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Search results

  1. Spider-F5

    Can anyone identify

    This vintage Garrett detector? A buddy of mine acquired it today and sent me a picture of it. I personally have never seen one like it before and am curious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. F5
  2. Spider-F5

    Silver today....

    I'm loving the bracelet!! Great find!!! F5
  3. Spider-F5

    Shovel modification

    Great idea Draco. (y) Thanks for sharing. F5
  4. Spider-F5

    A Farm Field Untouched By Time

    Great saves miserman!! everything is in excellent shape.(y) F5
  5. Spider-F5

    Nice surprise capture.

    Very beautiful animal!!! Thanks for sharing. F5
  6. Spider-F5

    Hit a new permission.....

    .... this past Saturday of an old house site that potentially dates back to at least 1920. I've wanted to detect this place for a long time but could never figure out how to get ahold of the owner. Last fall I noticed that the property had changed hands and It turns out that I know current...
  7. Spider-F5

    Mineralized soil

    My old F5 FE bar on the dash board that increases with the minerals in the soil. F5
  8. Spider-F5

    doesn't have to be said but I'll say it anyway

    Glad to hear. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. F5
  9. Spider-F5

    My Brother and I.............

    Went on a really short hunt Easter morning at our local high school before parting ways and joining our families for Easter festivities. We managed to scrape up a few dollars in clad, a few wheats but my brother uncovered a most unusual find. A metal Crayola Crayon. Has anyone ever fond such a...
  10. Spider-F5

    Where to start?

    I know it's really exhausting but i really enjoy those type of hunts, especially if i know if there were old home sites in the area. :) GB and HH F5
  11. Spider-F5

    Found a couple of firsts today!!!

    Totally great finds man!!!! Those finds are a bucket list for me. I'm sure you'll be going back there but next time, and I'm stating the obvious when I say this but, go really slow and deliberate. (y) GB and HH F5
  12. Spider-F5

    Just hunted two Nightmare sites

    There is something to the "credit lunches" ect. i have a large elementary school with a large playground that i have hunted a couple of time and the coins are very plentiful but the dates are quite older and seem to coincide with the introduction to ATM and credited lunch programs. F5
  13. Spider-F5

    Type of shovel for relic hunting.

    Yup that’s the one. 👍 F5
  14. Spider-F5

    Type of shovel for relic hunting.

    I’ve had really good luck with the short handle root slayer. The weight is good and the radius of the upper handle is comfortable. F5
  15. Spider-F5

    I've dug my share.......

    Could possibly be. I've tried doing a search on the net but haven't stumbled across anything that resembles it. its quite long and that's what throws me off. i think I'm going to clean and straighten it up. (y) F5
  16. Spider-F5

    How many remember the very first detector you started the hobby with and how long ago ??

    Interestingly, i was very interested in metal detecting as a child and everything that went along with it. i was also interested in astronomy and many other things as well. Unfortunately, we were very poor and I knew that my parents couldn't afford to by the things to support my interests...
  17. Spider-F5

    First outing with the SImplex +

    Me too. Congrats!!! F5
  18. Spider-F5

    Weekend and Monday hunts another dime trifecta Equinox and Deus

    That's a whale of a hunt. Way to go man!!! (y) F5
  19. Spider-F5

    I've dug my share.......

    Of buckles but for the life of me can't put my finger on what this is. I'm hoping that some one here can shed some light on it. Thanks in advance, F5
  20. Spider-F5

    Not sure, Could it be a Colonial cuff link?

    it does appear to be a cufflink. Great find!! F5