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Search results

  1. Rich (Utah)

    "Water" Hunt turns up some rings.

    My last little fresh water outing and follow up trip turned up 6 rings; a 14k gold ring and 950 Pd ring and 4 'others'. I'm still suffering the disappointment when I see the round ring shape and . . . . it's tungsten carbide or stainless steel. It's not much compared to most of you that get to...
  2. Rich (Utah)

    Does Garrett repair older, well used Pro Pointer AT's ????

    This past year, my Pro Pointer AT has been acting up. intermittent trouble. Lately, added to that, the LED stays ON after I turn it OFF which drains the 9v in short order. It is WELL past the 2 years Warranty, at least a few times. Anybody know if Garrett repairs these for a reasonable cost...
  3. Rich (Utah)

    A couple oldies with the new Deus w/9" x35

    Joined Monte and a dozen or so other detectorists out in Nevada at one of his Welcome To Hunt Outings. Always a challenge swinging a coil out in these places with all of the rusty nails and tin. Was a great opportunity to get the new Deus out and see how I could do with it. It didn't disappoint...
  4. Rich (Utah)

    Update Question - Noob.

    I recently bought a new Deus with the 9" x35 coil, WS-4 headphones. and the MI6 pinpointer. The Controller indicated it had version 5.0 on it. I was having some odd issues when using the MI6 pinpointer. Sometimes when I switched on the pinpointer it would work as designed, cutting off the coil...
  5. Rich (Utah)

    WM08 Module - Worth It ?

    Interested for input from those of you using regular headphones with the WM08 module rather than the ML80 headphones. Thoughts on performance compared to the ML80 headphones ? Where are you keeping the WM08 module on your person while detecting ? What headphones are you using with the WM08...
  6. Rich (Utah)

    XP Deus / ORX display question

    Any of you have both the Deus and ORX? Is the display the same (size etc) or did XP improve the display with the ORX? I believe the screen layout is different on the ORX. I've not seen both side by side. If the ORX has an improved display, will the Deus remote be 'upgraded' soon? Has the...
  7. Rich (Utah)

    XP Deus Headphone Options -

    Looking for some of your Opinions on Headphone Options for the Deus. Are the WS5's a better option than going with the WS4's and an aftermarket set of full size headphones? My thinking is that the WS4's would be nice in the summer heat and out in the middle of nowhere's while a full headphone...
  8. Rich (Utah)

    Nokta Makro Multi Frequency Machine Names -

    What to name the new Nokta Makro Multi Frequency Machine ? Nokta Trekker Anywhere you could go - Rich (Utah)
  9. Rich (Utah)

    Anybody Experienced using UltraSonic Cleaners for Coins?

    I've had a Lortone Rock Tumbler since the mid-70's and use it typically at the end of season for cleaning up clad to recycle back into society. I have jars of wheaties that have been initially cleaned off, but could really stand more cleaning and I can't say I've ever tried using an Ultra Sonic...
  10. Rich (Utah)

    A couple IHC's with the Racer 2

    I had a chance to get out for a few hours about 2 weeks ago. Been a little slack in getting it posted here. The winter weather was unusually nice and gave opportunity to hunt the private yard of a beautiful two story house built in 1900. The new owner was renovating the yard and had removed all...
  11. Rich (Utah)

    Possibility of Low Reflective Screen Protector for Etrac?

    I see that Minelab is coming out with a Low Reflective Screen protector for the newly introduced Equinox. Have they given any consideration to providing one for the Etrac? Z A GG quit making the Etrac screen protector some time ago. I had one on both of my early Etracs. To protect the screen on...
  12. Rich (Utah)

    Equinox Classroom?

    Digger / laplander, Are there plans to have an equinox classroom? Rich
  13. Rich (Utah)

    Delays Getting You Down? Some good news.

    Some good news - :thumbup: Rich (Utah)
  14. Rich (Utah)

    MX7 - Where to post?

    Was looking to see if anybody is using one of the new MX7's yet. I guess they are suppose to post here as they share coils with the MX Sport ? :look: Rich -
  15. Rich (Utah)

    Silver Sabre makes a great save and has a new home

    One of the signs of my metal detecting addiction is that I have the habit of talking about my detecting outings with my co-workers. I've been fortunate to find a few bucket list items along the way and when the subject of coin collecting or lost jewelry come up, I like to join the conversation...
  16. Rich (Utah)

    Equinox Design - Did they get it right?

    One of the things that first caught my attention to the Equinox is the Design. I like it. Having swung A LOT of different detectors over the years (ok I confess, decades), there are some that were great for their time and others not so much. I like the look and layout of this one. They've...
  17. Rich (Utah)

    Older Tesoro Parts -

    I picked up a couple older Tesoros the last few months and have a couple questions I am hoping can be answered. Original Golden Sabre - Brown Metal control housing. Found one in really great condition, except for the 8AA Short battery holder which is pretty much destroyed. I am going to bet...
  18. Rich (Utah)

    Pairing 2.4MHz headphones to Racer 2

    A friend was KIND enough to loan me his Makro 2.4GHz wireless headphones so I could give them a trial run. Wow, these are sure light. Unfortunately, he didn't have the instructions handy for Pairing the headphones to the Racer 2. I thought I could find instructions online, but seem to have run...
  19. Rich (Utah)

    Mojave gets some minutes in the game. -

    Had an opportunity to get out after the rain this last Saturday. Headed to the yard of an old house that I've been hunting pretty hard this past year. A little 1900's era home that sits along an abandoned railway. Plenty of iron and corroding metal in the yard. It hasn't been a great producer...
  20. Rich (Utah)

    Custom Nokta

    I read back in the early pages of this forum that Nokta was making left-handed versions of the CoRe, on a request basis, through Kellyco. Is this still the case? If so, how about the Relic? I made a major change to my detecting arsenal earlier this year and have made a move to spend more time...