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Search results

  1. O

    Gold, Silver and more at the EMI lawn.

    Glad that i'm a glutton for punishment as i went back to the lawn that has really bad emi and found this melted gold nugget that weighed 5.63 grams along with the Merc, Wheat, dog tax tag and the "bullet". The nugget was made by someone melting down gold items to make it. The lawn is right next...
  2. O

    Found a few coins.

    Kinda wet ground for gold hunting so i went to one of my coin spots and found 5 coins. 1 zinc, 1 copper 1 wheat and 2 beatup Buffs. The place i was hunting has the very bad EMI so i tried different settings on my ORX and the fine gold program worked the best for minimizing the EMI so i could...
  3. O

    Not gonna hunt coins much after finding these!

    Got a friend who's been hunting gold for about ten years and has found about three pounds. He's been trying to talk me into getting a gold detector and going with him so i finally got one and went out with him a couple of times and found these nuggets. It's a very slow process as you have to...
  4. O

    Found 1 token and got 650$ for it!!!

    Went to a nugget shoot gathering about 30 miles from town, along with 150-175 other people from surrounding states and found a token and got a XP ORX metal detector for it. Couldn't believe it!! Must have been my lucky lucky day Saturday. Happy Hunting, Jim.
  5. O

    Day one, 1 Silver- Day Two, 1 Silver- Day Three 4 Silvers!

    Day 1. Went back to the church lawn and gridded it the other direction with my stock coil and found: 1Qtr, 4Dimes, 1Nick, 5Coppers, 4Zincs,1Blazer Button, A Faith Hope & Charity emblem and 1 Rosie. Day 2. Went to the local high school lawn, where i've found a few hundred coins, and found1Qtr...
  6. O

    Finished the church lawn and got some more silver.

    Went back and finished detecting the area i had left to do. Took me 2 1/2 hours to do it and i found the following: 1 Ike bicentennial dollar, 2 qtrs, 8 dimes, 8 nickles, 6 coppers, 10 zincs, 1 1902 button, Sterling silver pin, 1 Rosie and 1 Merc. The dollar didn't sound like a dollar as it had...
  7. O

    Help with identifying these finds

    The first item pictured is 3 inches long and 3/16th inch in diameter and also has some scroll work on it. Whistle? Second item is just slightly larger than a nickle. Third item is 3/4 inch wide and 1/8th inch thick. Thanks Jim.
  8. O

    WOW!! Lots of Silver!!!

    Over the last two days i've detected a little over 6 1/2 hours on a lawn next to a church that was built about 1919. The lawn is 40x70 feet and i detected it West to East and have covered just about 80 % of it. I really didn't find much except for some clad until i got just past half way. Things...
  9. O

    Silver, Silver Silver and a Buff Again!

    Went back to the lawn i hunted the first of this month and worked about half of it again. This spring i detected it North to South and the last time there, when i found the 3 Silvers and the Buff, i detected half of it West to East, so yesterday i thought i'd try East to West on the section i...
  10. O

    Back to the mountains = more neat old stuff.

    Went back to the canyon where i had detected around the old stone foundation a couple of months ago and worked a couple of areas close to it that looked flatter than the surrounding areas and found this neat stuff. I'll go back as i only got to detect about an hour and a half. What i find...
  11. O

    Hour into my hunt at my local park and the law shows up!

    Was detecting last Saturday at my local park when a city police officer pulled up and paid me a visit. Said the buildings and grounds department head had called him and wanted him to tell me to stop detecting. Apparently he was sitting at home and watching the park on his home computer as it has...
  12. O

    V Nickles, Indian Head and more!

    Got thinking about the lawn that i found the Buff and token in and decided to go grid it out as i didn't the first time i detected it. Took me right at 3 1/2 hours to do it, but it was well worth the time as i found the following. 1 Qtr, 1 Dime, 1 Zinc, 3 Wheats, 1 Token, 2 Buttons, 1 Indian...
  13. O

    Oldest Buff plus a Tax token.

    Detected a small yard for an hour and a half that i thought would have a lot of coins, but that was not the case. Only found 1 clad dime, 1 copper, 2 zincs, 1 Buff and a 1935 Tax token. The Buff, the oldest i've found, and the Token more than made up for the small number of coins. HH Jim
  14. O

    Silver, Silver, Silver and a Buff.

    Cooled off this weekend so went detecting Saturday and Sunday. Detected the park on Saturday for 2 1/2 hours and found 54 coins : 9 qtrs, 28 dimes, 14 coppers, 1 zinc and 2 wheats. Detected a lawn on Sunday for 2 1/2 hours that i hunted early this spring when it was really dry. They've been...
  15. O

    Some neat old stuff

    Detected a couple of areas where i knew i probably wouldn't find many coins, which i didn't, but here's what i found. A 1975 2 New pence, a centennial Kennedy half, small Gold plated pendant, 2 1/2 inch tall metal man, possibly pitching a baseball, # 55 1927 Ford model T key, back of a watch, 3...
  16. O

    Found me some silver while on vacation.

    So, the wife and i went to Gold Beach Oregon for five days to get away from the smoke and heat here in Northern Nevada. Of course i brought my detector but I didn't detect the beach as where we were at the beaches get very little use so i detected a couple hours at a small park. I detected...
  17. O

    Nice suprise at the park this morning.

    Went down to the park this morning for an hour and forty five minutes and found the following 50 coins : 9 qtrs, 16 dimes, 1 nickle, 20 coppers, 3 zincs and one Buff. I was really suprised as it was only about four inches deep and i'd already dug six or seven pull tabs in the same area so when i...
  18. O

    Whining about no silver, then BINGO.

    Hunted a park lawn Saturday for 1 1/2 hours and found 38 clad coins and went back yesterday and hunted for 2 hours found 61 clad coins. Ninety nine coins for the two hunts with there being: 18 qtrs, 36 dimes, 4 nickles, 23 coppers and 18 zincs. I also found this very small silver and diamond...
  19. O

    Bad news. Detectorist dies in Lake Tahoe

    Bad deal all around and especially being young and having a wife and young son who were there with him when it happened. So sad. Jim
  20. O

    Too hot for much detecting next week!!!

    I wont be out much next week, maybe a little in the mornings. HH Jim