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  1. D

    Question before sending in my Excalibur 1000

    The last time I used my Excal 1000 was a couple years ago and it was working fine until all of a sudden my hardwired grey ghost amphibians starting giving off a constant noise and it didn’t change no matter where the threshold was at. I basically had to stop using it and I seriously haven’t...
  2. D

    Wanted at least one silver today, got more

    Went with a friend to a spot we’ve been going to for the past few years. We were both hoping to at least find a barber today because that’s what we have found the most of. Ended up getting a merc first, then the barber dime which made me happy. Then I was surprised to get the worn 1876 seated...
  3. D

    Skeleton key...not 1, but 2!

    Went to an old house with a friend. Place had a lot of targets, but picked out 2 skeleton keys and an 1847 large cent. The big key is probably the best one I have found. I love the color.
  4. D

    Not today, last weekend: Found capped bust!

    Detected a farm field last weekend. Farmer said we weren’t going to find anything. Granted it took a few hours, but pulled this beauty. 1837 capped bust dime
  5. D

    Help with program to use for farm field

    Took the equinox 800 with 15” coil to a farm field last weekend and used a park 2 program I already had setup because I’m still learning the machine. It didn’t perform poorly since I ended up finding a capped bust dime, but it was only a few inches down. Even still, I feel like I could be using...
  6. D

    Equinox 800 blank screen?

    So I'm at the beach and I've been here a few days and my equinox 800 worked fine this whole time. I haven't submerged it or anything. I took it out tonight and as soon as I turned it on I heard the start up music but nothing was showing up on the screen, completely blank, but the detector was...
  7. D

    Question on recovery speed and discrimination

    I used my equinox 800 for the first time last weekend so bare with me with my question. I used settings that I found online which was a coin program that disc'd out from -9 to 7. There's a little section of area that I've pounded to death with other machines because of all the iron nails and...
  8. D

    Charging question

    Just got my equinox 800 a few days ago and am confused on the headphone situation. So it came with the wireless module and the Bluetooth headphones, but am I correct in saying that I don't need to use the module to use the headphones? I can just charge the detector and headphones and be good?
  9. D

    Field tester report release?

    I know right now a lot of the field testers can't really release any information yet about their tests and findings. But has anyone heard a date of when they are going to be able too? Just curious
  10. D

    Hopeful for any help. Machine may be broken

    I have an Excalibur 1000 that I brought to the beach for vacation and last I tried it, it worked. I went out to detect this morning and as soon as I turned it on the threshold sound was very loud and it stayed that way no matter where i set the knob. Turning the volume knob didn't change...
  11. D

    Excalibur battery pods

    Does anyone sell Excalibur battery pods without a battery? I had a spare battery sent to me but I just need a pod
  12. D

    Question about minelab excalibur charger adaptor

    So this may sound like a dumb question, but with the minelab Excalibur charger adaptor comes that's rubber piece that sits over the contact pins. Are you supposed to remove that when charging the batteries or is it there for protection when you screw that other piece on?
  13. D

    Waterproofing a compadre

    Looking to waterproof my compadre. Just curious what waterproof case and seals I should use for the coil connector and headphones. Also, what i have to do to make waterproof headphones work for it
  14. D

    Second hunt with impact. (Used different headphones)

    Went out for my second hunt with the impact to the same place I took it for it's first hunt. I used the headphone adapter that came with the Phillips headphones on a pair of sennheisers I have and I could not hear the buzz i mentioned in my other posts. They don't have volume adjustment so they...
  15. D

    Impact and I are going to be really good friends

    Can't seem to post pictures, but take a look at my post from another forum and you will see that the imoact is already speaking for itself. Some things were confusing, like a lot of chatter in the DI99 mode and the weird constant buzz that i get, but I made a great purchase...
  16. D

    Out in the field with impact...already have question

    I'm out with the imoact and I am using Sunray pro gold headphones. There is a constant hum like a threshold tone but I'm not sure if it is because it does it in any mode I switch too. Does anyone know if it's supposed to do this or if there's a way I can make it quiet?
  17. D

    It's here!!

    My impact arrived not too long ago. So pumped. Hoping to go try It out today, depends on weather
  18. D

    Question about coil battery life

    I read somewhere that there are earlier versions of the deus coil where the battery only lasts about 8 hours on a full charge and then they started making the ones you see now that last about 15 hours depending on how you set it up. Is this a true thing? Because my coil battery does indeed only...
  19. D

    Deus boot camp cancelled

    I'm sure it might be the same for the other ones, but I was signed up to go the Fishkill NY boot camp in June. For anyone who is supposed to go, I got an email the other day and Andy got a new job and he won't be able to do the boot camps at the moment. I totally understand the situation...
  20. D

    Looking forward to the impact

    ow it's been talked about a lot but I haven't really made any comments on it. But I'm actually really looking forward to see how the impact does when it comes out. I haven't tried any foreign detectors as of yet but if I have the funds when it comes out I might actually jump on it. What that...