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Search results

  1. Dan(NM)

    Class ring finds it way home 21 years later.

    Thank you. Thanks!! Thank you. He was very surprised and grateful.
  2. Dan(NM)

    Class ring finds it way home 21 years later.

    I found a class ring last week at a lake park. I was able to find the owner rather quickly. I googled the class year and found a link that gave the list of graduates. I sent the owner a message thru Facebook and I asked him if he had lost anything at this particular park. He confirmed that he...
  3. Dan(NM)

    Legend to Nox

    The Simplex is single frequency. I own both the Nox 800 and the Legend. They are very close performance and feature wise, I would not hesitate on the Legend.
  4. Dan(NM)

    Equinox number 4 breaks down..I show how to fix it...

    Update on the pod cost, now $429 with a 3 year warranty.
  5. Dan(NM)

    First water hunt with the Legend.

    Thank you.
  6. Dan(NM)

    First water hunt with the Legend.

    Thank you. I'm hunting in a freshwater river.
  7. Dan(NM)

    First water hunt with the Legend.

    With all this hot weather, I decided it was time for my first water hunt of the year. It turned into a very productive hunt I was using the Legend with my Blu3 Nemo setup hunting in chest deep water. The first hour and a half was the usual, bottle caps, pull tab and a little bit of clad. All...
  8. Dan(NM)

    Just for fun what’s your serial number ?

    Zero problems with mine.
  9. Dan(NM)

    Latest Nokta Legend News......

    From Dilek of Nokta: "In the shortest form, the next update will include new features / settings all recommended by users: [] 1) Iron Bias 2)M3 new Multi Freq 3)Pitch Tone 4)Mineralization Meter 5)Mute Function 6)Audio Gain 7)Hearing the sound thru HPs and speaker at the same...
  10. Dan(NM)

    1.06 Update Removed

    I reverted back to v1.05 until they sort out the issues.
  11. Dan(NM)

    Is there an indication that the WS6 is charging?

    Got the answer I was looking for. Here's what I was told to do and it worked lol.....=AZU3YMamej1Y3isnk_c2nEEc1u5ncJ8ggmQeK5oK-ZRGWwg13KtnSK7kHl4wsCMSrCJtkf5RtVbNcEFenAcr4xjGFWmbX1y8_f4NF644NjtnGn0wvZAkGJ7apd8FZNAe3MA&__tn__=R]-R']Dan Conger Gently squeeze the connector with your teeth to close...
  12. Dan(NM)

    Is there an indication that the WS6 is charging?

    How can you tell if the WS6 module is charging? I see no blinking light, no battery bar, nothing.
  13. Dan(NM)

    Simplex waterproof headphones.

    Yes, the headphone work on the Legend.
  14. Dan(NM)

    Frozen Legend. Help!!

    Disconnect the coil, the machine will turn off. There is NO factory reset at this time. I had to hold the power button for an extended amount of time when mine froze before it shut down.
  15. Dan(NM)

    Legend Cover

    I bought one off Ebay that said Simplex/Legend that was so tight I almost didn't get it on. I may have to cut it to get it off.
  16. Dan(NM)

    Did I find a piece of cut silver?

    Lol...I never looked at that way.
  17. Dan(NM)

    XP Deus 2 Finally.

    Lol you know that's exactly how that works out :-) congratulations.
  18. Dan(NM)

    Did I find a piece of cut silver?

    When it popped out of the hole immediately I knew that it was something that had been intentionally cut in half. I sure as hell was hoping that it was Spanish :-)
  19. Dan(NM)

    Did I find a piece of cut silver?

    I think it's either a Barber or Seated looking at a comparison photo of the wreath pattern at the bottom.