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Search results

  1. BigTony

    How many are using the Excallibur II ?

    I am just wondering if folks are using the Excallibur II?
  2. BigTony

    Next New Minelab detector needs a button to clean out the wireless connections

    I bought a new pair of wireless headphones (Bone conduction type) just to try out. Maybe not putting an ear piece in my ears will be good for my hearing loss this summer. This was the first time I had an issue connecting a new pair of headphones. I tried for about an hour, then wrote down my...
  3. BigTony

    Bone conduction headphones

    Does anyone use Bone Conduction headphones low latency of course with the NOX? If so which ones do you use? Thanks Tony NJ
  4. BigTony

    NOX helped me get lucky

    Today after babysitting two grandsons for a few hours - something made me rush home and hit my hunted out park. When I got there I told myself to hunt for nickels and hope for a quarter, typical coin shooter that I am. Well I get a feeling to hunt around the path going towards the swing park...
  5. BigTony

    Does anyone use an F-Pulse pin pointer?

    I would like to hear basics on how to get used to one? Won one at a club hunt and just trying to get use to it? Any tips would be terrific. Thanks, Tony
  6. BigTony

    GMH CX II needs battery help

    Can someone tell me how to unscrew the battery compartment of a GMH CX II? It’s bent from heat and I need to open it to change the battery contacts, maybe to a nine volt. Thanks Tony in NJ
  7. BigTony

    Anyone using a Coiltek coil on their CTX? Would like to know your opinion

    Coiltek is making coils for the NOX but before I buy I would like to know if anyone here uses them for their CTX? If you do, I would like to know your opinions? Thanks Tony in NJ
  8. BigTony

    Cleaning cons

    I want to say thank you to the person who said to try Lime Away and steel shot for cleaning coins. That post was a few months ago - I bought the steel shot and the Lime away and this week when it was raining I cleaned two batches of clad coins and they came out very good. No green patina from...
  9. BigTony

    I haven't posted in awhile or even metal detected - what is wrong with me?

    Hello all, I haven't posted in a long while or even metal detected. Man I just don't believe myself. I have detected since 1991 and let stuff go in order to get out and enjoy this crazy hobby. I have to just go and find anything..... I down loaded the new NOX software and tried it for 1 and a...
  10. BigTony

    Dug a few Mixed signals today

    I dug some mixed signals today using Park 2 sen 21 or 25 and RS 1 IB 1 It was the Mixed signals that produced two silver coins, one wheat cent and a Sterling Leaf. Some signals were iffy but those were junk and went into the trash bin at the park. The wheat cent had a small bent iron screw...
  11. BigTony

    Wireless module and the 15 inch coil

    I just heard that the 15 inch coil will work better with the wireless module. Anyone feel that way?
  12. BigTony

    New Jersey Beach Hunt May 18th and 19th

    ECRDA is having their 10th Annual Open Beach Hunt in Ocean City, N.J. On May 18th and May 19th. This is a special event year because it’s the Ten Year Anniversary! Detectors, silver coins and more! Check out on the net to view the hunt flyer. If you need to - PM me and I’ll answer your...
  13. BigTony

    First for me a 1968 Candian Quarter

    The NOX VDI was saying dime - 28 - but the sound was like a clean quarter. No big deal but this is the first time I found a Canadian quarter, after all these years detecting. 50% silver and 50% copper and not magnetic. Tony
  14. BigTony

    Hit a cool coin today

    Hit a cool Large Cent today in a hunted out park. Well now I know its not hunted out..... No date but still a good find for me. Tony
  15. BigTony

    Sent my NOX Middle rod back for replacement

    I sent my NOX middle rod back for replacement yesterday. They are putting a new one in the mail late this afternoon. I am hoping that the new cam lock will work as it should; Minelab said it was revised. Tony PS: if it doesn't I will go to after market stuff
  16. BigTony

    Coil cover or no coil cover?

    I find that I have to clean the coil and cover almost after every dirt hunt and after each beach hunt. During some beach hunts I start getting false signals and wonder why until I take off the cover and see the sand and stuff. What do folks do? Leave it off? Fill the coil bottom with resin...
  17. BigTony

    Very dry today but landed a few cool finds

    Hello guys and gals, it was a very dry hunt today but the Impact produced a few cool finds. I feel this iron relic might be a hitch for a horse or a wagon but I could be incorrect. Tony
  18. BigTony

    Is the MK a water proof Impact?

    1 - I am curious, is the MK based on the Impact? 2 - does it have the same sounds as the Impact?
  19. BigTony

    Ferrous/non ferrous break point on the Imapct

    I am just trying to understand more about the Impact. Can someone tell me where the break point for the ferrous/non-ferrous would fall on the Impact? Say I was using 20khz. Thanks Tony
  20. BigTony

    A few targets from a several hunts with Impact

    Guys and gals, I have been using the Impact and mostly in 14 with VlX2 and DI4, and F3. Sometimes I push up the gain not not always, depends on weather. No brag, just learning this machine and I hope to learn more. I am determined to find a gold ring with it but that might take awhile dirt...