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Search results

  1. jayhop

    More Deus II finds

    I went for a hunt yesterday after work for about an hour and a half. I couldn't believe my luck. Myself and 2 friends hunted this same spot a year ago. We hit this small section of the field really hard for a couple of hours. And I hunted this same spot Monday for about 30 minutes or so. Prior...
  2. jayhop

    First hunt with Deus II

    Used Deep HC which I tweaked a little. In my testing this program gives the most accurate ID on the deeper coins. The KG was at a solid 11 inches, the Reale was only about 7 inches. I used a Silencer of 0, I think I will use a Silencer of 2 on the next hunt.
  3. jayhop

    Deus II control cover

    They are available, I just ordered 2.
  4. jayhop

    Coil repair video

  5. jayhop

    Leak Test, Great video, Bad news

    How would you guard against this. Not good.
  6. jayhop

    Equinox water hunters, must see

    For those that say the equinox doesn't leak, listen closely to how many he's had leak. Plus he gives some good information. Did they help after the warranty? NO
  7. jayhop

    10x5 is being shipped

    My coiltek 10x5 is on the way. It's been on order since 2/2. It is from a sponsor but I won't say who. I will definitely give a report as soon as possible.
  8. jayhop

    Two broke coils in one day

    I'm glad this wasn't me. The Gigmaster posted a video today on YouTube where he had 2 coils to break in one day. He's going to fix them himself. Hopefully he will post a video of his fix. Not posting this to be negative, just being real. I know some haven't had a coil to break, mine didn't...
  9. jayhop

    Nokta makro, if you are listening....

    I really hope you include magnetic charging to your new simultaneous multi frequency machine. I have a Simplex as a backup and loaner. My primary detectors is the Equinox 800, two of them. There are two things I don't like about the Simplex, the tones and the charging connection. On my...
  10. jayhop

    Sealing the Equinox 800

    I know I'm beating a dead horse but... Minelab and some others say that there WERE a few Equinox detectors early on that leaked. And that it was a small percentage of the machines that were sold. Now the small percentage part may be right, but only because a small percentage of the machines...
  11. jayhop

    Update On broken coil ears

    I shipped the coil and broken ears Saturday, they received it today. I got an email a few minutes ago with a tracking number and message saying New coil. That's a lot better than they told me in the last email. It was supposed to take 20 business days. I do feel a little better now.
  12. jayhop

    Minelab Americas Customer Care

    I finally broke my 11 inch coil Saturday. I have been very careful, didn't think it was going to happen to me. 2 years and 4 months is what it lasted. I emailed pictures of the broken ears and serial number to minelab Sunday. I called twice yesterday. I had to leave a message because they had...
  13. jayhop

    Equinox 800 and 15" coil/ KG III

    Got a chance to hit a spot close to home today. Didn't hunt but a couple of hours being Sunday and the field was the landowners back yard. I used the 15" minelab coil, this spot has very little trash or iron. I was really impressed with the 15" coil. Some of these targets were a measured 10...
  14. jayhop

    One of my best days ever

    I've hunted several mid 1800s sites in my area, but most of them have no coins. Yesterday I was on my way to a site an hour away to tryout a new Simplex with the small coil. I drove by a site I have been trying to get permission to hunt for a while. The land owners were home so I stopped and...
  15. jayhop

    Unidentifiable coin?

    I found this coin a few years ago on a NC beach with a ctx. I've posted it on several sites and no one has been able to identify it yet. Any ideas ?
  16. jayhop

    Minelab equinox 800 price?

    Am I wrong or has the price just gone up on the Equinox 800 ? Trying not to be negative but with all the build quality issues i would have thought if anything the price would have gone down. I guess they are selling so well they can afford sales to slowdown some so they can catch up on orders...
  17. jayhop

    This coin has a little character

    This is my third seated dime. It's not the pretty but better than none at all. This Indian head made me feel a little better.
  18. jayhop

    Selling one of my 800s

    I think the Minelab equinox 800 is the best all around detector on the market, so much so that I bought a second in August. Now I have other toys I want plus doing some house repairs. The second 800 was going to be my backup detector. Now I'm going to rely on my mxt as a backup. Working on...
  19. jayhop

    Make sure to check your backmarks

    I went on a short hunt this afternoon and didn't have a lot of luck. I thought. After I got home I decided to clean up my finds and check out this button because I rememberd it gave a nice high tone simular to a copper penny. That's what I thought it was when I first saw it. I was going to look...
  20. jayhop

    At least 5 pounds of junk and 1 button

    I did dig a mercury dime and a couple of pieces of lead but at least 5 pounds of junk, aluminum can slaw, copper pipe but just a few pieces of iron. F2 at 8 and recovery speed 7 to help sift through the trash. I was hunting a farm field beside an old house site. This is probably my best find...