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  1. C

    White Whale - Seated Half !!!!

    Congrats Dave, Seated anything is pretty rare up your way. Again, an amazing amount of nickels, I'm wondering if they were discriminated out by previous MDers. Maybe we can get together and detect this summer. Chris(SoCenWI)
  2. C

    Did I find a piece of cut silver?

    Dan, I agree on the reverse being seated or barber. Never heard of US coins being intentionally cut.
  3. C

    Also, fault on my SE Pro

    did you measure battery voltage?
  4. C

    Also, fault on my SE Pro

    Did you try cleaning contacts?
  5. C

    Also, fault on my SE Pro

    Keep us posted.
  6. C

    Also, fault on my SE Pro

    Hey Mike, I've had that in the past before and always solved the problem by cleaning the battery contacts and/or the spring contacts in the handle. I took my XS completely apart for the first time in years and gave it a deep cleaning. I also inspected the capacitors and did not see any signs...
  7. C

    Does Battery Power Effect E-Trac performance?

    Another option... But first: IDX is right, there is a built in regulator in the machines that warns the user of a low level and then shuts down the machine when the voltage gets too low. Occasionally you get a goofball on one of the forums who wants to up the voltage from the pack to "Get...
  8. C

    E-Trac kHz setting???

    AVXVA, Not much you can do to improve depth, all the FBS detectors work pretty good right out of the box. Probably the biggest thing is sensitivity; in Auto modes the detector tends to drop the level considerably in high trash/EMI settings. I always run manual until it starts to get twitchy...
  9. C

    E-Trac kHz setting???

    AVXVA, I'm sticking to my guns. I watched the video IDXMonster posted, and read Gordon's article. In the video the guy goes through the noise cancel channels with a frequency meter next to the coil. It goes from 16.2 kHz on channel 1 to 12.6 kHz on channel 11. That is a piddling total...
  10. C

    E-Trac kHz setting???

    My turn.... We debated this all the time in the old days. I didn't watch the video in this thread but others I've seen are pretty much BS. Yes, if you have a single frequency detector there will be a difference in response to different targets if you change the operating frequency from...
  11. C

    Anybody have an Explorer arm rest that they aren't using?

    Hey Rick, I tried JB Welding it, looks like it might hold. I also just purchased another XS II, just in case. Do you know if you have one of the foam handles? Looks like a real winter up there for you guys. Glad to be missing it down here in balmy south Wisconsin. Thanks, Chris
  12. C

    Anyone use spreadsheet to keep track of metal detecting

    Rich, I've been thinking about this for while; have a library book on Excel sitting next to the sofa. I'm not sure if spreadsheet or data base would be the best. I could see that your columns could be expanded greatly to allow for more exact coin type counts, Say Dim, bust, seated, barber...
  13. C

    This post proves pennies add up

    Jim, I'm tumbling right now. Don't think I'll find any more coins in 2021, unless I locate my flux capacitor. It's pretty difficult to get deeply corroded copper to come out nice, like the picture of your IHs. I've found if hydrogen peroxide doesn't do it not much will. Chris
  14. C

    Anybody have an Explorer arm rest that they aren't using?

    I noticed last hunt mine was cracking. Hopefully can JB Weld. But if anyone has a dead unit or replaced theirs..... Thanks, Chris(SoCenWI)
  15. C

    Explorer Modification/Broken Explorer wanted!

    Neat, Which capacitor did you replace? What value. I need to order a bunch from Digikey, probably should order that one too. I've had my EX for 20 years now, still behaves. Thanks, Chris(SoCenWI)
  16. C

    Final Hunts Of The Year - Big Silver/Seated/Gold

    Dave, Looks like that was worth the drive. -27 at the cabin tomorrow night. I'll stay here in southern WI and enjoy central heating. Looking forward to your year end totals, Perhaps post Jame's numbers too. Chris
  17. C

    Changed some settings for end of 2021 hunts. LC, Seated, coin spills, and friends.

    Hello all, Had a couple of good hunts before 2021 ground to an end. I normally never change any settings on my Explorer XS other than sensitivity level. This time I tried changing Suppository rejection to max, and lowered BFO orientation status to the low sevens. It is also possible that...
  18. C

    Saw The Big Barber and Took Another Walk

    More old Nickels than IHs. Just observing. Did the ground freeze up before the snow hit? I was going to do some water detecting with the low water levels. I believe it will have to be postponed. Chris
  19. C

    Carson City Morgan Dollar & A Barber Quarter!! / Another Gold Class Ring!!

    Dave, That Silver dollar is a better date, money wise. Congrats. You always seem to find way more silver and even nickels than IH. Got a theory? Chris