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Search results

  1. u2robert

    I Miss Radio Shack

    Man, I miss having a Radio Shack around the corner. They were so convenient.
  2. u2robert

    XP Deus 2 Finally.

    I finally got my XP Deus 2 2day Woo-hoo Been waiting all day for the UPS Truck. Any other time he would have been here at 10:00 in the morning
  3. u2robert

    Went Metal Detecting Yesterday

    Went detecting yesterday, I'm paying for it today Everything hurts. My problem is when I start detecting I don't want to stop What's that old country song? "Metal Detecting hurts more than it used to"
  4. u2robert

    XP Deus 2 Tracking

    Now I feel like a real jerk for bitching and complaining about waiting for the XP Deus2. I got my tracking number today. I'm such an ass.
  5. u2robert

    what Am I

    What is this?
  6. u2robert

    Treasure hunt Token

    Found this Palo Duro Canyon Treasure Hunt Token today. A little research revealed this. They dropped 10,000 of these gold-colored tokens from a plane in 1949 into the Palo Duro Canyon for a Treasure Hunt. Each token is numbered, you could win prizes if your number ended in 7 I think first prize...
  7. u2robert

    I got The XP Deus 2 Today

    I think I will send it back I haven't even taken it out of the box It has the 11" coil most of my hunting is in tight spots I really need the 9" but I was talked into the 11" damnit man
  8. u2robert

    IDing beach finds when detecting?

    When I'm Detecting on the beach, I don't pay much attention to ID numbers because I mainly dig everything but big iron it's just so easy to dig why wouldn't I? I would like to do more beach hunting but I'm an hour away so that's 2 hours' drive time
  9. u2robert

    Carrot & EMI

    When I'm using the Deus 1 and turn on my Garrett carrot my Deus 1 goes ballistic? Does this also happen with the Deus 2?
  10. u2robert

    XP Deus 2 Pinpointing

    All you lucky dogs with the Deus 2 how well does it pinpoit with the 11" coil?
  11. u2robert

    XP Deus 1 & 2 Headphones/backphone

    Backphones never seem to fit right or feel right as if they are going to fall off at any time? (WS4, WS6 FX-02) The WS5 or Gray Ghost are too heavy. Why can't XP Just make a pair like the Minelab ML-80 wireless phones these headphones are about as close to perfect as you can get for detecting...
  12. u2robert

    XP Deus 1 HF coils?

    Are the XP Deus 1 HF coils compatible with the Deus 2
  13. u2robert

    New XP Deus 2 9" coil?

    Of all the people that have received the Deus 2 how many have you got it with the 9" coil?
  14. u2robert

    XP DEUS Headphones?

    I read or heard that a lot of XP Deus users don't wear headphones?
  15. u2robert


    So I can't ask who to pre order from ? WHAT WRONG WITH YOU?
  16. u2robert

    What is the best site to pre-order?

    What is the best website to pre-order the XP Deus 2
  17. u2robert

    Have you got your Deus 2

    Have they shipped? Has anyone received their pre-ordered Deus 2
  18. u2robert

    Some like it HOT

    Went to go detecting and it was 58 degrees way to cold for me. If it not 80 degrees or higher I'm not going.
  19. u2robert

    I don't have a clue do you?

    What it be?
  20. u2robert

    Christmas detecting

    Went out for a couple hours this afternoon and found this & the usual trash. Bottles looks old and why make a bottle with a rounded bottom? 12 & a * or a flower 1950 rosie 1944 wheat