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Search results

  1. kaolinwasher

    Garrett pinpointer question

    just got a new garrett propointer AT and in its most sensitive setting i can only detect a dime at 3/4 inch is this what your pinpoiters gets as well
  2. kaolinwasher

    two silvers but was looking for Gold

    Today on the way to the bank, I had to make a deposit because my pin pointer broke, so I need a new one so I stopped to look for Gold and instead found two silvers, the merc suprized me because i was not looking for silver , I had dug 17 dimes and one was silver and also found a nice sterling...
  3. kaolinwasher

    14 k gold slaw

    Well the other detectors only left me a few coins, but no one was digging the tabs and the junk foils and can slaw, or zinc pennys so I had my XP -ORX in coin deep 17.2khz 70gain and 2 on recovery speed, digging all tabs and junk foils and i got a very low number 48-49 wich can be gatorade...
  4. kaolinwasher

    18k signet ring & a silver pendant

    found a nice old signet ring 18k I have only a side shot ,only the owner will know what is engraved on the top, and inside of the ring I will be making an attempt to find who owns this ring, I was using my ORX detector, in coin fast,17.2khz, and a 2 recovery speed and gain turned down to 80 ,it...
  5. kaolinwasher

    14k ring today Aurelie GI 14k

    digging the aluminum again tody, and found a nice 14 k yellow gold ring I was using the XP-ORX and in the deep program 75gain, 2 recovery speed, 17.2khz and 7 disc the ring s VDI was 49,50 really getting in with the junk foils Its made by Aurelie GI and is solid 14 k they recycle old jewellery...
  6. kaolinwasher

    found the Bat mobile

    I live in a house built in 1963 and out by the road this came out of the ground
  7. kaolinwasher

    nice 925 ring today

    out of an old farm field, today's great find , a silver ring marked 925 which stands for 92.5% pure silver the rest made up of copper for strength
  8. kaolinwasher

    coin fast 15.2khz, 2 recovery, 11 dsc, 80 gain ORX

    my new program was just kicking but today , nothing hiding finding coins very close to metal poles, others missed, I think this is a record number of quarters in one outing for me
  9. kaolinwasher

    Gold fine liking up the nickles

    I use the XP -ORX and have a X-35 coil on it I chose to keep it over the Deus, - well I have been testing on the many frequency's available on the ORX in order to find Gold rings , and this is what i found , 15.2khz is the best for gold , getting white gold yellow gold and low caret gold , and...
  10. kaolinwasher

    facing may obstackles to find a ring

    I dug over 70 hole today looking for that elusive and rare gold ring find
  11. kaolinwasher

    925 & Gold

    somehow,i got redirected again, the spot i was going to detect was being mowed, so i took the next closest spot . and right off the batt i found the 925 silver necklace, and going on after digging some foils i got what sounded like Iron I heard the low and a pop coming thru , and i thought lets...
  12. kaolinwasher

    where to get the battery for x-35 coil ?

    I am trying to find a battery for my x35 coil i use the ORX anyone know where to get them ?
  13. kaolinwasher

    looking for Gold rings with the ORX

    Dang guys I,am liking the ORX more and more, I am looking for Gold rings and using the Gold 2 program and its really working nice, this is how i run it Gold 2 and 10.5KHZ and 80 gain, set the IAR to 4 and the reaction speed to 2 and speed two is important ,not only will it go deeper but it will...
  14. kaolinwasher

    back to the old pig farm

    Back to the old Pig farm, where several restaurants dumped the table scraps, in the 40,s 50,s and 60,s I used to be a bus boy and as fast as you have to go , alot of things get thrown out with the scraps so far i have found two Merc dimes but i wonder if its worth all the digging, as the pigs...
  15. kaolinwasher

    an Old baseball token

    found on a pig farm , they fed the hogs restaurant scraps in the 40,s and 50,s
  16. kaolinwasher

    14K white Gold ring

    Was going to go to McCullough park this morning but got behind a school bus ,it was stopping every 10 ft and picking up more kids, so I made a U turn and went in the opposite direction. hit a Tot lot and found 35 cents and moved on to another location, and amidst so much trash up comes what i...
  17. kaolinwasher

    ORX in Gold 1 doing well

    this moring I got out to a sports field, to look for Gold and i decided to use the Gold 1 program, and it worked very well ,I could tell the iron ,the junk foils,and was digging numbers from 47 and up . I did not find Gold but the way it handled most targets was really great I found the small...
  18. kaolinwasher

    1941 merc dime surprises me

    Its cold rainy and windy, and i was going to just forget about going out today, and then a thought came to me If you dont go you will find nothing for sure, So i went out and the 1st target that comes up is this merc dime . Hitting a solid 93 on my ORX i figured it was a cladd quarter but was...
  19. kaolinwasher

    1896 indian and some old shotgun shells

    This time i left the ORX behind, as i had hunted 6 times and found nothing with the ORX, so out came the Tarsacci, 6.5 KHZ black sand on , and salt balance on set at 43 and gain on 7 out of 10, i started going over the ground i covered with the ORX and started getting hits, up come the 1896...
  20. kaolinwasher

    New program for the ORX

    I am hunting a site with the ORXand the 9 inch x35 coil, and wanted to get a setting that hits hard and deep on silver so i started with COIN DEEP and droped the KHZ down to 3.7- and dropped the sweep speed to 1 and left the disc at 7 and set the gain to 86, and took it to the park today, found...