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Search results

  1. woodbutcher

    No difference worth mentioning.

    This statement sums it up perfectly
  2. woodbutcher

    Etrac old school or is it 🤔

  3. woodbutcher

    Legend updates ?

    All machines should have a audio gain imo
  4. woodbutcher

    Equinox getting dumped

    I haven't seen anyone selling a equinox to get a D2,,haven't even seen that mentioned by anyone
  5. woodbutcher

    Equinox getting dumped

    I had a Deus 2 ,sold it. Saw no performance over my Deus 1 in the dirt ..Still have my equinox 800,,,not sure why guys are saying Minelab needs to come out with somthing to compete with the Deus 2? In my opinion the equinox is still a far superior machine compared to the Deus 2,,Xp is new to...
  6. woodbutcher

    Come on Xp , This Is Not On!!!!

    Like a train wreck I hated to see that but couldn't look that sucks, I'm sure XP will eventually fix the bugs but until then I'd find a version that works. I gave up my Deus 2,saw no advantage over my original Deus in the dirt. I think if I had beaches close by I'd have kept it for a...
  7. woodbutcher

    XP Deus Not blowing my equinox away

    Youve answered your own question,,the perfection evolved as you put them in order.. I couldn't have said it better
  8. woodbutcher

    XP Deus Not blowing my equinox away

    I wasn’t insinuating who invented simultaneous multi frequency, I was only stating Minelab perfected it. Other companies will get there someday,but for the time being Minelab holds the lead in this field of technology
  9. woodbutcher

    XP Deus Not blowing my equinox away

    Minelab had the multi frequency and best coin machines cornered since the 1990s with the first explorer,,it's just gotton better since then ..These other companies are ok but they're lacking 30 years behind minelabs technology... Nothing wrong with the Original posters Deus 2,, it is what it is
  10. woodbutcher

    DEUS 1 VS. DEUS 2

    In my Pennsylvania soil I haven't seen the D2 being any deeper or better performance over the D1..I will say the D2 has a few nice features over the D1 that make it more user friendly, but performance for me as a dirt hunter is a draw between the two .. If I were a avid XP loyalist I'd say...
  11. woodbutcher

    13" Detech Ultimate on my E2

    Great find, fbs is just a silver magnet
  12. woodbutcher

    💀 💀💀💀💀💀. WARNING DEUS 2 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Probably a union job,the guy has one task to place two screws in and tighten them..Our country is going to hell
  13. woodbutcher

    My Perspective on the Legend

    I have a deus 2, yes it has flaws
  14. woodbutcher

    Legend in Goldfields

    Hi Robert, I was just curious if you came to this conclusion from owning and using a Legend,or from someone elses opinion? Just a honest question ive been thinking about after reading your comment.. thanks
  15. woodbutcher

    My Perspective on the Legend

    Too much comparing machines imo...Thanks for your write up OldKoot on your Legend.. If anyone is curious about how one behaves over the other they should just ask,no need to get technical. I think we all like certain things(features) in our machines, and if the things we like are strong we can...
  16. woodbutcher

    Deus 2 Update Troubleshooting

    I saw you guys updating it from a laptop,which you can’t do on the original Deus,,so is the new Deus 2 different for the update?
  17. woodbutcher

    This experienced detectorist Paystreak Superfreak on YouTube is struggling with Deus II recent software updates

    I got a go pro 4 years ago for Christmas and have yet to use it. My intentions were to make some in field videos of my finds. My test bed is seasoned twice as many years as calabash has in this hobbie,,and I’ve never once thought about using it or my go pro to make someone’s machine look...
  18. woodbutcher

    Impressive 1.07 update from Nokta Makro

    Hi bill, what do most of your nickel signals read at? Are they a solid 25?
  19. woodbutcher

    Raised nail on gold coin test

    I just don't get it, why guys believe everything calabash says. Select few granted,but surely the select few seem like educated people,, I'd think by their post. .. I'm sure lots of folks fact checked his videos, just not worth the effort to call him out. Shame