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Search results

  1. BigTony

    MI6 pinpointer battery problems

    What about the dealer you purchased it from? Would they replace it under warranty?
  2. BigTony

    Can a detector erase a signal?

    I feel it’s about swinging over it way too long
  3. BigTony

    Can a detector erase a signal?

    This is different situation where you get the signal and it’s good but for some reason you keep scanning it, then you dig and it disappears. I agree with you about about two way and depth.
  4. BigTony

    How many are using the Excallibur II ?

    I have a friend who uses the Excal on land and he does find coins and sometimes silvers
  5. BigTony

    Can a detector erase a signal?

    If your with a hunting partner, I suggest to allow him to try that target. Or come back to it afterwards. Everyone’s results will vary
  6. BigTony

    Can a detector erase a signal?

    It’s happened to me and because of it I lost a few targets, very frustrating. If you are going over the target too many times a machine might tune out that target. It doesn’t see it anymore. I know this is true because on one target I went over it again the next day and got the reading then dug...
  7. BigTony

    XP Deus 2 wear.

    I clean my coil after every hunt by taking off the cover to reduce crap - thanks for the heads up on the washer. I’ll look at that more often. Glad it came with a back up washer.
  8. BigTony

    First gold ring! I can relax now (a little, maybe)...

    Congratulations on that very cool ‘Glory Hole’ - multi finds hole and a Goldie!
  9. BigTony

    coin fast 15.2khz, 2 recovery, 11 dsc, 80 gain ORX

    Wha5 would the program be for the Deus 2?
  10. BigTony

    Digger27 has passed on .

    So sorry to hear, prayers for him and his family
  11. BigTony

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    I understand but some folks over buy. I for now will not travel to metal detect long distances unless there is an X marks the spot
  12. BigTony

    Relic mode depth

    Congratulation! I’ll have to stop giving up when I get a deep hit.
  13. BigTony

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    If we stop buying the price will come down
  14. BigTony

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    When we stop buying the prices will definitely come down
  15. BigTony

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    They want us to pay for the trillions of dollars they spent. What better way to pay off the debt then raise prices on everything and everybody - simple math. When we all stop buying the recession will hit and Hurt us more
  16. BigTony

    Come on Xp , This Is Not On!!!!

    Thanks Iffy! And thank you Kapok for bringing my attention to this!
  17. BigTony

    Well. I finally did it!!!

    Congratulation, you must have been in ‘Relic Ray mode’, on your machine.
  18. BigTony

    People Planting Finds

    Interesting for sure. Stuff like this makes it bad for folks that really do make cool finds and are doubted by other club members. Staying on subject of Youtube, I only use it for learning and how to. I stopped watching folks finding stuff. I would rather find stuff!
  19. BigTony

    📸 Does anyone have a Picture of the D2 strap that you can fasten/unfasten the remote to the handle 📸

    Maybe they will not replace it - but the tiny cord for this lanyard and it’s tiny clip are difficult for very large fingers. I had to use a dental plastic line to thread the eye. I also feel the tiny clip that separates the two parts won’t last long. So far it’s working, not complaining.
  20. BigTony

    XP D2 depth

    Yeah me too - maybe post it here or send me a PM