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Search results

  1. 5

    10X5 EMI Issues

    Is your 10x5 coil more sensitive to EMI than even the factory 11" coil?
  2. 5

    Is This A Real Silver Ring?

    Found this from a sidewalk tear out in an old city park.
  3. 5

    Hunting Sports Fields OK?

    I won't detect inside a ball field or soccer field unless it is an obvious, run-down, not well maintained on a schedule. I am pretty sure an answer to my question is, "If it looks high class, stay on the sidelines and don't hunt the actual field." There are always variations of what pristine is...
  4. 5

    EMI Shielding And Water Leaks?

    A different but related question to water leaks in units. I doubt anybody will "know" but,,,can a leaky machine which has or will ever been proven leaky after a literal episode in the water where it obviously leaked,,,are the Nox units which never ever sees water hunting, reduced in anyway in...
  5. 5

    One Bar Left On Battery Indicator Question

    Has anyone calculated the time left to hunt once the battery indicator hits 1-bar? The Equinox seems deficient in giving a 30 minutes alarm, and the "BF" indicator per the manual, seems to say that a shutdown in imminent without another warning. Has anyone figured an indicator out in the field...
  6. 5

    VDI For A Metal Slotted Valve Stem Cap?

    Lost in a small area, just need the VDI. Thanks. Equinox or Whites VDI will work.
  7. 5

    Recovery Speed/Depth

    I read a post lately, where someone said, "The faster the recovery speed setting, the deeper you get." NO, it is totally the opposite. Slower RS limits shallow-er target separation ability but as far as depth, slower recovery setting on the Nox, the better. All machines!
  8. 5

    Do NOT Buy The Aukey Ear Buds

    They pair but with so much lag, and the plus (+) symbol doesn't appear. POS HPs for our needs. It is not LL
  9. 5

    Unstable In Multi

    I have always had easy operation in Multi frequency mode with my 600, location being my front yard. Now, the 600, with even the 6" coil, goes unstable unless I lower sens to 15-16. I can use 5 khz single, 10 and 15 khz, and be stable. It is worse with the 11" coil. The single 5 khz frequency...
  10. 5

    TROND Headphones 4.2LL

    I asked an official about the BT version concerns with whether an the Tronds marked 4.2LL in the packaging slip, would be guaranteed NOT to actually be Ver 5.0, and imcompatible with the Equiinox. This was the response: Thank you for contacting us. TROND Bluetooth headphones is always Bluetooth...
  11. 5

    Charge Properly

    To all concerned over the internal Li-On battery life and replacement, charging method you use may damage your battery. I have topped mine off a lot, even over night. I'll change that action.
  12. 5

    Equinox 600 bundle w/6" Coil Special

    Is the lower rod hardware kit included in the Equinox 600 bundle, which includes the 6" coil? The lower hardware kit shows listed as included when you get just the the coil. Did you all who have actually bought the Equinox bundle w/6" coil, also get the hardware kit?
  13. 5

    Threshold Factory Setting

    Why do you think that Minelab chose to deliver the Equinox, with threshold set to off? Here is a machine with lots of power and ability, so who was Minelab thinking about by a factory setting is "off?" I have many detectors I have collected over the years and all have had threshold running from...
  14. 5

    Factory Screen Protector?

    Did your Equinox come out of the box brand new virgin, with the clear screen protector, without lots of air underneath? A friend of mine just got delivery on a 600, and I worry that it might be a customer return, as the factory film looks re-applied, not virgin. He paid a new, full retail...
  15. 5

    Adapter For WM-08 w/Sunrays

    Anybody have a proven adapter for the 1/8th inch socket in the WM-08 module, reasonable price? Besides the $44 MInelab pig tail one? Something smaller and with less wire?
  16. 5

    Discrimination Range When Noise Canceling

    Question: Does a noise cancel on the Equinox, automatically envelope the entire range of targets VDIs by default, no matter the selected discrimination pattern you did at the point of taking the noise cancel? In other words, "If you usually discriminate out everything below high conductor...
  17. 5

    New Update, Why No Vids Testing 6" Coil?

    Maybe I have missed them, but it seems to me that there are not any real testing videos with the new software, using the 6 inch coil. If that is so, why? Also, if the new upgrade isn't designed for the small coil, aren't all of us 6" sniper coil addicts just spinning our wheels by using VER2...
  18. 5

    Park2 Missing Some Coin Garden Silver Dimes

    I was testing different programs yesterday, using Park1 and Park2, with all user settings exactly the same on the 600. I have 3 deeper silver dimes, 6", 7" and 8 inches. I have always used Park1 except during the early days, and Park1 seemed to always do me best. Park1 hits each if those...
  19. 5

    Pinpoint location On Edge Coins

    I noticed something today. I have a silver half dollar jammed into moist ground, you can see the edge peeking out. I detect it ok but am finding that when in pinpoint mode, the coin does not center on the coil, it detects on the edges of the coil. It is the same when using the 11" and 6" coils...
  20. 5

    Software Update Question Again

    I can't remember if this question was asked already. Does it matter whether the coil installed during updating is the factory 11", or with the 6" coil? I seem to remember that the 6" coil came after the update was created. Logically it doesn't make a difference, but the issues some have had with...