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Search results

  1. relicmeister

    What does Prayer and gratitude get you?

    Over the past two years I’ve started and ended each day with prayer, and it consists of abundant gratitude. Often through the day I thank god for something I appreciate, whether that’s a moving piece of music, a nice person, a beautiful gift of nature - what has this gotten me? In a word Joy. I...
  2. relicmeister

    Rejoice, the risen King

    Blessed Easter Hallelujah praise God, Glory to the highest. All hope lies in Jesus.
  3. relicmeister

    Climate change?

    Help me understand. So climate change is an existential threat, we must kill fossil fuel production here at home where we do it cleaner environmentally , but we can buy it from any ruthless despot and burn it here? And this unnecessary reliance on despotic governments causing aggressive actions...
  4. relicmeister

    What does revelations tell us how to interpret Ukraine invasion?

    I find myself emotionally affected by Russian invasion of Ukraine and trying to put it into perspective in terms of Revelations. Jesus said there will be wars, tears and sorrows. I am praying a lot for the protection of Ukrainian people and for God to give their fighters the ability to stave off...
  5. relicmeister

    If I could ask God a favor…..

    I’d ask him to give Dogs a couple years longer life span. They’re such good friends to us and it hurts so bad to let them go. I know also many of us would gladly give some of our lifetime to someone we love.
  6. relicmeister

    Church going/ belonging vs not

    I don’t belong to one and have never gone regularly. To many Christians it’s the main thing- many not thinking about God outside of the weekly service. I want to find one and go but wary I won’t find what I’m looking for. Many churches more like a social club. My faith is 24 hours a day, largely...
  7. relicmeister

    Christmas message

    May all the world know at Christmas that the gift has already been given, to al who wish to receive. Amen merry Christmas
  8. relicmeister

    While I (patiently) wait for my Deus II

    Well of course I’m reading the manual, and watching with fascination the great videos by Sir Calabash, and Mr Blackwell and the few others. I got a few extra things I might find useful considering it will be my only machine having sold the “farm” to enable its purchase. Nothing big, but...
  9. relicmeister

    USA preorder status via XP Corporate

    Received a confidently worded email from XP customer care stating that ALL American distributors will be receiving the Deus II in early January. not known is scale of delivery. since mine is only a week since I pre-ordered it I have my doubts that I’ll be in the first batch but who knows - I can...
  10. relicmeister

    My heart aches for Kentucky

    Oh God , oh Jesus, relieve the suffering of the family’s devastated by tornadoes. Bless the people responding to aid them. FEMA get your butts there and help. Amen 🙏🏼
  11. relicmeister

    Interesting angled baby spoon

    Went to 1804 farmhouse to kill some time before meeting my wife for dinner. Had detected here several times and found many interesting things from KGIII to Nazi coin- probably soldiers souvenir. Only significant find. Today was a most interesting baby spoon. Can’t tell period but there’s a...
  12. relicmeister

    Fisher f19 for field hunting vs homesites

    My current lineup of detectors is XP Orx (11”x35, 9” hf, and 5.5x9” hf). Teknetics t2 classic ( 13” , stock elliptical and 5” dd) and Fisher f19 ( 10”x13”, stock 10”x5”, and 5” dd). I know the Orx with 11” is great in the fields. And the T2 with ultimate coil is also very good- especially in...
  13. relicmeister

    T2 and XP Mi6 pp - not a good combo

    Went to a field with my T2 and Ultimate coil and had my XP Mi6 pinpointer. The interference was terrible- so bad I had to remove the headphones to use it. Not trying that again. I’ll use my Garrett from now on with which there is zero interference. Glad I have the choice.
  14. relicmeister

    Prayers to 9/11 victims, families, responders

    May God bless anyone who lost a loved one 20 years ago today. Was watching clips from the horror and reminded that in times of high threat and catastrophe, all the divisions that you hear about every day they all go out the window and we are then just fellow Americans- not woke not libs not...
  15. relicmeister

    F19 coming

    So I had bought a g2+ a year ago cause I always wanted one. Although I liked it I sold it cause I’m fickle. I did regret that and so I found an f19 for sale and will soon have it. I think the 10x 5 elliptical coil is better for relic hunting plus it has a larger coil and a 5” as well. I really...
  16. relicmeister

    New way to use Deus Lite

    Tried on stem with coiled cord, WS4 w/o seeing TID and this neck strap gizmo works best. Nothing attached to detector, can see target ID and adjust settings easily and it’s comfortable to use. I used a belt and attached the puck within the arm band with the strap cut off. I cut a recess for the...
  17. relicmeister

    Where’s my Coiltek 10” X5” elliptical coil???

    Ordered mine in March and dealer advised due to huge demand could be 4-6 weeks till they come in. Last week they said they have no idea. Does anyone on the preorder list have any solid info on delivery’s?
  18. relicmeister

    UAP’s Aliens, and demons

    Fox New has a report on the most convincing yet video of a number of UFO’s or UAP’s ( unidentified airial phenomena maneuvering at incredible speed silently over a navy destroyer, pentagon verified footage. Further, a report detailing many encounters will be made public this summer. You can see...
  19. relicmeister

    Very pleased with my g2+

    I started out on an Omega 8000 and did really well with it. Found a ton of relics. I loved its simplicity and lightness and efficiency. Had a fisher f75 and briefly a t2, both of which I liked but neither of which I still have. Now I have a g2+ and like it I think best of all. It’s light, simple...
  20. relicmeister

    Back to WM08 Module from BT

    When I bought two equinox 600s after dumbly selling mine, I decided to get Bluetooth earbuds. I wasn’t happy with them. So I went to lightweight wired phones adding coily cord cause they don’t snag. Still not happy. Finally just bought two wm08 modules on eBay essentially new for $80 each. Now...