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    The connotations ascribed to this is such that it would leave a bad taste in any prudent persons' mouth. C/P A ghoul (Arabic: غول, ghūl) is a demon-like being or monstrous humanoid. The concept originated in pre-Islamic Arabian religion,[1] associated with graveyards and the consumption of...
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    Rest in peace. Disturbing the peace. It would be difficult to put that together with any stranger in the presence of a loved one that was placed to 'rest in peace'. When I read that: Michigan Penal Code: 750.387 Willful destruction of property; memorials of dead; protective or ornamental...
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    Member Ranking

    Often, I may read a post and later go back irrespectfully whether I agree or not I appreciate my fellow members wanting to post; therefore, I click like for that reason. Collectively, I believe that is everyone concurring premised on the replies? And, with that being said: Is there anything...
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    Member Ranking

    Presumably, every member is as elsewhere they are all just as important as the other; after all, a chain is no stronger than its' weakest link. It will be interesting how my fellow members view their self; likewise, how they view others, i.e., do any believe they are more or less important than...
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    Kenneth Little of Fireball Electronics...

    Normally, I pride myself in being observant; however, I must admit I was remiss. I reread your post: "in the words of F. Nietzche "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" I was curious and researched Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. F. Nietzche is certainly a person to study and learn...
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    Whats the "best" detector if I'm looking for silver coins?

    Ironically there was a post yesterday that a member found six silver coins with the White's Spectra V3i. He may hold the record with the V3i for this week? I was blessed by hearing about his friend Kenneth Little when he posted about him a while back. Leatherneck, Semper fidelis
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    Last Hunt...Some Silver

    Thanks for sharing! You found six silver coins with your White's Spectra V3i. Your old hunting Buddy Kenneth Little would love to have heard your story about the V3i. You done very well! Many are not finding much silver now. You, and Kenneth must have had the patience to learn the V3i. The...
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    Whats the "best" detector if I'm looking for silver coins?

    Respectfully, your inquiry: Summary 'identify the coins better'. . . 'would that be better than the Etrac at identifying what is buried'? Which of those provide the most information about the target below the ground? I believe the best for obtaining the most information has to be the V3i...
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    Missing Whites Detectors

    White's Spectra V3i is still the only 'simultaneous' multifrequency that indicates the freq./kHz that is below the coil? Simultaneously? ? ? Likewise, in pinpoint? ? ? It is the only 'simultaneous' multifrequency that has 'normalized' the freq./kHz? c/p from manual. 2.5 kHz – Choose the 2.5...
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    Nuggetshooting in the Big Az!

    That area would be a beautiful area to visit. Some serious miners are looking to strike it rich there. The mountain named after two brothers after their death. C/P The gold districts within the Bradshaw range are among the most productive placers in the state. Gold districts in this area...
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    White's Spectra V3i is a 'Legend'

    Spectra V3i is proclaimed to be the most configurability metal detector? ? ? I and many others believe it is the only metal detector that will teach metal detecting more than any other. I have owned mine now for a few years and realize to my knowledge it is still the only 'Simultaneous'...
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    Makro Legend and the equinox 800

    Then, the V3i is not outdated? ? ? Would a more accurate statement be: None of the other 'Simultaneous' metal detectors have caught up with the White's Spectra V3i? ? ? Kajunman Thanks for reading my post, and replying. Leatherneck Semper fidelis
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    Makro Legend and the equinox 800

    Respectfully, my post inquired if any 'Simultaneous' multi-freq. detectors reflect the "Simultaneous' freq. below the coil??? I own the Equinox 800; ergo, I do not know how to get it to reflect the freq. in 'Simultaneous' in the display? ? ? Please advise how to get the Equinox 800 to...
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    Makro Legend and the equinox 800

    The only true 'Simultaneous' mult-freq. detector is the White's Spectra V3i??? Is that true or not? ? ? White's Spectra V3i has a beautiful color coded graph indicating the freq. of the target(s) below the coil; likewise, in pinpoint it has a beautiful color coded graph indicating the freq...
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    In the terms and rules: You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement...
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    Irrespectively, if there are rules reduced to writing fellow members should be aware common decency would afford others cordiality. An Administrator issuing a stern admonishment should suffice. Leatherneck, Semper fidelis
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    Kenneth Little of Fireball Electronics...

    Certainly, an inspirational post honoring your friend. I am sure he would appreciate your posting. What an inspiration! And he lived in the heart of the oil field country, Midland, Odessa, Texas. I often recall passing by on the Interstate in front of a school in that area and seeing perhaps...
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    Does Garrett plan on releasing new Whites products

    Many of us die hard White's metal detector enthusiast (as myself) agree White's had warranty, quality craftsmanship second to none; together, with a rapport with customer satisfaction. With any possible infringement on any patent intellectual and physical property would have been absorbed with...
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    New Legend Update from Dilek

    Addendum: Listen to her statement competitor to every 'simultaneous multi-freq. out there'. This is between 10:30 to 11:00. She specifically responded to referencing a question she had just read.
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    New Legend Update from Dilek

    Dilek is quite professional and certainly I am appreciative premised on that. After 10:20 she mentions 'competitor of every 'simultaneous multi-freq'. machine out there'? My understanding the Spectra V3i is 'possibly' the 'only' simultaneous' multi-freq. detector out there? Meaning, that it...