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Search results

  1. OldBeechnut

    Some deposits are starting to show up

    Hit a bump in the road. Health issue but got surgery in late April and Doc said mid June I should be 100%. So I'm just starting to get back out.. Looks like this Sunday, not expecting much . Start out slow, and do some reconn... seems it takes me month to find the right spot for the year.
  2. OldBeechnut

    Some deposits are starting to show up

    WTG TVR!! Good to see some yellow with using the AQ.. Heck of a machine. I think once the water gets warmer things will pick up for you. And as time goes by and once you learn the place better you will be kicking out the gold!! Good Luck and Be Safe!!
  3. OldBeechnut

    What are your thoughts... some yrs ago I thought about replacing the original headfones ( bilson) on my cz20...

    Can you solder? I can track down the fittings you need If you want to go that route with inline connectors. Also you could do a good splice and seal which would work also. One thing for sure, I would not recommend opening the CZ up and doing it that way. I do have pictures on how to but best not...
  4. OldBeechnut

    Metal detecting the beach next weekend.

    Have several friends who hunt OC year round. All I know of being found were 2 gold rings this year.. and was not on the ocean side. When I did hunt the OC ,,for me the best was once the ocean water got warm, mid July to mid Sept.. and after that only if we had a good storm. Only once did I find...
  5. OldBeechnut

    How many are using the Excallibur II ?

    Use the Excalibur, Green and Blue about 80% of the time, the rest is the Fisher AQ. Once I know the beach using the Excalibur I will then determined if the AQ is the next step. All of my hunting with the Excalibur is in Allmetal, using the push button or toggle to check the target in...
  6. OldBeechnut

    Fisher Impulse AQ

    Used one some but I really never liked it, it did hit deep but not like the stock big coil. So far I have 35 gold with the AQ, None with the "8" all with the other two coils I have, one is a stock coil "12.8" and the other is one a friend had made for me, which I really love.
  7. OldBeechnut

    Where is Old Beechnut?

    Friend of mine explorer in a box
  8. OldBeechnut

    Where is Old Beechnut?

    Thanks you! I could not hunt with a stock excalibur after using mine for years now. When I worked on stock machines I would have to go out and test them, pure torcher. Mom is in a much better place now. And Thank the Lord for his open arms! Yes, saltwater havoc, not sure if I posted this...
  9. OldBeechnut

    Where is Old Beechnut?

    Last hunt I got gold was in late Dec........... 3 Gold with the Fisher AQ.... Two gold rings stained bad from the nasty water of the bay, school ring emblem came out clean Hunted the spot a week earlier with the excalibur, very bleak. Need to get back out, water still a little to chilly for...
  10. OldBeechnut

    I am leaving Findmall.....Moderator please delete my account.

    By his own words, Just a guest now, Read only......Can No longer Post.. .
  11. OldBeechnut

    I am leaving Findmall.....Moderator please delete my account.

    One thing about life, your free to choose the path you take but your not free of the consequences of your choices.
  12. OldBeechnut

    Where is Old Beechnut?

    Hope your well and finding treasures......Bob I would doubt it could beat yours. I still talk about you getting that ring at 18 inches!! I think I got it at 14... I have made a few improvements to the excalibur not to where it could hit 18 inches. I think one of the biggest improvement is...
  13. OldBeechnut

    Making Preparations For Getting UnderWay

    Sounds like a Fun Adventure! Good Luck!! I know I'm working on my winter drysuit in hope of keeping warm, and alive.
  14. OldBeechnut


    Has a lot to do with where I'm hunting. One spot I will skip all shallows. Two others I will dig a few shallows just to see. Today was different.... ..very first target Gold ring and it was only one scoop. It was my first time out in a few weeks, and remember that crazy flood tide we had a few...
  15. OldBeechnut


    I guess my most found coin, the nickel, almost all ways. Not sure how much this relates since the bay is so different then the ocean. If I'm finding silver quarters the odds are the highest for me to find gold. Then silver dimes and nickels the chance is less, pennies.. are at the bottom of...
  16. OldBeechnut

    Just can never figure out Mother Nature......

    Just can never figure out Mother Nature Those words tell it all.. I've tried and failed, all one can do is get out and check, then hope. I had a Honey Hole a few years ago. It was like living a dream, then we had some strong winds of 40MPH's plus. The place was Covered with several feet of...
  17. OldBeechnut

    Excal O rings question

    Smaller oring 2 per shaft- 1.5mm thick x 3mm ID, 6mm OD
  18. OldBeechnut

    Gray Ghost for Blue Excal 800

    Sorry just seen, don't get over this forum much.. easy fix.. 2 wires on the and black,,, goes to either brass fittings.
  19. OldBeechnut

    Fisher AQ Impulse PI

    I heard Russ B say the other night they are... Shooting for 2022 Spring.. Then I seen Carl M posted this.. A problem has developed with the AQ Ltd in that a voltage regulator has burned out in 3 customer units. Production is suspended until the problem is identified and corrected. They wanted...