebay listing... one H ...and another... 4 H which is pretty close to the old 4H awards... The above state home school pins are listed for bit shy of a million.... about $5 bucks each. Sorry 'bout your luck, Ronstar. :LOL:
  2. Steve(Can)

    Button identity

    Can you tell, is it letters at the bottom, the word "AIR"?... Maybe even FAIRY with the "F" and the "Y" worn? ...with the puffed cheeks and the breath of wind, I'm guessing it's "AIR" I looked for a match online but with no luck.... a nice little button, for sure. :thumbup:
  3. Steve(Can)

    Button identity

    The style of the face is from a period in western art called the Arts and Crafts movement. Also the style of the letters, very typical of this period. The female figure is typically shown within nature, of nature.... flowing hair and clothing like flowing air and water. Almost like the back to...
  4. Steve(Can)

    Button identity

    From what I can see of the figure and the letter style.... the button would be from 1870 thereabouts towards the turn of the century.
  5. Steve(Can)

    Button identity

    If you look close, can you make out the word AIR along the bottom, and a face with puffed cheeks blowing wind? A little hard to tell from the pic.
  6. Steve(Can)

    Thursday Night Banjo Night.... broke a string.

    Get yourself a banjo, sasquache, and have fun! First banjo I bought from a gal who said it was her mother's. Her mother must have loved that banjo, cause it had grooves worn right into the neck from that lady playing it. I just followed those grooves with my fingers and plunked away and...
  7. Steve(Can)

    Thursday Night Banjo Night.... broke a string.

    Thank you, Florida son. I once met a fellow in Florida, up in the Manatee springs.... the manatee were swimming in a pool there, in a place where Ponce de Leon once looked for the fountain of youth. The fellow I talked to was camping with his younger brother, his dream was to be a bush pilot...
  8. Steve(Can)

    Thursday Night Banjo Night.... broke a string.

    Holy crap.... Guv's got a thing on here where you can't make a post over 10,000 characters... goodness, Guv, cramp my style! :p Anyway, had to split it up, here's the rest... We had a grand Christmas dinner at the fancy restaurant at the yaght club that year. This was hoity-toity joint, and we...
  9. Steve(Can)

    Thursday Night Banjo Night.... broke a string.

    Thursday night banjo night! and I'm in the shed. It's down, close to 20° likely 10° in an hour or two. A balmy 48° in here, I could crank the old kerosene heater to 60° but I'm cheap. And it's kinda like a dodge truck I had one time, I mean cranking it to 60 on a hill was just asking for...
  10. Steve(Can)

    Mineralogy question from a woodworker!

    Hi Rob... mica... it's a flaking silica stone, if you are in an area with big deposits, you can find big chunk pieces and peel layers off with your thumbnail. In the old days, they used to mine it in sheets, because it is translucent and comes in a variety of colours, especially purples and...
  11. Steve(Can)

    Help with identifying these finds

    Hey Jim, hunter of old coins. First looks like a silent dog whistle... blow through it and see what comes. Second is a symbol of the Eastern Star Eastern Star The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is a female companion organization to Freemasonry. In the example below each symbol within the...
  12. Steve(Can)

    please help me identify these two things.

    Nice coins and interestin pins, coopercat Prop and wings info here: 3 Merry Widows, Agnes, Mabel & Beckie.... aluminum condom tin, 3 condoms in a tin, ha, and still one in it. guess no luck with Beckie. :LOL: Rabbit sitting on turtle sitting on...
  13. Steve(Can)

    token or play money ID help...

    Hey gunwolf, this isn't it, but it's close, Hickey Brother Token. ..
  14. Steve(Can)

    Cast iron box stove

    Update on the stove... haven't done anything with the restoration yet, but was looking it over the other day and across "Made in Korea" stamped on the bottom. With that, found a number of Korean made replicas on some woodstove collecting sites. There is a pretty wide variety of these Korean...
  15. Steve(Can)

    Got various opinions on what this is on another site.

    From the link below OXEN/STEER BRASS HORN KNOBS TIP GUARDS These little hollow brass ball things are called ox knobs. In Nova Scotia we most often see them used on the tips of horns of oxen but they are also used on steer. The end of the horn is like your fingernail - no nerves - so it is...
  16. Steve(Can)

    Cast iron box stove

    Yeah, maybe eh? Or with the plate off and the door closed, the draft would draw over coals in the trough making them glow... a more controlled and immediate source of heat, almost like a little forge? Suppose, even for cleaning out ash... drawing a bed of coals to the front, scooping out the...
  17. Steve(Can)

    Cast iron box stove

    Already looked. :ROFLMAO: Yeah, a draft plate, and a flat plate that covers a depression that drops down 45° from the bed of the firebox and extends about 1-1/2" deep out the door and into the hearth for the length and width of the plate. To maintain draft and facilitate ash removal? I suppose...
  18. Steve(Can)

    Cast iron box stove

    Thanks tencents! I'm reading the old commercial stove polishes had graphite in them to blacken the finish. Gotta look to see what's available now. There's an old technique I've done for making transfer paper, you know, like the old carbon paper that was used for typewriters. You take a solid...
  19. Steve(Can)

    Cast iron box stove

    Thanks Ronstar, I read that too, that all it takes is to burn off the rust. I've had great results with rusty things with electrolysis when it was really bad or with the rust converter and then buffing it with a concoction I make up of beeswax, pine tar, and linseed oil. I make up a good batch...
  20. Steve(Can)

    Cast iron box stove

    Picked this up this this little beauty today from a guy who wanted it gone. Surface rust and somebody replaced a few of the bolts with hex heads but is sound and in good shape. Never seen one with this beaver/maple leaf motif on it, looked online but can't find any others like it. The beaver and...