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Search results

  1. BobOso

    Anyone know this depth monster

    as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true. I did not see these guys dig any holes
  2. BobOso


    Regardless of re-tuning, I do not consider the carrot a pinpointer, it is an area locator. A GPS will do a better job, after all it gets a signal from space and will put you within 10 feet of your target. I would rather use a screwdriver to retrieve a shallow target, with the carrot I poke...
  3. BobOso


    We have a different perception of pinpointers. To me a pinpointer will pinpoint, that knocks out those that detect a 360 Deg. , and leaves the XP MI6 and the whites that is no longer available. I hate digging to China, only to find the target was right next to the hole.
  4. BobOso

    My Perspective on the Legend

    I had my Nox for over 3 years, should I have kept it. probably, do I miss it, No. I've had the Legend for 3 months, but have not been able to use it for the past month. but it has found targets (jewelry) that I missed with both the Nox and Deus, I will not be selling the deus anytime soon, and...
  5. BobOso

    Yellow Stuff

    now I have to find my claim book and start heading your way. Fantastic work.
  6. BobOso

    EMI GPX Coil?

    it also help to keep your wires straight, most people wrap the coil wire around the shaft, it does not matter if it is a PI, or VLF. Think of the windings in a motor, they help create a magnetic field, which makes the motor work, it is the same with your coil, if it is wrapped it will magnify...
  7. BobOso

    Been in Hospital for Old-Fashioned Cold & Cough--Almost Pnuemonia --Not Virus! Lots of Meds & IVs & Needle poking --Lots of prayers & Witnessing--

    Hope you get better Ma. I had back surgery 3 weeks ago, had been in chronic pain for 12 years, disk fusion and fixed a herniated disk, now pain free.
  8. BobOso

    Shrinking metal detecting locations

    feeling the pain here in AZ also
  9. BobOso

    💰💰💰 This could cost you $200,000 💰💰💰

    code here is 36 inches for water, 48 inches for electric. I know where all my lines are (I dug them) but if someone were to ever buy my property I doubt if they would did a hole 36 inches seep for a tree.
  10. BobOso

    Legend Day 2 Finds Gold

    Willy with the exception of the deus, they are all heavy, I' 68, have a bad shoulder , bad back, (had disk fusion last week). Even though it will be 3 months before I get back out there, I use a shoulder harness, I even use a GPX 4500 when looking for gold
  11. BobOso

    Who Else Agrees with this?

    I try to leave the clad cents
  12. BobOso

    Legend in arboretum hunt!

    You calling Boone's Farm wine cheap, hey that is all us soldiers could afford back then. Most of us were 19-20 yr olds and were not even old enough to buy beer, had to get it at the PX or vending machines in the barracks.
  13. BobOso

    Who Else Agrees with this?

    So far I'm liking the Legend, could not justify spending $1600 on a deus. The legend has been finding targets where I have already been over with my Nox and Deus1
  14. BobOso

    💲💲 MAKE THIS MISTAKE with your Deus2. IT WILL COST YOU $365 💲💲

    I see mine at all times XP or Legend
  15. BobOso

    Yellow Stuff

    looking good
  16. BobOso

    What type of maps do you use?, then overlay in google earth
  17. BobOso

    gold nugget found in Ghana whilst detecting and weighted 456kg.

    What Todd Hoffman missed that.
  18. BobOso

    Need Prayers PLEASE

    Prayers are with you Ma
  19. BobOso

    Need Tesoro parts

    just postage, as long as your not reselling
  20. BobOso

    Need Tesoro parts

    PM returned. I found the file on another forum, the problem is he suggests the part be printed in ABS. ABS requires an enclosure, which I do not have and the fumes are toxic. I do on the other hand have PETG which is a hard plastic, the same as your soda bottles, but the only color I have in...