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Search results

  1. TerryEastTexas

    TID chart?

    Has this or similer chart been posted
  2. TerryEastTexas


    I have run into several situations where I think I have run the sensitivity at max but I think this is causing machine gun hits. Mostly one way signals. I have ground balanced time and again but still the multiple hits. I have the v2.77. Could it as simple as just too much sensitivity?
  3. TerryEastTexas

    Lead game piece or what?

    Found this at a home site from the 1870's built by a Confederate veteran. As can be seen it's the size of a penny but about twice as thick. It weighs .35 of an oz. I think by the look of it it was pored into a mold and not hammered into shape. Just a guess. Any info will be appreciated.
  4. TerryEastTexas

    Fake Bullet?

    This one is a puzzler to me. At first I assumed it was a bullet but after some cleaning I could tell it was fake. The primer isn't real, it's part of the headstamp which has the letters A, ...,, E,.....R, Bill, Super and others that I can't make out. The diminsions are 0.50" X 1.0" and weighs...
  5. TerryEastTexas

    A late ID

    I was going through some of my silver finds and trying to clean them. This one was the worst coin and I hadn't been able to ID it because it was so dirty and partially melted. Well, after cleaning it and getting rid of a lot of the crud on it, if you look closely it turns out to be a Seated...
  6. TerryEastTexas

    Unknown object.

    Found a while back. It's 6" across and seems to be made of heavy brass. Any idea's will be appreciated.
  7. TerryEastTexas

    Gold brass ring?

    I'm not sure what type of ring this is. It seems to me to have a brass outer ring with a gold inner ring. The inner side has 18 with two symbols that I can't make out. Were rings made of brass and gold?
  8. TerryEastTexas

    Ace head ID

    I can't id this one. I've had some to say it's french trade axe but I'm not sure. What do you think. A couple of inches is missing off the back.
  9. TerryEastTexas

    What kind of ace head?

    I can't id this one. I've had some to say it french but I'm not sure. What do you think.
  10. TerryEastTexas

    Scabbard hanger?

    Is this a hanger that went to a scabbard? If so is it period. Thanks for any info.
  11. TerryEastTexas

    Bullet ID

    I have these four bullets but no idea on the ID. The far left is a 30 ca., the next is a 36 cal., the next is a 40 cal. with a solid base and the last is a 40 cal. with a hollow base. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. TerryEastTexas

    Simplex reviews now has the Simplex up for reviews if anybody is interested.
  13. TerryEastTexas

    Which mode for the Simplex

    I'm using the Simplex and hunt a large pasture for relics and coins, 1850'S-1920'S. There are areas of clear quiet ground and areas of trashy ground, iron and other trash. Between the Field mode and the Park mode which would be recommended for this paticular situation?
  14. TerryEastTexas

    Charging the Simplex

    at how many bars down on the battery indicator do you charge your Simplex?
  15. TerryEastTexas

    Second time out finds nice coin's.

    Only my second trip to the field the Simplex finds a 1902 IH and a 1919 wheaty. I was happy with it
  16. TerryEastTexas

    The Simplex got here.

    Yesterday about noon I heard a noise on the deck so I went to check and there was the box. I put the detector together and went out to try it out. It performed as I hoped it would so first impression was very good. I look forward to many hunts with it. Wish me luck.
  17. TerryEastTexas

    Considering a Nokta/Makro Simplex +

    Is it a chatty machine around power lines, emi? Thanks for any info.
  18. TerryEastTexas

    Compare the Equinox 600 to XTERRA 705

    What would be the advantages of the Nox 600 over the XTERRA 705 in relic hunting in mild soil. I'm looking to upgrade.
  19. TerryEastTexas

    How much offset is needed in tracking GB offset

    When in tracking ground balance offset how much + or - is needed to fit or compensate the soil? For example, when you set the number + or - 1-15 how much or little is needed.
  20. TerryEastTexas

    Back in the saddle again with the 705.

    They say 3rd time's the charm. Well, this should be it since this is the 3rd 705 I've owned since I started this hobby in 2001. I look forward to the post regarding the X-TERRA. HH