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Search results

  1. WV62

    Short evening hunt

    Today I found myself with a couple of hours in the evening to hunt, so I loaded up and head to the park in town. Kind of a said story, I was hunting I noticed a squirrel laying in front of me, I went right up to him gave a good look and he was dead, so I thought I would pitch him out of the way...
  2. WV62

    Prayers needed for Elmy

    Guy's I just got word that Elmy is in the hospital with COVID, so I am posting this asking for prayers for him. Ron in WV
  3. WV62

    Button ID??

    The three of us brothers were detecting a new site yesterday and my brother Mark came up with this button. Thought I would post the pictures he sent and see if any of you button guys have info you could offer up. Brother Ron in WV
  4. WV62

    SLQ 1918

    The three of us brothers Mark, Greg and me Ron haven't had a lot of time to do any detecting this year. We lost our 92 year old mother back in May and it has been all hands on deck taking care of all the business of the estate. All 3 of us decided to do a all day hunt this past Wednesday at...
  5. WV62

    Fine tuning the E-Trac for me

    I will start off with a big thanks to Elmy, So Elmy and I started talking about patterns, sound settings and sensitivity, he was sending different things to try and I wasn't able to hunt so I done the testing in the yard. So that has been going since some time in March. So about a week ago I was...
  6. WV62

    Adjusting the sensitivity on ground balancing type machine??

    Just wanted to put this thought out there and see if anybody agrees or disagrees or knows for sure if this idea will work as a way to adjust the sensitivity to the correct base level. Here is the idea and then I will tell you why I think this may work. I am suggesting that on machines that...
  7. WV62

    Funniest or Unusual find

    The ground is frozen so just for kicks I thought I would start this thread and see if there was any interest in posting your funniest or unusual find. So here is mine, I was hunting the park in a high grass area and out pops this beauty. Miss America is sure going to miss this. Ron in WV
  8. WV62

    Woods hunt this past Saturday

    As you can see we didn't get any silver but I found this old key and I must have hit it with the shovel and made a shinny spot that looks to copper. The bullet my brother SL52 found it and wondering if any of you bullet guys know anything about it. I scratched and it looks to be lead, no copper...
  9. WV62

    What is going on???

    Have we been hacked?? See post listings
  10. WV62

    Working with Elmy

    You know guys working with Elmy and his E-Trac settings, disc patterns and just plan good old ideas has been a real joy. With my wife being down from surgery, all the stuff going on in this country I was really getting into a rut. Now I am making notes, going out in the yard testing and loading...
  11. WV62

    enable push notifications

    At the bottom of my screen it say Find's treasure Forums would like your permission to enable push notifications. Before I give permission I would like to know what this is. Thanks Ron in WV
  12. WV62

    Class ring return made the news.

    This is not about me but was on our local news, thought guys would like to see. Ron in WV
  13. WV62

    Cleaning found change

    I have about $400 in found change and I was wondering if anybody knows of a quick and easy way to cleaning it up? I am thinking of cashing all I can in to help with the coin shortage here in the USA. Thanks, Ron in WV
  14. WV62

    Found this read on facebook

    This hit home .. I felt my heart leap while I was reading this 😊. Too good not to share with you all ..... ❤️. Comforting read: Me: Okay, God, here's the thing. I'm scared. I'm trying not to be, but I am. God: I know. Want to talk about it? Me: Do we need to? I mean, you already know. God: Let's...
  15. WV62

    Concentric coil for E-Trac

    I am wondering if anybody knows if there is a concentric coil made for the E-Trac? Also wondering how well they work if there is such a coil? I went online and really couldn't find anything but info on DD coils. Ron in WV
  16. WV62

    Concentric coils

    I have been taking a second look at the concentric coils for my F75 SE. Here is some thoughts if you have a hunted out silver honey hole with the DD coils, you may want to run back over it slow and lots of overlap with the 10" concentric coil or maybe even the little 6.5" concentric. Now for the...
  17. WV62

    Park hunting

    This past Saturday we were hunting the woods area of the park for silver. I was running pretty hot settings on the detector and my eyes were set on sparkle. My brother had already got a nice silver dime and I was swing along and caught a glint out of the corner of my eye. I picket it up thinking...
  18. WV62

    I will call them tokens

    Found these 3 tokens while detecting this past Sunday, they are all the same all were just under the grass. For the picture I showed 2 of what I will call heads up and one tells. Ron in WV
  19. WV62

    Pig sticker

    My brother (Still Looking 52) and I were hunting this past Tuesday. From time to time we check in with each other to see how we are doing. He found this folding fillet knife sticking in the ground so he brought it over to show me and then he gave it to me because he didn't have any need for it...
  20. WV62

    Silver wings

    Another chunk of silver for the E-Trac. Other than the silver wings we got one penny and one clad dime. Ron in WV