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Search results

  1. Coinboy007

    My first Morgan ever and she’s BEAUTIFUL!

    I was out in a local park this morning with the Etrac and I got a beautiful 12- 47 silver signal. I dug down about 9-10 inches and popped out this beauty. My 1st silver $ ever!! I could not be happier with the condition it’s in. That makes 15 silvers this year! GLHH everyone
  2. Coinboy007


    April Fools!
  3. Coinboy007

    Picked up a Nox 800

    I traded my Simplex for an Equinox 800. I think it will compliment my Etrac very nicely. How do you guys set your 800s up for getting good depth and also good recovery speed? Thanks
  4. Coinboy007

    Snowed in but still finding old silver!

    With a foot of snow outside I haven’t been able to do any detecting this new year yet. Since I was suffering from treasure hunting withdrawal I went to the bank to get a box of coins to do some coin roll hunting. They gave me a box of 500$ in quarters and I got right to hunting it. I had gone...
  5. Coinboy007

    X-1 Probe

    I am thinking about getting a Sunray X1 probe for my etrac. I got a good deal on one of the older white ones. Do you guys think it would be worth it to get one with all the modern pinpointers out there today? I have heard great things about these but most of the reviews are a bit dated.. Thanks!
  6. Coinboy007

    New Quarter Design!

    Hopefully some of these will be appearing in Today’s finds soon!
  7. Coinboy007

    2 Reale in a public park!!!!

    I went to hunt a local park this morning with my new Etrac. The ground is freezing up here and I wanted to get out before it’s totally frozen. Since I needed 1 more silver to make 100, I went to the oldest park around, from the 1840s. I went out with low expectations, since I know the park has...
  8. Coinboy007

    Small Coils..

    Just got my etrac and I'm loving it so far. I have been looking for a small coil for less than 150$. Which one do you recommend? My only coil right now is the NEL hunter 12.5 x 8.5 inch, and I need one that will perform in the trashy areas and still give good depth. I have a few options so far...
  9. Coinboy007

    Found One!!!

    Well, I pulled the trigger on an etrac! This time its not slipping out of my hands, I payed for it. Its used and comes with the NEL Hunter 12.5 x 9.5 inch coil as stock. If any of you have tips for it, I would really appreciate them! What I plan to do is start out with Bill's trashy park pattern...
  10. Coinboy007

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

    Well after getting an F75, I got an offer on a Minelab Etrac that I just could not pass up. I have both machines in my “shopping cart” and they are both great deals. I have been thinking “Which one should I keep?” I have pros and cons for both of them. The F75 is lighter, faster, and better for...
  11. Coinboy007

    New Fisher Man

    Hi guys! After months of research and after a deal fell through on an etrac, I finally bought an F75. It’s a used LTD version and comes with the stock coil, NEL sharpshooter 9x5, and NEL thunder 14x10. I can’t wait to start using it. Any tips or tricks I should know? Thanks! Can’t wait to share...
  12. Coinboy007

    New Etrac guy joining the forum!

    Well I decided that I’m going with the etrac. Any tips and tricks are welcome. I’ve gotta get 8 more silvers this year for my goal of 100! Thanks everyone for helping me decide.
  13. Coinboy007

    I had my best hunt ever today!

    Today was a day that I will never forget. I went to a picnic area in a public park that had been used from the mid 1800s to the 1950s. I was using a coin shooting pattern on my Simplex with the 9x5 coil and my new predatortools shovel. First good find was a 1908 Barber dime. After that came a...
  14. Coinboy007

    Used etrac?

    Hi etrac users, I recently found a used Etrac for 400$. It comes with just the stock pro coil. Should I go for this? I hear the etrac is killer on coins, what I look for the most. But my question is: should I pay a little more for an Equinox? They are supposed to be better on separating targets...
  15. Coinboy007

    Pray for our Country

    Everyone please direct your prayers to President Trump things aren’t looking good but a miracle could still happen!
  16. Coinboy007

    Great Iron hunting tips!

    I found these 2 great videos by Keith Southern. Some very eye opening tests done and I thought everyone should see them:
  17. Coinboy007

    My best relic yet!

    I found this awesome turn of the century relic in a public park today! So I took my Garrett Ace Apex to a pounded local park today. I was just gonna take it there to see if there was any clad or jewelry left behind by the many detectorists that go there. There weren’t a lot of coin signals so I...
  18. Coinboy007

    Garrett Bought Whites!!!

    Great news right here:
  19. Coinboy007

    Got a bucket lister with the apex today!

    An old cats bell found in a 1920s yard! I’m assuming it’s from the 1920s to 40s by how it looks. This find is very special to me since I have 2 cats of my own! Thanks for looking.
  20. Coinboy007

    Bucket Lister with the Apex!

    I put up a video compilation of a couple hunts with my garrett apex. At the very end I found a bucket lister for me! It was an old cat’s bell i’m guessing from the 1920s to 1940s. I love cats and have 2 myself so that was a special find for me! I compared it to my cats bells and they look the...