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Search results

  1. Coinboy007

    2 Silver Kinda Day!

    Great finds looks like the Deus 2 is treating you well
  2. Coinboy007

    Deus 2 most anticipated release ever..

    Fellow Iowan here, I know the feeling all too well
  3. Coinboy007

    What should I do ?

    The big question is what you are looking for and where. I have both machines and I take the etrac out every time if i'm coinshooting or in an old park/school etc. But if I'm relic or jewelery hunting or in a high trash spot i'll take the nox.
  4. Coinboy007

    Let's talk pinpointng a target

    I’ll try your tips out in the field tomorrow thanks
  5. Coinboy007

    My first Morgan ever and she’s BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks everyone! It sure gave me a good shock
  6. Coinboy007

    My first Morgan ever and she’s BEAUTIFUL!

    I don’t have a pic of the back from in the field but here’s one from inside the house.
  7. Coinboy007

    My first Morgan ever and she’s BEAUTIFUL!

    I was out in a local park this morning with the Etrac and I got a beautiful 12- 47 silver signal. I dug down about 9-10 inches and popped out this beauty. My 1st silver $ ever!! I could not be happier with the condition it’s in. That makes 15 silvers this year! GLHH everyone
  8. Coinboy007

    die-hards still here grinding them out!!!

    I agree Kevin is a great guy glad to have him back
  9. Coinboy007


    I have been seeing some wierd pull tabs too lately. They rang up exactly like a nickel on my nox 800. I sure hope those are becoming more popular..
  10. Coinboy007


    April Fools!
  11. Coinboy007


    That’s a very good poem Ma! Reminds me of one I read in school by Robert Frost. Except this one is treasure hunting!
  12. Coinboy007

    Coil choice

    I have the NEL Hunter too and really like it. Great balance between depth and separation.
  13. Coinboy007

    My partner got a stunner of a coin

    SWEET!! Love Spanish silver!
  14. Coinboy007

    Minelab Pro sonic headphones

    Good to know. I tried out the z links a bit and they worked just fine for me though.
  15. Coinboy007

    Best, reliable detector <= $300?

    Since you have an Etrac, I would go for the simplex. It does what the etrac can’t do like go underwater, it’s lighter and it has a faster recovery speed. Huge bargain if you talk to a forum sponsor.
  16. Coinboy007

    Minelab Pro sonic headphones

    IMO the Garrett z lynk is just as good and quite a bit cheaper...
  17. Coinboy007

    TTF vs MTF

    Nice report, I have never tried MTF but I might next time I’m in a trashy spot
  18. Coinboy007

    1966 Kennedy Half & Silver Dimes / Werewolf Pendant / Old Rings / Tokens

    Sweet hunts man! 10 silvers in a day is awesome. I just found a 67 Kennedy the other day too!
  19. Coinboy007

    Discrimination question

    Right now I am at the beach in Florida with the etrac (darn equinox shaft would not fit in my suitcase :mad:) and I’m running it with only iron disced out since I’m looking for jewelry. (27 FE line). In Iowa in the Parks I use a much tighter pattern that IDXmonster gave me, accepting only high...