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  1. O

    Still banging around with the ol' Fors CoRe.

    Thanks, everyone. I sure enjoy the trips to NV as they are a lot of fun and oftentimes rewarding. When I found the Trime it just didn't register at first as a coin. It was just a very small black disc ( prob spent a lot of time at or near the surface) that the detector beeped on. I at least...
  2. O

    Still banging around with the ol' Fors CoRe.

    Went down to NV for Monte's outing/get together. Was a fun trip, met up with some familiar faces from past outings and also met some new people. I did get me a "first" on this trip down. Finally snagged me an 1851 Trime. Didn't think I'd ever find that little coin. When it was all said and...
  3. O

    Some Racer 2 opinions?

    In a nutshell, the Racer 2 you have is a pretty darn good machine. It also has a very good selection of coils to choose from rather from the Mfg or aftermarket. I would skip the Impact and Simplex since you already have the R2. The Legend is still yet to be seen what it can actually do. I...
  4. O

    Folks, there was/is the DEUS and now the DEUS II.

    Monte that is a pretty wide net you cast. I'm just out of my 7th year into my 8th. A lot of good people have just started or recently started detecting. To come on here and imply that we are stupid. I give up Monte. I and, I'm sure others don't appreciate being called stupid. I watched as some...
  5. O

    Folks, there was/is the DEUS and now the DEUS II.

    LOL don't go try'n to drag me and my poor ol" CoRe into this. I already have Monte mad at me when we talked this morning. He does at times get very anal over some of the simplest of things. We already in the past had our arguments about whether you can count war nickels as silver. Then the...
  6. O

    Folks, there was/is the DEUS and now the DEUS II.

    Well, I for one am going to order the Deus II. I have decided to sell off everything I have and keep my Racer II. Kinda being a Star Wars fan from the early when someone asks "say OregonGregg, what's in your detector arsenal?" I can proudly exclaim " R2D2" ..................ya I'm...
  7. O

    Never thought I would get one of these

    Congrats on that very nice find :)
  8. O

    Fors CoRe still finding some goodies

    LOL Ya, he looks like a chicken scratching around in those sites. He needs to hang up the French Fry and go Turkey.
  9. O

    Fors CoRe still finding some goodies

    lol is what ya get for following me into a site. My mind is going I guess........won't be long, I'll be able to hide my own Easter eggs.........
  10. O

    Fors CoRe still finding some goodies

    Vespa, ya still have time to get to Wells, NV. June 9th-13th as there is a group of us meeting there for Monte's 13th WTHO outing. Everyone is welcome to come. You can have the NV ghost town experience :)
  11. O

    Fors CoRe still finding some goodies

    A friend and I headed to NV for a week. This time we headed off to areas we have never been. I used the Fors CoRe with 4.7x5.2 coil 95% of the time and the 9.5x5 too. Was a fun trip and great seeing some new scenery. When it was all done I managed to get a few keepers. As far as coins I got a...
  12. O

    Fors CoRe silver foursome

    Congrats on all the silver and other neat finds. Can ya ship some of that silver down south here. It has been kinda scarce this year...............
  13. O

    Fors CoRe finally got me some silver

    Ya Mike these high gain "hot rod" machines do like the rusted tin, caps and flat iron. One thing you can try that works well, especially with the smaller 5" coil, because it is small and you can do this trick fast, is if you think you might have a crown cap, chunk flat iron etc, but is giving a...
  14. O

    Give the Detech 7" coil a try

    Got out my MXT Pro and M6 and tried the detech 7" coil. Long story short I really like the coil. Can handle a decent amount of iron and it's not too big and it's not too small, but just right for working the fringe areas of ghost towns etc where the iron isn't to dense. Back in 2015 I got on...
  15. O

    Fors CoRe finally got me some silver

    Yep good little coil. As it starts to hit the cap or rusted tin it will start to throw a low tone and then jump to the high tone creating the "squawk" sound. Funny it seems we had the same experience with the Mars 7" round coil. I tried one a few years back. Started detecting and it took less...
  16. O

    Fors CoRe finally got me some silver

    Congrats on the nice finds Mike. Glad to see your Fors CoRe is getting the job done :) The little coil stays on my CoRe 95% of the time in the sites I hunt. Great combo.
  17. O

    A new 1st in 37 years hunting

    Nancy, you'll never guess what I found on the doorstep this morning.................
  18. O

    Kruzer vs Anfibio

    If your budget allows and between the two machines that you mention, I would go with the Anfibio. Not because of performance etc etc. You will get great performance from either machine. I don't know how big of a kid you are at 13 years of age but the Anfibio will balance much better over the...
  19. O

    Fors CoRe & 4.7" x 5.2" ( oor) Coil gets the job done.

    Thanks, Mike, ya the CoRe and small coil is a tough one to beat when hunting in those iron filled, rusted tin sites.
  20. O

    A new 1st in 37 years hunting

    Larry congrats on the Silver Dollar find. Nothing like finding a big ol' silver to get things exciting in a hurry. I have only found one, but boy do I remember that day well. I found it with the MXT Pro. In fact, Nancy has that machine today. I should have kept it :) But I know it went to a...