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Search results

  1. Ronstar

    F or C mode M1 or M2

    Oldkoot, I gotcha now!!! Tmops, The lowest number on a gold ring I’ve had to date was low nickel on my F75 (which is 30s), I have not hit on a gold ring yet with the Legend but nickels there are in the 27-28 range so I pay attention to 25-26 as well (in theory). Oldkoot us exactly right, gold...
  2. Ronstar

    F or C mode M1 or M2

    Oldkoot, I follow your advise to Tmops50 but stumped by first saying you elect to notch out below quarters bit later say you prefer to dig good signals in A mode. Why notch out nickels and dimes when they could very well be gold and silver rings???? In the area where I am playing mainly I’m in F...
  3. Ronstar

    Got Ring # 5, 6 & 7 Today After Work.

    Wait! There’s a wood setting on these machines??????? 😂😂 Nice catches…….
  4. Ronstar

    Class ring finds it way home 21 years later.

    Its heart warming in this day and age when everyone seems to be stuck in the “me” mode to hear about someone “doing the right thing”. Good job!
  5. Ronstar

    Saturday afternoon hunt 1700's field

    Sorry, but what do you think the large disc is? Cant make out enough detail in the photo to make a SWAG!!! Im betting there are still more targets to go yeehaw over out there.
  6. Ronstar

    Why was Maninthewall banned

    I would bet there was dialogue between him and the Administrators before action was taken. Checkmate
  7. Ronstar

    I’m a total noob

    It would help if you told us what make and model detector you are using. Dont worry about being a noob, plenty of characters here that can help you with questions. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Ronstar

    14k ring today Aurelie GI 14k

    Thats a pretty fancy aluminum piece!!!! Way to stick with it!!!
  9. Ronstar

    Gotta love a campus…..

    Trust me we have thrown just about every theory known at this place. I’m pretty sure, as we are on the edge of the heavier EMI, that there are probably targets inside that zone being hidden. I’m curious as to what 4khz may be missing……. The foreign coins were outside the EMI but giving slightly...
  10. Ronstar

    ACE 400 settings for finding gas pipe?

    If you have All Metal mode you might try that. If adjustable gain and sensitivity try adjusting towards the max side. But seriously I dont think you will hit 24+” deep.
  11. Ronstar

    Gotta love a campus…..

    Supposed to get all rainy stormy nasty tonight into Monday so figured I would go back up to the EMI Hell Zone and keep playing with settings, some worked a bit better and some not so much. Decided to grid search an area thats produced Barber dimes and wheats and Indians and see what I might...
  12. Ronstar

    No difference worth mentioning.

    Tried to locate update but there is none available… I think HR is teasing us, bad bad boy……😂😂😂 Hoping that gets released soon.
  13. Ronstar

    found the Bat mobile

    There used to be a building maintenance guy here where I live that went dumpster diving in his spare time. You would not believe some of the stuff he found…… he has one of the best HotWheels collection in the country now. Some are worth four digit numbers and they were thrown away! As with...
  14. Ronstar

    bought one of the Detech Arrow coils for my F75 LTD.

    I was looking seriously at getting one for my F75LE as well….. ended up with The Legend. I went squirrel somewhere in that process…. Lol
  15. Ronstar

    Gold age...

    Im a non swimmer but I’m thinking seriously thinking about near drowning to experience that just once…… just sayin.
  16. Ronstar

    Can a detector erase a signal?

    So went back to the silver dime I buried in the garden today. Had the 6” coil on the Legend playing up on campus (didnt find anything really) so came home to play with the dime. It was 6”ish deep and in a plastic bag, couldn’t find it, no signal. Tried it from several angles too. When it went in...
  17. Ronstar

    Unknown pendant piece

    Could it be one of those pendants that people used to put hair of of a loved one inside? Neat find!
  18. Ronstar


    Legend has 8 pins
  19. Ronstar


    Its voodoo….. Couldnt resist, I do not have an answer for you, sorry. Is it one wire or is it a cable with several wires? Interesting question……
  20. Ronstar

    HEP ME, HEP HE said?

    Thats why I let the wife or the grandkids do it……… 😂