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Search results

  1. relicmeister

    Deus 2 coil

    A 5.5x9 ( or is it 5x9.5?) is not as likely on the D2 due to larger battery fitting constraints, but fingers crossed anyway
  2. relicmeister

    US Tones

    Doesn’t the XY screen help with determining whether the 86-88 is iron or non ferrous? I would think that the best way if it’s troublesome.
  3. relicmeister

    Coil Question

    Both are excellent.hf preferred for relic hunting, x35 for coin shooting but either does the job. 9” size is just right. Good luck
  4. relicmeister

    gold coin found with deus 1 worth 540,000 pounds

    I’ll take two
  5. relicmeister

    What does Prayer and gratitude get you?

    Over the past two years I’ve started and ended each day with prayer, and it consists of abundant gratitude. Often through the day I thank god for something I appreciate, whether that’s a moving piece of music, a nice person, a beautiful gift of nature - what has this gotten me? In a word Joy. I...
  6. relicmeister

    Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies here! Amen!

    Dad less families is devastating civil society.
  7. relicmeister


    The backlash is coming, my friend- and it’s going to stun the ruling class. We still have some power to effect change and slow the madness. Then In 2 years we stop the madness and reverse course. We need a Christian revival. This nation needs to turn back to God, because I’m the last 20 years...
  8. relicmeister

    An unexpected "Unexpected Journey To Heaven"

    What’s the name of the person who experienced the NDE so I can look for interviews or podcast appearances? Thanks
  9. relicmeister

    Shrinking metal detecting locations

    $5 gas Might be sufficient incentive to overcome shyness and approach some nearby property owners you’ve been thinking of doing for years but always put off
  10. relicmeister

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    Can’t be too fussy about detecting spots. Plenty of nearby areas yet to be explored. Now and again I will stumble onto a hidden homesite. Instead of burning extra gas I’m sure I’ll be burning extra calories and hopefully finding places I’d never have found because I’d normally be too lazy to...
  11. relicmeister

    Some Wheat and a Silver

    Nice finds , I don’t detect parks much, I’m usually in the woods searching out homesites, but I’m up to 4 silvers already which is a lot for my sites. One trime, two barber dimes and a Roosie. Oh, and one ring.
  12. relicmeister

    Come on Xp , This Is Not On!!!!

    My 2nd D2 is 0.71 but my first is 0.6 This weekend I will try the test using each side by side and see what happens
  13. relicmeister

    Come on Xp , This Is Not On!!!!

    I have faith These issues will be sorted out and hopefully soon. All I know is I’ve been finding a lot with mine regardless of these problems.
  14. relicmeister

    I love the Deus 2

    You’re doing great friend. My 3 silvers- 1854 trime, 1904 barber dime, 1906 barber dime ( found day apart at different locations)
  15. relicmeister

    Any word on WSA II-XL headphones for Deus II?

    Got my second coil the expensive way (whole second detector) might just keep it even when coils can be bought separately. They’ll get plenty of use
  16. relicmeister

    Shrinking metal detecting locations

    I stay local lots of unexplored woods where hot spots must exist. If I travel it better have potential- do more research before pressing the accelerator. By the way, thanks Joe
  17. relicmeister

    Any word on WSA II-XL headphones for Deus II?

    Did he indicate a time frame for accessory coils?
  18. relicmeister

    And the Winner is!!

    The biggest annoyance is that the Mi6 doesn’t connect reliably about 25% of the time requiring 2-3 attempts. I use the mi6 but sometimes prefer the Mi4 which allows me to pass the coil over the target hole when the PP doesn’t immediately locate The target.
  19. relicmeister

    tone I.D ?

    Yes as in full tones tone increases with increasing conductivity, and pitch audio based on target strength. There is also adjustable audio response.
  20. relicmeister

    And the Winner is!!

    I have two also, having first bought the 11” and then a 9” for coil sake. I’m using everything by having both coils paired to both remotes and alternating remote/WS6 Will decide when coils available separately if I will keep both machines long-term or sell one. If usage is heavy I’ll keep...