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  1. G

    SST just the Jewelry so far!

    Here is the Jewelry From three sets of batteries now with the SST. This is very old and was found in a back yard of a 100 plus old house. I cant tell what the stone is but it has a mineral layer on it like old glass gets. [attachment 277223 SSThunts1stsetbatteries004420x315.jpg] Just the gold...
  2. G

    Anybody seen one of these before?

    [attachment 275596 SSThunts1stsetbatteries006480x360.jpg] [attachment 275597 SSThunts1stsetbatteries007420x315.jpg] [attachment 275598 SSThunts1stsetbatteries008420x315.jpg] [attachment 275599 SSThunts1stsetbatteries009420x315.jpg] This shovel was found in a barn I cleaned out for my...
  3. G

    Super track and G2 on a small nugget

    Here is a link to a video I did on the super track. The more I play with this machine the more I like it. My guess is that when switched into salt mode the SST self adjusts a S.A.T type circuit. When employed it cranks that sat way up to compensate...
  4. G

    New Sierra Super Track. (First hunt and impressions)

    I normally hunt with a G2 but was attracted to the SST by the all metal 7 tone aspect coupled with a VDI. I love the simplicity and response of my G2 but have always wanted just a little more info and depth. So the SST Caught my eye plus I have a great respect for Jimmy Sierra, His books and...
  5. G

    Is the Gold Bugs audio signal in stereo?

    OK so I'm half deaf! Really I cant hear sounds in my left ear below 80 decibel's. So I'm wondering, do you all hear stereo in the signal? I can hear if its round or open in the center and pick shapes pretty well, But does the mono stereo switch on your head phones do anything for your signal...
  6. G

    Getting off to a good start for 2013!

    Finally got some good time in spent 6 hours at what used to be a high school 80 years ago and is now a park. At first I was dissapointed to find recent resoding of the feild. But once I got to the edges it got better. First goodfind was this medallion! [attachment 255345 medallion023.JPG]...
  7. G

    Man its hot!!!! Something to do inside????

    I got back home from the bay area and boy what a difference! It Hit the 100* mark yesterday. I would assume that's why so little posts lately. So I figured Id let everyone in on a research tip i have not seen anyone offer up on a forum before. It may be there but I've not seen it. I talked about...
  8. G

    Cannon Ball???

    Hey All! I have what appears to be a cannon ball, It is 5and 1/4 inch wide and weighs 20 pounds. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this sounds right and what it might be worth? Thanks in advance!! jim
  9. G

    Hot Rock He!!!!!!!!!

    Ive been doing tonnes of research on places to nugget shoot. I finally got lost and found a place that has not been worked in many years and its on recently acquired public land, tonnes of stacking and tailing piles for at least 50 yards all around the creek. My luck couldn't be that good I...
  10. G

    G2 function question?

    Hey guys, At what point does your G2 overload? Will it overload on a pull tab right on the surface yet miss small foil you can see right on the surface? My Gb does not do this and I was wondering if its normal for the G2? Or is it time for a visit to the shop. What do you guys think? Thanks Digit
  11. G

    Gold Bug V2 G2 V1 comparison

    I just picked up a new G2 and as some followers of this forum know I already have a Gold Bug but the non vco model. I have been dying to compare the newer versions to mine. Tests were done on a 8 inch nickel at varying gain settings and swapping coils between machines to eliminate variables...
  12. G

    Question For DAVE or MIKE Gold Bug G2 Revisions?

    Hey Guys, I just read this post by Mike Scott on the Tec forum.,1354336 So would it be safe to assume the same of the GB G2 performance levels between revisions? Just curious because the pro is said to be slightly more sensitive than the first revisions. Or...
  13. G

    Winter Research Starting To Pay Off!

    Had lots of time for research this winter and the snows finally almost all gone in the mountains. So for the 4th we went to the cabin at Echo for a break. Its never a break when we first open the cabin for the year though but I managed to find some time to hit a old ski resort that closed in the...
  14. G

    Happy 4th Everyone

    Hope you all have a good holiday and find some good stuff!!!!:cheers:
  15. G

    Sd 2200v2 fast track mod

    I know this has been done before but most Ive seen have been done on a straight shaft. So here is my mod for a S shaft. Basically the same as the other mods except for the switch I used a dirt bike kill switch for the button and it mounts directly to the shaft. This is where I drilled the hale...
  16. G

    Nickel test Video

    I did a little test with a nickel to show that you do not necessarily need full power to hit deeper coins. 50% power, nickel at 8 inches strong, tone break at 40. The signal is a bit iffy but keep in mind this is a freshly buried coin and no halo is formed and also I should have packed the dirt...
  17. G

    Finally got out 14th ring this year and a little silver!!

    I hunted for about 7.5 hours at a fairgrounds that's been hit pretty hard over the years but I always manage to pull something good from there. Although getting allot of nickels in the 60s era I have found no silver coins. And only one wheat out of about $40 in clad. I think the sink rate there...
  18. G

    Silent Interference

    Some times hunting with a friend who uses a Etrac I have gotten bad performance poor depth and VDI. I thought I was having machine issues. This thread is a real eye opener and I figured I would pass it on to you guys. Next time I hunt with my Explorer and Etrac friends I will ask for a noise...
  19. G

    Question for Dave J?

    Will the new 15 DD coil work on the GB/G2 since they are designed for a DD coil? Or should I wait to see whats in store specifically for these units? Thanks for the time you take when you can. We all appreciate it. Be Well Godigit
  20. G

    This weekend with with the GB (gold)

    I haven't posted to many finds lately So I figured I would post the last three hunts all at once . Seems Ive been getting pretty lucky lately, every 2nd to third hunt has produced gold for me. I love this machine it hits small items that I'm sure other machines miss. These are my finds from...