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Search results

  1. G

    Whites tdi control box

    How is this fitted to the shaft? Don't have it in front of me at moment, but guess it's bolted?
  2. G

    Mars MD universal shaft

    Anyone tried these?
  3. G

    just curious who has purchased a CTX in the last 12 months

    Am thinking of another one, had to let the last one go due to personal circumstances. I'll be honest, I've been waiting for the new nexus to show but for the money I can get a used ctx with an extra large coil. If I need recovery speed I'll just use the aka.
  4. G

    Interesting find from a couple days ago....

    A lot of our old silver coins, especially the hammered, get a coating of oxidisation turning them black. This will happen to most silver coins in time. A way we remove this is to get a piece of aluminium foil, place the coin on the "dull side" of the foil and wet making sure everything is wet...
  5. G

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    $2.45 a litre here in the UK 🇬🇧 but reached a point in my life where I don't give a damn, done my bit but do feel sorry for the younger generation!!
  6. G

    Interesting find from a couple days ago....

    Oh and it should get hot!!
  7. G

    Interesting find from a couple days ago....

    Acid test, in the UK we'd wrap it in wet aluminium foil, if it smells of rotten eggs (sulphur) we'd be happy. Gaz.
  8. G

    2nd attempt with tdi, beach and land

    At the moment it's fitted with the 12" dual coil, however I think it may be faulty or not suitable for inland searching. Never tested it "in air" till today and it only seems sensitive under the tdi logo.
  9. G

    2nd attempt with tdi, beach and land

    Well, that's proved some YouTube videos wrong, yes you can eliminate nails using the GB but anything under the surface still rings through. I've got a bagful of iron to prove it. May have to invest in a mono coil also, as have noticed that the dual coil fitted is only responsive under the tdi...
  10. G

    2nd attempt with tdi, beach and land

    Well, took the p.i to the beach for my 2nd session with it and turned up the usual rubbish, about 25 bits in total, most between the low and high water mark, best 2 bits if you can call them that were the ring and bracelet, tat!! However I changed my route home and to my surprise they were...
  11. G

    Sorry still learning, but why

    does signal appear to improve with a faster swing speed when using the tdi sl. Noticed this a few times but never paid much attention to what the target was or how deep it was at the time. Am out again on Saturday on what should be a more productive part of the beach, so any pre search help...
  12. G

    First trial on beach with Tdi

    Happy with results, went to a part of the beach that has no fairgrounds or amusements so didn't expect many coins. Bracelet is junk but I really enjoyed the morning.
  13. G

    New machines first finds.

    Unbelievable, thanks all.
  14. G

    New machines first finds.

    Omen or not? You be the judge! Took delivery of a Tdi sl this morning, little used and way lighter than I thought. So got my jobs done and took it out to the test garden, which is literally my lawn. 1st target was the US item (fluke?) Its copper alloy and is about 40mm square, my guess is off...
  15. G

    Tdi sl batteries

    Thank you...
  16. G

    Tdi sl batteries

    Can anyone recommend a battery upgrade for this machine? Gaz.
  17. G

    Whites Tdi sl query

    Tha Thank you, am slowly gathering information about this machine, it should do what I want it to.
  18. G

    Whites Tdi sl query

    Thanks for that, appreciate there's no discrimination control as such, but watching 1 video the user shut out nails by backing off on the gb.
  19. G

    Whites Tdi sl query

    Hi all, just found a little used 2017 model of this machine at a decent price. Watched a few videos and seems straight forward enough, however have a couple of questions. 1. What generates the depth of pulse machines, gain, number of pulses, etc etc? 2. Does using the gb to eliminate nails lose...
  20. G

    Z- lynk problems

    Worth a try, thanks.