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Search results

  1. MidTN

    Tone Break Video

    Iffy Signals posted a video showing settings for tone break on the Legend. I for one don't understand tone break. I plan to test the settings he used. The video includes the D2 and Nox.
  2. MidTN

    SLQ Today

    Found my first SLQ today with the Legend. Sorry no pictures. Very worn and no date visible. The property owner has never seen an SLQ and ask to keep it, so I gave it to him. That makes 5, silvers so far this year with the Legend.
  3. MidTN

    Legend 6 Inch Coils

    Received an email from NM. 6 inch coils are scheduled to ship to the US next week.
  4. MidTN

    Found problem with 1.06 Update

    Went for a short hunt today with the 1.06 update. I found 6, clad quarters and all registered as ferrous. The VDI numbers showed 50. I was hunting in Park, M1, recovery speed of 6, 4 tones and Ferrous Off Disc. Pattern. Came home reinstalled v1.05, VDI numbers 49-50, registered as non-ferrous...
  5. MidTN

    1.06 Update Removed

    Checked the Nokat Makro web site and update 1.06 has been removed.
  6. MidTN

    My finds so far with the Legend

    Attached are the pictures of my finds with the Legend. Today I found a 1895 V Nickle and a 1903 IHP. There has been a lot of junk but I wanted to show the good stuff.
  7. MidTN

    Question about battery packs with the Legend

    Can you use a different power bank with the Legend? I found a 5v Pilot Electronics Power Bank that I had used years ago for a cell phone. When it comes to electronics, I'm lost as last years, Easter egg and help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. MidTN

    One More Silver & Wheats

    Went back to my permission site where I found the 3, Barber Quarters this week. One 1960 Rosie 3, Wheats and a Bangle. The yard is full of Crawfish holes so the digging was easy.
  9. MidTN

    Shell Casing ID

    Never seen a casing like this. Any idea's?
  10. MidTN

    First Hunt Today

    First day out with the Legend. I think it's a keeper. Went back to one of my permission sites where I found 2 Buff's and a Merc last week. This site keeps putting out. Crawfish, clad and Barbers. With the usual trash. I have never found a Barber before and to find 3, in one day was insane. I...
  11. MidTN

    Second Silver of the Year

    Went back to one of my permission sites today. I found my first Merc in this yard last year and it produced again today. I think the date on the Merc is 1924. Also got two Buff's 1918 & 1937. 1941 on the wheat. Also found some clad. F75 is working pretty good for me.
  12. MidTN

    Today with the F75

    Tried a new program today. After reading an article from Tom Dankowski. Sens 99, Disc 1, tone set at 1 in DE mode. First good target was a Buffalo no date visible. (First) Tire valve stem cover and an old padlock and lots of trash and some clad. Chance of snow coming in Friday night and...
  13. MidTN

    First Silver of The Year

    Hunting a 1940 permission site with the F 75. Rang up like a dime. Found a little silver for the granddaughter.
  14. MidTN

    Vanquish 440

    I know this is the Nox forum but I wanted to comment on the 440. I purchased the 440 as my back up machine and had it out the other day detecting in a park. I was hunting in all metal mode and noticed the machine would make a clicking sound over metal bottle screw caps. I tested over several cap...
  15. MidTN

    Has anybody ever used the 10" Concentric coil on their F75?

    I have a 10" coil for my F70. I have not used on my F75, and wanted to know how it work.
  16. MidTN

    Purchased a F75

    Purchased a F75 LTD couple weeks ago and looking forward to using it. I have a Patriot so I hope the learning curve with the 75, is forgiving. Any tips would be appreciated.
  17. MidTN


    Check out the classifieds. Selling my Teknetics Patriot.
  18. MidTN

    Any updates on the new F75 12 inch Coil

    Has anybody heard when Fisher plans to release the new coil?
  19. MidTN

    City Dump Finds

    Replaced the galvanized water lines under the house with Pex, so I was taking the old pipe to the dump today. The dumpster appears to have been emptied earlier today and the staff ask people to place items near the rear of the dumpster. I placed the old pipe in the dumpster and looked in the...
  20. MidTN


    Check out the classifieds, I'm selling my one year old F5 with 4 coils.