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Search results

  1. G

    Most Hated Words for a beach detectorist....

    My little ditty I sing on the beach when I'm detecting. "Getting Rich One Dime At A Time"
  2. G

    HEP ME, HEP HE said?

    Never mind I got to firing on all cylinders and figured it out. Thanks for looking.
  3. G

    HEP ME, HEP HE said?

    I am trying to download the 107 update on my Legend and Windows keeps blocking it. What steps do I take to let Windows do the update. I'm having a senior moment and can't figure it out. Thanks for any help.
  4. G

    How to set threshold on Deus 2 ?

    How do you set the threshold on the Deus 2?
  5. G

    Brass button with US with no periods.

    So is that a US calvary item? Also were they made available for civilians?
  6. G

    Brass button with US with no periods.

    Thanks Fredneck that is definitely what I found.
  7. G

    Brass button with US with no periods.

    Thanks for the info. My button is just like the one in the bottom right corner of the picture, but appears to larger.
  8. G

    Brass button with US with no periods.

    Finally able to get my pictures transferred from my phone to my laptop. Hopefully these will help I.D
  9. G

    Brass button with US with no periods.

    No picket wire that's not my button. Mine is rounded on the edge and has what appears to be a wedge shaped grommet on one side the other appears to be broken off. It is approx. the size of a half dollar.
  10. G

    Brass button with US with no periods.

    I found a large US brass button that has no period after the U or the S. It has no back on it but a tab that looks as though it hooked onto something. Any ideas about it. I found it near what was a field hospital near a civil war battle site.
  11. G

    Magic coins program

    So where is a link to the program settings?
  12. G

    Garrett AT Pro will not power on

    Did you leave batteries in it while stored? The contact spring in the battery holder can become depressed and not make good contact.
  13. G

    Multiple tabs in a hole

    If I don't pick it up that day its almost quarnteed that I will dig again if I hunt the same real estate.
  14. G

    Help for coil ears

    I've noticed that on the ears of the new coils that there is a slight rib in the molding on the ears which maybe a weak point.
  15. G

    Help for coil ears

    I removed the rod end washers on one of the stock coils I broke and could not believe how they had worn down. I now believe those rubber triangular washers are the culprits for the broken ears.. They definitely need to be replaced often or better yet with ones made from a material that won't...
  16. G

    Today I witnessed a MAGIC show

    What are the settings for the Magic Program?
  17. G

    Help for coil ears

    And I might add to this discussion that if there is not an inherant problem with the coil ears there wouldn't be a market for the coil ear stiffeners. Also thanks for the suggestions on how to remedy my problem.
  18. G

    Help for coil ears

    There is too much space between the coil ears and the rod end that allows too much wobble even when tightened down.
  19. G

    Help for coil ears

    No not at all. I baby my equipment. The coil ears on the Eqinox coils are apparently weakly constructed and too thin for the coil rod end to make solid contact. If you have one wiggle the coil while attached to the rod and you will feel the obvious gap that is there, even with the coil bolt...
  20. G

    Help for coil ears

    My first stock coil broke off clean at the mid point of the bolt hole resulting in me losing half of each ear. Can anyone recommend how to fix new ears onto the coil? My second stock coil broke off better with me being able to epoxy the pieces back on the coil.