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Search results

  1. J

    Is this an Equinox lower rod?

    If not, any guesses?
  2. J

    Looking to get a new detector that will complement my Equinox 600.

    Can the Deep Tech X do anything different than the 'Nox? Let's hear your opinions.... Thanks.
  3. J

    Hunting for gold in parks....

    What are your preferred settings for finding gold while primarily looking for old coins? Any help would be appreciated. I'm hunting in Park2 with 5 tone setting.
  4. J

    Curious about the Vista....

    What does a nickle and quarter air test at?
  5. J

    Found my first silver coin in a couple of years..

    It's a very worn out 1935 o Merc. Unfortunately, it wasn't found with my Equinox. I found it in the coin reject slot of the Coinstar machine in WalMart. :)
  6. J

    What does an American $1.00 gold coin

    Register on the Equi ox meter??
  7. J

    Performed some of my own tests with the Nox 600...and,

    Of course I was very impressed with the results. One thing puzzled me, though, it had a heck of a hard time detecting g a dime close to a bent nail. No matter the orientation of the nail, the dime had to be at least 2.5" to 3" away from the nail to get a signal. This surprised me as it did so...
  8. J

    Is there any feature on the 800 that you can't live without which is not on the 600?

    I don't see any. The assigning tones is cool, for example, but probably not necessary. Maybe the gold function?
  9. J

    I thought that I could use any ol' bluetooth headset with my Equinox.. lol

    So I tried my normal ones. The extreme latency was discouraging. Do I have to buy the special module from ML ?÷
  10. J

    60 degrees here today and my first outing with the Nox 600.

    1. First, the not so good stuff. The Nox menu system has got to be the worst in the universe. It does not make any sense and is hard to figure out. If anyone has had an MX Sport, it has a real user friendly menu system. And yes, I read the manual. 2. Second, the bottom of the housing has...
  11. J

    Can't the 'Nox tell the difference between a zinc penny and a Dime?

    During my first short test this morning they both rung up as 24.
  12. J

    First impressions Equinox 600

    Everything packed well. Coil is as big as my steering g wheel!! Buttons not very intuitive.
  13. J

    How well does the Equinox do in pull tab infested sites?

    All I've heard is how well it does in iron infested sites.
  14. J

    Equinox VS Explorer..

    I'm considering a few options and having owned and loved the Explorer, how does the Nox compare? Will the Nox find coins left behind by the Explorer?
  15. J

    Has anyone used the giant 15" coil yet?

    For what purpose? Any luck?
  16. J

    Just curious. Did the original Explorer have any advantage over the Nox?

    If so, what was it? I don’t have a Nox but may consider one in the future.
  17. J

    Hey Monte!

    I see you have expanded your collection of great detectors. My question is under what conditions do you grab the MXS or MX7 as opposed to the other excellent detectors in your collection?
  18. J

    What VDI number do you folks get on a .58 minnie?

    In C&J mode? I think I used to see a 60 but now it's 47-55.