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Search results

  1. The Lost Ring

    Gold age...

    Hi masters, Due to the start of a very busy business season, I could not provide activity on the forum. I present to you this beautiful diamond and silver ring. What I found from the next dive is also shown in the other picture. Silver rings and pendant. And a hex key in good condition. In...
  2. The Lost Ring

    2 million dollars coin

    This coin can be sold at auction for two million dollars.
  3. The Lost Ring

    Lots of lead sinker.

    I did seabed cleaning today. I must have found all the lead sinkers lost in the area. All will be recycled.
  4. The Lost Ring

    From the beach of the ultra-luxury seven-star hotel

    I dived onto the beach of the ultra-luxurious seven-star hotel with high hopes. But they poured 1 meter of sand on the beach. I was only able to find this ring on another side of the beach.
  5. The Lost Ring

    Garbages and Gold

    Hi, This video is from the last dive. I sort out everything I collect. Garbage goes to the trash can. Leads and coins go for recycling. The ring is just right for my finger, but I couldn't find its owner. He got married in 1953. 18k gold ring. Enjoy watching.
  6. The Lost Ring

    CZ-21-8” it works

    Here are some videos of what I found with the detector.
  7. The Lost Ring

    Old Beach Finds.

    Hi, I've been very busy the last few weeks. I haven't had time to dive in or look into the forum. Sharing what I found on my last dive. 22k, 18k and silver rings. Lots of coin and garbage. The last 3 rings are the ones I found on the 2nd dive in the same place. The waves swept the sand...
  8. The Lost Ring

    1876 Ottoman Gold Coin

    Hi, I think, 1293/29 Ottoman gold coin. 1876 edition 50 kuruş -kurush- (penny). And 14k gold ring. Best Regards
  9. The Lost Ring

    CZ-21 Broken Hand Grip

    The plastic handle was broken. Made of stainless steel. It was inclined according to the screw location and slot.
  10. The Lost Ring

    Fisher’s hit.

    When Excalibur's earpiece malfunctioned, I had the opportunity to try my new CZ-21. There were many targets. I got my award.
  11. The Lost Ring


    I did two dives today, north and south of the peninsula. I found rings from both dives.
  12. The Lost Ring

    Ancient Dock

    I'm thinking of searching this ancient dock area. There may be Lelegian, Carian, Doric, Hellenic, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins. Or a lot of garbage.
  13. The Lost Ring

    Bronze Coin

    I found a bronze coin in good condition. Presumably AD 550-580.
  14. The Lost Ring

    Love from fake Cartier

    I was in a swampy sea at the weekend. Just under the sand was pitch black mud of marsh. Still, my shot was accurate.
  15. The Lost Ring

    Signs and rings...

    I hunted on the artificial beach of a hotel.
  16. The Lost Ring

    DIY Dive Hookah System

    The system I will use to avoid balance probleme with large tanks during long dives. 2x12 lt. tanks 250 bar I used PVC pipes to provide buoyancy. A trolley was used to facilitate transportation. Hose/regulator 10 metres. To be completed with paint and flag.
  17. The Lost Ring

    Mini Tips

    As an ex2 user, I would like to share my experience in this post. Mini Tips 1: Whether it's Ex2 or other underwater detectors, it's not enough to wash it with fresh water, especially after getting out of salt water. Salt deposits in recesses such as buttons and cable connections, where the...
  18. The Lost Ring

    Saturday with Tiffany

    Despite the heavy rain, I dived today.
  19. The Lost Ring

    Today is silver day...

    Next to the silvers there is also a steel and a 14k.